Is Manifesting A Sin? 5 Signs You’re Crossing The Line

Is Manifesting A Sin

Is manifesting a sin or is it in fact there by design – a way that God installed for us to create our own lives with the free will we’ve been blessed with?

Manifesting is a sin if you still believe in outdated religious doctrines that where designed to keep you under the control of these institutions.

Manifestation became a part of people’s lives in the 19th century but gained popularity in recent years thanks to social media platforms like TikTok.

Some people strongly believe in the power of manifestation, whereas others take it with a pinch of salt. Some even consider it a sin, but is it really a sin? What qualifies as a sin, anyway?

Does manifestation go against God? The answer to all these questions depends on your personal religious views and manifestations.

Below, I will discuss manifestation and explain why I believe it’s not a sin but resembles prayer. In fact, it can coexist with religious beliefs if done properly.

What Qualifies As A Sin?

In short, things that hurt or offend other people qualify as sins. For example, lying, stealing, committing murder, adultery, using God’s name in vain, and disrespecting your parents qualify as sins.

However, motivation matters as well.

This means that doing something good for selfish reasons can also be considered a sin. Overall, manifestation isn’t a sin unless it’s used for bad things and harming people.

It’s actually a tool people use for becoming better, more confident, and focused so that they can accomplish different things. It’s not a substitute for religion. In my opinion, it’s more like praying to God.

You can even manifest positive results for your religion or church, such as spreading the word of God or raising money for renovations. Overall, manifestation aligns with aspects of many religions.

Why is Manifesting A Sin?

The law of attraction or manifestation suggests that positive or negative thoughts attract positive or negative things into people’s lives.

Now, manifestation isn’t anything new.

It’s inspired by different philosophical traditions such as New England transcendentalism, Hermeticism, Hinduism, and certain verses of the Bible.

Some religious people believe manifestation is a sin because it suggests that human beings have the sole power to control their lives. In my opinion, that’s great.

However, they believe God created everything, including people’s future, so trying to shape your own destiny is a sin in their eyes.

You have to ask yourself: is manifesting a sin if God’s intention was for us to create our own life experience?

The idea that God somehow controls and directs every detail in your life is not only absurd but utterly wrong.

The Bible and Sin

Most Christians have a fairly black and white idea if what constitutes sin.

Thoughts, words and actions that contradict ‘the word if God’ is what most people define as sin.

As i look back over the last 20 to 30 years this idea has been a moving target. I can remember when sport on a Sunday, being gay or even just saying certain curse words would have you heading straight to hell.

It is no secret that The Church has used sin as a powerful strategy to control people. There was even an option to pay a priest to forgive your sins and save you from eternal damnation.

It is not just Christianity that used sin to great effect. Almost every religious order has some sort of rule system that allows control over the people.

From a spiritual perspective we come to see how not using and abiding by the natural laws is the only real ‘sin’.

How to Manifest As A Christian

Attracting positive things and wishing for success and material gain isn’t a bad thing if you’re not hurting other people in the process or wishing for their death, sadness, and material loss. I would also say that manifesting works like praying.

The issue religious people have with the concept of manifestation is people’s mindset. They say that when someone believes in manifestation, they also believe they’re their own god.

Manifesting helps people believe they can create their own reality and gain complete control over their lives. Religion suggests that no matter your plans, God will determine your future since God created everything, including yourself.

I personally don’t like this belief because I’m a very anxious person, and planning my future helps me feel more secure about my own life. I know life doesn’t always happen according to plan, but you can still manifest positive outcomes and hope for the best.

As I already explained, manifesting has the same effect as praying. Therefore, as long as your heart is in the right place, don’t worry because you’re not doing anything wrong.

You’re a smart person who can make decisions for yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re disrespecting God. It means you’re using your free will, which God has granted you. And you’re using it for good.

5 Signs You’re Crossing The Line With Manifestation

As I already stated, the law of attraction or manifestation isn’t wrong as long as it’s done with pure intentions of accomplishing positive things. It’s a great way of improving your life, along with the lives of those around you.

You can use manifestation to help yourself and your loved ones and create your reality. However, if you’re motivated by negative things, you’re crossing the line.

Let’s take a close look at the signs you’re going too far with manifestation and learn how to get back on track before it’s too late.

1. You’re Manifesting Someone Who Doesn’t Want You

There’s nothing wrong with manifesting love for yourself. However, it’s bad if the person you’re manifesting is married, in a relationship, or doesn’t want to be a part of your life.

Keep in mind that you’re doing a sin if you’re stalking and harassing people who aren’t interested in you. Therefore, instead of wasting your time focusing on people who don’t like you, look for a person who will willingly spend time with you and build a relationship.

2. You Don’t Care How Your Actions Affect Other People

If what you’re manifesting purposely hurts others and you don’t care how your actions or manifestations affect those around you, you’re definitely crossing the line.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness or success just so that others don’t feel less valuable, less fortunate, or less successful in your presence. You have the right to happiness and success as much as others. Just make sure you’re not doing immoral or inhumane things that will compromise your integrity and soul.

3. You’re Constantly Manifesting Money and Success

If you think that money doesn’t buy happiness but it’s better to cry in a Ferrari, I hear you. And you might be right. However, you’re still crying, and that’s not good.

If you’re a money-motivated person and you’re using the power of manifestation for achieving financial goals, there’s nothing wrong about it, as long as you’re not stealing or stepping over people just for financial gain.

If you’re a genuine, hard-working person who doesn’t hurt others but focuses only on success, that’s not good either because you deserve more out of life. So, go out there, have fun, meet new people, and find new hobbies besides making money.

4. You’re Manifesting The Death or Sadness of People

You’re definitely crossing the line if you wish for someone’s death, misfortune, or loss in any way, with or without a specific reason.

Wishing the death or misfortune for someone who has hurt you in the past is hard to overcome but not impossible. Remember that you can’t heal from your trauma unless you forgive yourself and forgive and forget the person who hurt you.

5. You Believe You’re God and You Act Like it!

Last but certainly not least, if you become so self-centered, narcissistic, and believe you can do whatever you want in the world, sorry, but you’re probably going too far.

There’s nothing wrong with manifesting good things for yourself and loved ones, but when you treat others poorly, manifest things for selfish and heinous reasons, or simply don’t care about anyone but yourself in the world, you’re going against God’s wishes.

So, take a deep breath and reconsider your manifestations. You can control your life, but you shouldn’t act like you can control the world or others because you just can’t.

What Does The Bible Say About Manifestation?

The Bible isn’t against manifestation. Therefore, Jesus Christ isn’t against it either. On the contrary, it’s encouraging manifestation through prayer.

As you already know, the Bible teaches people to ask a higher power for help. It also encourages them to believe that they can achieve things because of their belief. That’s what manifestation is all about as well.

As you can see, faith and manifestation have many things in common. For instance, one verse of the Bible says that whatever you ask for in your prayers, just believe that you already have received it, and you eventually will.

Another one suggests that if you strongly believe in your wishes, you will get whatever you ask for in your prayers. This means that positive thinking is the key to a positive outcome.

Now, tell me that’s not what manifestation stands for as well.

Is Manifestation A Sin in Hinduism?

The law of attraction or manifestation has been a part of many different cultures and religions throughout history, including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It’s actually believed manifestation originated from the ancient religion of Hinduism and slowly slid into practices of “Western Spirituality.”

In Hindu theology, enemies of the mind include greed, anger, lust or desire for sensual pleasure, delusion or infatuation, arrogance or pride, miserliness or stinginess, etc.

However, manifestation isn’t one of them.

What Religion is Manifestation From?

It’s believed that manifestation originated from Hinduism.

In fact, the concept of the universe being created according to personal thoughts dates back to at least the 2nd century BC. It’s also believed that Hindu Vedas have the oldest references to manifesting exercises.

Manifestation: Dangerous or Harmless?

In a nutshell, the law of attraction or manifestation isn’t dangerous or sinful if you have good intentions and positive thoughts. However, it’s not harmless if you’re motivated by negativity, so keep that in mind.

It’s actually a great way to focus on the things you want to accomplish and experience spiritual growth. It’s also helpful for building confidence in your skills, helping others, and practicing gratitude. What’s your own understanding of the law of attraction?


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