5 Signs Your Manifestation Is On its Way

Signs Your Manifestation Is On its Way

The tell-tale signs your manifestation is on its way is usually one or a combination of these 5 things.

  1. The Loss of Something
  2. New People Coming Into Your Life
  3. New Challenge or Tough Times
  4. You Experience Synchronicities
  5. You Surrender With Ease

When you start using law of attraction, manifestation signs is something you need to become very sensitive to.

The law of attraction is always working. The instant you set an intention, the law goes to work and start attracting to you what you desire. It takes as little as 17 seconds of focus to activate this attractive force.

The reason why you need to pay very close attention to what you attract is that everything you attract will be signs that your manifestation is on its way.

The big challenge is that the way your desire comes to you is not the way your mind maps it out.

You may set the intention to attract more money, and the very next day someone steals your wallet.

Immediately you start thinking that this is the opposite of what your intention is!? You find yourself disappointed and thinking that “the law of attraction is not working”.

You then give up, you stop focussing on what you DO want and allow your thoughts to drift back to “what IS” and you end up attracting more of what you already have.

5 Signs Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

As soon as you set an intention and commit to attract and manifest something into your life, the law of attraction goes to work. You will start attracting things to you. These will be like breadcrumbs for you to follow that will lead you to your ultimate goal.

These signs your manifestation is on its way is almost never what you think will be – or what you think it should be. Here are 3 signs your manifestation is on its way:

1. Loss of Something

The loss of something is usually met with all the wrong emotions. However, what this implies is that the universe is responding to your desire and the loss of something is usually to make space for something new to come into your life.

The loss of a job, the loss of a friend, a breakup and everything in between are all signs that the universe is preparing your life for something new to come in.

Sometimes this loss may seem like the opposite of what you really want to manifest.

Losing a job or a breakup may be the best thing that will every happen to you. At the time though, it may seem like that is not in line with what you want to manifest.

Instead of getting upset or having a knee jerk reaction, get excited and now that this is a sign that your manifestation is on its way.

2. New People Coming Into Your Life

Another typical sign that your manifestation is on its way is that new people show up in your life. It may be someone from your past or someone completely new that seemingly come into your life randomly.

This new person (or persons) may directly or indirectly have a role to play in what you intend to manifest.

When this happens, get excited because you know that the law of attraction is working and that something exciting is busy unfolding in your life.

3. New Challenge or Tough Times

This one is the real challenge for most people. Oftentimes, a tough situation or a big problem in life keeps getting worse. You may have the intention to attract more money and then things just keep getting worse.

What these “impossible situations” do however is that it is the universe steering and directing you on to a new path.

Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path.

– Unknown

So often we are stubborn not to change. You may stick at a business that has no potential. You may stay in a relations trying to make it work. The universe will then keep piling on the pressure until you do get to the point where you have to change.

This almost always seems like it is not at all what you ultimately want to manifest. Remember, that the “how” is not your job. Surrender and allow the universe to guide you and allow things to unfold.

When you attract something really difficult, something that seems like an insurmountable problem, know that it is the universe guiding you.

Stay strong in your ultimate vision for what you want to manifest. Become stubborn in your end result and not in your means to achieve the result.

4. You Experience Synchronicities

Synchronicities are unexpected coincidences that align perfectly. You think about something and you almost immediately attract something completely unexpected that aligns perfectly with your thoughts.

Synchronicities often align up with numbers showing up in your life. Many, many people report seeing the number 11:11 everywhere.

These numbers or any other synchronicity are often signs that your manifestation is working.

No matter what you want to manifest, when certain things show up it will completely blow your mind. It will be completely unexpected and align perfectly with what you want to manifest.

You and only you will be able to recognize these synchronicities and when they show up, get excited because your manifestation is coming.

5. You Surrender With Ease

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened for me. When you try really hard to manifest something and you really do everything in your power to make it happen, if often creates resistance.

Sometimes you just get to a point where you ‘give up’ on trying. As soon as you stop trying so hard, you actually let go and release the resistance.

Once you release the resistance it can easily flow to you.

Trying hard or trying to make it happen usually just creates a counter force. Letting go and allowing is an important step in manifesting.

The lesson here is that you need to reach a place in your own mind and consciousness where you can comfortably let go and surrender.

When you think about what you want to manifest you no longer experience any anxiety about it not showing up. You trust that life will unfold and that the unfailing universe will bring it into your life at the perfect time.

Your intuition also plays an important role here.

If your intuition is highly developed you will learn to recognize so-called ‘gut feelings’.

You just know that what you want to manifest is on its way. You don’t know the technicalities or the specifics and you don’t quite know why you know but you just know.

When you ‘just know’ it is easy to surrender.

An Important Lesson In Understanding Manifestation Signs

When we set an intention or have a desire to attract something into our lives, our conscious minds almost immediately steps in. It starts mapping out potentials ways and means by which this desire can be manifested.

The mind comes up with a roadmap and tries to figure out how this can be manifested. It is almost impossible to avoid this. The challenge is that the mind does not know. It only works on old data and tries to piece together past experiences.

The law of attraction almost always brings things to you in ways that you could never have imagined.

If you step back for a minute and think about big things you’ve attracted into your life, it was almost always in ways that you would never have imagined it could happen.

We hear this all the time how couples met and found true love in the most strange places and in the most miraculous circumstances.

Yet, in your mind you may have a very limited path in which you think you should find love. When you truly surrender and allow the universe to bring it to you in any and every way then you will not only manifest faster but the entire process will be fun.

The big lesson here is to know and to trust that the universe always know the fastest and the most effective way to bring it to you.

If you start interfering by trying to dictate how it should come to you, you not only slow things down, you start limiting the universe and your intentions start sending mixed messages to the universe.

The Dangers Of Mapping Out Your Own Path To Manifesting What You Want

The law of attraction is always working whether you want it or not. What you attract into your life is always a perfect math to your vibration.

For anything to manifest, there is an incubation period. Not everything you wish for can manifest overnight. If life was like that then we would all have a big heap of garbage manifested along with the few great things we want.

The real challenge is that you need to understand that during this incubation period, you will most likely attract things that seem “wrong” or not aligned to what you ultimately want in your life.

Staying focussed on your image and staying focussed on the end result you want to manifest is the real secret. Not allowing seemingly “wrong” manifestations to throw you off track.

You do not know what path the universe will open up for you to bring to you what you ultimately want. This path may need to remove a lot of things and it may need to use a lot of unconventional means and end to bring it to you.

The important thing is that you surrender completely and not interfere with the HOW. Your job in the manifestation process is simply to be clear on what you want and to keep your energy and attention on that image.

Allow the universe to follow to open up the path of least the resistance. Let go of all your demands on how it should show up. Ultimately the how does not matter because all you should be interested in is the end result.


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