The 9 Signs That Good Things Are Coming Into Your Life

signs that good things are coming

The signs that good things are coming into your life is always the result of your raised vibration. Synchronicities, new people, new opportunities and a new attitude are the easy signs.

There are some ‘harder’ signs that are nothing more than disguises. The loss of something or great challenges often precede something great happening in your life.

When you think of the analogy of a high jumper. To gain the leverage and energy to jump high you have to sink low. Pause, gather your strength and then release it as you leap.

This is a great analogy to always keep in mind when you do go through tough times.

When things seem to drag you down in life, know that you are only getting dragged down to gain the wisdom, strength and energy to allow you to leap forward.

There is one important caveat though. You can not stay down when challenges and difficulties show up.

You must maintain the intention and desire to move forward – to progress and to reach what you intend to reach.

The true joy and fulfillment in life is not in manifesting a desire or reaching a goal. It is ultimately about overcoming yourself. When you overcome your own doubts and beliefs there is a sense of joy that can only be felt by (and through) your Higher Self.

The 9 Signs That Good Things are Coming

I’ve written previously about some of the signs that start showing up in your life when you are busy manifesting an intention or desire.

When good things start to happen to you it can quickly snowball.

Something good manifesting in your life makes you feel good. This raises your vibration and causes more ‘feel good’ thoughts and emotions and through the workings of the law of attraction it attracts more of the same.

Seeing just some early blossoms of the good manifesting in your life can be very powerful.

Here are the 9 most prominent signs that good things are coming. Pay attention. Look out for them and cling on to everything that starts to show up.

It will quickly snowball in your life.

1. Synchronicities Start Showing Up

When synchronicities start showing up in your life it can be really magical. It is often so mind blowing that it takes you on a wild and incredibly joyful ride.

Synchronicity is a term first coined by the renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung and it has since become synonymous with intuition and Divine guidance.

Synchronicities are seemingly random events that are somehow perfectly orchestrated. They are signs and guidance from the universe and can come in many shapes and forms to guide, enlighten and inspire us on our life journey.

For many people synchronicity shows up as specific numbers that keep occurring in their lives over and over again.

For others it is change encounters, unexplainable ‘accidents’ and even unforseen fortunes that align perfectly because you are in the right place at the right time.

You and only you will know when these synchronicities happen and what they mean.

Don’t just write things off as accidents – especially when that still small voice inside you tries to tell you that it is not a random or accidental event.

Synchronicity is one of the most obvious signs that good things are coming and if you have a strong intention to manifest anything they WILL start showing up.

Pay attention.

2. New People Enter Your Life

Of all the millions of people in your immediate environment, what causes some of them to come into your life?

Out of all the billions of people online, what causes some of them to come into your life?

People are one of the most ‘used’ tools by the universe to work in and through us. Life is about people and our interactions with each other.

When you look even deeper and start seeing every person not as flesh and bones but as a soul that is intricately connected to you through life itself then it takes on a whole new dimension.

This more spiritual view of life will not only change the way you interact with people but it will change you as a person.

When you have an intention to manifest good things in your life, the love within you often draws new people into your life who match that vibration.

When you start attracting kind, loving, generous people into your life it is usually a sign that good things are coming because these people are matching your vibration.

3. You’ve Let Go Of Your Past

What have you been holding on to?

It is the thoughts from past events and circumstances that often hold us back and keeps us locked in an endless loop of thoughts, feelings and manifestations of things we DO NOT want in our lives.

If you keep attracting and manifesting things you do not want then it is usually a sign that you are holding on to old thoughts and beliefs that keep manifesting itself.

When you finally reach the point where you can let go of your past you can move forward.

It is one of the big signs that good things are coming because once you unshackle yourself from the past you often get propelled forward.

Abraham (Ester Hicks) refers to this as your ‘Vibrational Escrow’.

This refers to everything that has accumulated for you because of your intention yet it has not been ‘allowed’ into your life because of some belief or set of ideas that keeps it ‘blocked’.

It’s a great analogy to keep in mind – especially when it feels like you are trying to manifest yet its not showing up for you (yet).

The past is often the big culprit that keeps us closed of because of certain thoughts and beliefs.

When you let go of the past you feel free and this new freedom is often a sign that good things are coming. All those things in your vibrational escrow can now flow freely to you.

4. You Have a Positive Expectation

Expectation is a powerful force in your life. Your expectation has the power to color your thoughts and make them either attractive or repulsive to what you ultimately want to manifest.

You can never attract anything that is not in alignment with your expectations.

Expectation is also directly connected to your attitude.

Are you waking up every morning expecting good things to come into your life OR do you expect things to go wrong?

Most people have their expectations set very low. It is usually based on their memory and instead of creating their lives through a positive expectation they react based on past experiences and simply expect what they had before to repeat itself.

One great mindset shift that I learned from Bob Proctor is to “expect a miracle”.

Don’t hope for it. Don’t wish for it.

Expect it.

When you expect it you create it.

When you order something in the mail you expect it to come. You don’t hope that it will come. You don’t doubt it. You know it is on its way.

This is the exact mindset and attitude that is required to manifest your desires.

When you have this expectation you will know it and it will also be a sign that good things are coming.

5. You Have a Changed Perception

The universe is for you – not against you. Everything that happens is happening FOR you and not TO you.

This is probably the most important and most significant shift that you can make in your life. Once you make this shift only good things can come to you.

It is the biggest difference in people.

It is the difference between people who live in lack and scarcity or those who live in abundance and prosperity.

Things happening in life. Things happen to everyone.

What events and circumstances mean is entirely up to the individual. Nothing that happens in life has any inherent meaning other than the meaning YOU give it.

The meaning that you attach and assign to certain events and circumstances not only dictates how you feel but also how you think, how you respond and ultimately what you attract more of into your life.

Everything Is Happening FOR You.

When that is the glasses through which you look at your life you will start seeing the good in everything.

You will start seeing the benefits, the lessons and the guidance in things that you used to curse.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

When you change the way you think, you change the way you feel and consequently you change your vibration.

Not only does this change what you attract through the law of attraction but it also changes the actions you take or fail to take.

6. You Lose Something

The most common reaction when you lose something is to think it’s bad, unfortunate or even unlucky.

When you have a more enlightened view you start seeing things for what it really is.

Anything that goes out of your life is opening up space for something new to come in.

This is not always easy to see especially when you lose a job, a home or even a loved one.

Trust that the universe has a bigger and better plan for you – even if you can not see it right now.

Trust in the Divine truth that anything that leaves your life creates a vacuum that allows something new to come in and fill that vacuum.

When you curse a loss it only prevents something new from coming to fill that void.

A loss is not the most obvious or ‘feel good’ sign that good things are coming but when your eyes and mind is open to this truth it will reveal itself.

7. A New Challenge Show Up

Challenges and obstacles show up in your life not as a curse, to punish you or to even test your faith.

They are blessings.

Challenges are always the ‘teachers’ we need to advance mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When a great big challenge shows up it can be demoralizing.

You may feel that you were ‘in the right path’ and making progress and when a challenge shows up it often looks like it is not aligned with your progress.

Challenges are opportunities disguised as problems.

Do not let this illusion get you down. Recognize them for the signs that good things are coming.

8. You Raised Your Vibration

The simple fact is that if you raise your vibration you MUST attract events, circumstance and people to match this vibration.

It is the fundamental truth of the law of attraction.

Doing ‘the work’ on yourself will ultimately lead to a higher vibration.

When you learn to remove and release negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions your vibration changes.

We do not attract and manifest what we want. We attract and manifest what we are vibrationally.

When you raise your vibration – get excited. It is a sure fire sign that good things are coming your way.

9. Nature Surrenders To You

How in tune are you with nature? The natural environment is so intricately connected to life yet we often fail to notice it.

We all have a relationship to nature whether we know it or not. Plants and animals are much more in tune with vibration than most people are.

When you are steadfast in your abstention of thoughts of harm directed toward yourself and others, all living creatures will cease to feel fear in your presence.

– Patanjali

Animals know when to fear someone – not because they can read body language but because they can read vibrations.

Most humans have unlearnt this skill. Small kids still have it.

We all know that animals and kids can sense our vibration.

One amazing sign that good things are coming is when you start seeing nature respond to you. For many people butterflies, ladybirds start showing up in their lives.

They approach you with no fear and seem to just be drawn to you.

It’s been well documented how plants respond to people with positive thoughts and intentions. Start paying attention to nature and how nature responds to you.

Good Luck, Intention and Making Things Happen

If you are looking for signs that good things are coming and it comes from a place of desperation or you are merely hoping that somehow ‘your luck’ will change then you are most likely not going to see anything good showing up.

There is this common belief (especially amongst religious people) that someone up in the clouds decides what you get or don’t get in life.

This belief not only strips you of your power to create your life but it also binds you to a future that is completely out of your control.

The truth is that you are in charge of a lot more than you would ever think you are.

You are creating and dictating your own life on many different levels.

If you want good things to come to you, stop ‘hoping’ that ‘God’ will somehow favour you and bestow goodness upon your life.

That sort of thinking belongs in fairy tales.

You simply have to create the intention to attract and manifest what you consider to be good things.

You need to correct your thinking and move it off what you consider ‘bad things’.

Good things can not find you if you are not on that vibration. The real work you have to do on your Self and on your life is on the vibrational level.

When you get in harmony with what is ‘good’ then it will seek you out. People who are seen as lucky are simply those who are in harmony with what is good.

Because their habitual thoughts and feelings are on what is good, they simply attract it into their lives. As they attract the good, it creates an upward spiral that only creates more and more of the same.

Think of your own vibration as a spiral.

When it goes up it expands.
When it goes down it contracts.

The expansion of what is good in your life is without limits. As you keep your vibration on what you deem to be good, it feeds itself and raises you up.

Make this your goal. Forget about trying to manifest ‘stuff’.

What you manifest is just a consequence of your vibration.

Use these signs that good things are coming serves as a yardstick for you to gauge where you are vibrationally.


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