Manifesting Without Action – Is It Really Possible?

manifesting without action

Manifesting without action means that you have the power to turn thoughts into reality without you having to do any physical action whatsoever.

While everyone could do that, very few do. We all have the ability but very few people live at this level of consciousness that mystics referred to as God consciousness.

When you are working with the law of attraction it is often inevitable that you have to take action.

This is not the type of action that most people fear though.

The idea that you have to force yourself to do certain things in order to achieve certain results is an idea that could work but it rarely does.

Unfortunately it is what most people associate with ‘manifesting’.

The truth however is that you never have to do anything you hate in order to manifest what you want. You only have to do that which feels good – that which makes you feel alive and that which you feel truly inspired to do.

Yes, you will have to manifest with action but the big difference is that it won’t feel like work. It won’t feel like you have to force yourself and above all it will feel good.

Can You Manifest Without Action?

Can you really manifest without action? Is it possible to just think of something and have it show up in your life without you having to lift a finger?

It most certainly is possible but unfortunately this is not possible for most people.

The reason is not because you can’t but rather because you won’t. It requires a mystical consciousness or what some call God consciousness.

It is a consciousness that is uncontaminated by any resistant thoughts.

We all have things in our lives that we manifested without action. Some people are born into wealth. Some people are born into a family filled with love. Some are born with great genetic dispositions to be very healthy.

We all manifested many great things without us having to do anything in return for it.

The challenge is in manifesting things that we do not have.

Someone who was born into great wealth has a wealth consciousness. They know nothing but having it all and for them having more than enough money is as natural and normal as having more than enough air to breathe.

Someone who was born into poverty or even into a middle class has a very different money consciousness.

We have become so blinded by what we have to DO to get what we want that we have forgotten that it is not what you do but what you ARE that causes it to manifest into your life.

You can manifest what you want without action but can your consciousness match up with what you want to manifest?

The 3 Big Misconceptions About Taking Action To Manifest

The roots create the fruits. Most people are spending all their time trying to create the fruit.

Your task is not to try and create fruit.

Your task is to tend to the roots.

The fruits will grow in and of themselves through a natural process of creation over which you have no control anyway.

Tending to the roots means that you turn your attention inwards. You nurture your own inner energy, you align your thoughts and raise your vibration.

What grows in your life stems from these inner ‘roots’. The fruits of your life is an outpicturing of the roots and trying to always tend to the fruit alone will never yield more, better or different fruits.

Whatever the fruits of your life, you can always trace it back to the roots.

In fact, you never have to concern yourself with the fruits. You only have to turn your attention to the roots – to that which happens below the surface level of life.

Whatever is ‘growing’ in your life and becoming visible and tangible is always just the result of the seeds that have sprouted, that you nurtured in thought and tended to through your energy and your attention.

Understanding this concept is really important because it lays bare the biggest mistake that almost everyone makes when it comes to manifesting.

The focus is simply in the wrong place.

There are 3 big misconceptions around the idea of taking action to manifest what you truly want. They are:

  1. You Have To Work Hard
  2. You Have To Sacrifice a Lot
  3. You Have To Do What You Dislike

All 3 these ideas focus entirely on the fruits and fail to address the roots. They look at ‘what’ you want to manifest and it blinds you to what causes it to be manifested into your life.

These 3 ideas encapsulate what most people associate with taking action to manifest what you really want.

All 3 of them are completely false. In fact, when any one of these 3 ideas are involved in your actions it will either delay or prevent your manifestation.

1. You Have To Work Hard

There is a working class capitalist idea that glorifies hard work. We have been fed a lie that hard work is somehow noble and that it is associated with good character and being a good provider for your family.

That is an idea that keeps society in order and helps to turn the wheels of capitalism but hard work is NOt synonymous with being a good person.

Most people spend at least one third of their lives working. In modern cities many people spend as much as 50 % of their lives working.

If this is something that you do not love, enjoy and feel passion for then half of your life is spent ‘working hard’.

Most people do not want this but it has become synonymous with being a ‘good person’, making a ‘good living’ and being successful.

2. You Have To Sacrifice a Lot

Sacrifice goes hand in hand with this idea of working hard. When you work hard at something you dislike it is called sacrifice.

You sacrifice what brings you joy for the sake of some reward you could get further down the road.

Sacrifice is also lauded in our society and many people sacrifice what is most important to them just for the sake of a financial reward or some other egotistical pursuit.

3. You Have To Do What You Dislike

Most career choices are not based on doing what you love but rather on what you will eventually get from doing it.

This is why most people end up doing something they dislike only because of the rewards they get financially or how important it may make them look on a piece of paper.

Most people associate success with doing a LOT of things you dislike.

The idea of doing what you love AND being successful is a foreign concept to most.

How To Manifest With Effortless Action

The main reason why most people want to manifesting without action is not because they are ‘lazy’ and want to do nothing.

It is mostly because they have learned to associate ‘having what you really want’ with hard work, slaving away and doing things you dislike.

The good news is that is not how you manifest.

Manifesting without action is not possible for most people because most people do not live at a consciousness where they can materialize their thoughts.

We need to take action to create physical effects in our lives not because it CAUSES them but because it helps to align the energy that manifests it into your reality.

Manifesting with action is all about taking inspired action. It is about doing what you feel inspired to do. It’s about doing what feels good and what brings you the most joy and the greatest satisfaction.

1. Alignment

Manifesting without action should never be a goal. The goal should always be alignment.

Its never really about having the things you want but rather what you become in your consciousness when you do have it.

The real work you do is in your consciousness. The physical action is the easy part. It’s about walking up to the tree and picking the fruit. It’s easy. It’s effortless and there is joy to it.

The confusion for many people comes in with what is effortless and joyous.

For some people doing complex math is effortless and brings them joy. If I learned that doing complex math will make me a lot of money and I want a lot of money then logic dictates that I have to get into complex math asap.

The problem is that to ME, complex math will be difficult. It will be a struggle and will certainly not bring me joy.

This is what most people seem to do though.

They pick a job or a business or a strategy that they ‘think’ will get them what they ultimately want. Because they are not aligned with their Higher self, its not aligned with their own path and their own consciousness.

It ends up being a struggle.

It ends up being something that is ‘hard’ that drains you and that causes you to always feel like you are never quite getting what you really want.

The concept of alignment is different.

You align with what you are at the deepest level. What you want will find you but it can only find you when you are aligned energetically.

It does not matter what you do. It is the energy that you create from doing it that matters.

When you do something that brings you joy, that you feel passionate about and that allows your spirit to come alive then you raise yourself vibrationally to a point where you will align with whatever you want.

2. Matter Does Not Create Matter

One of the most startling discoveries that was made through quantum physics is that matter does not create matter.

In other words, the visible is not created from the visible. The concrete physical reality is not created by the concrete visible reality.

There is a quantum field of pure potentiality and it is our thoughts, our awareness and our attention that causes something from this invisible field of potential to be created into the world of concrete reality where we can see it, taste it and touch it – where we can perceive it with our senses.

Manifesting without action is not a spiritual concept but a scientific one. In quantum physics there are no actions required to ‘make’ something come into reality.

It just takes thought and consciousness.

This idea has been thought for centuries in spiritual texts but now it has been proven scientifically.

In fact, it’s now the backbone of our very understanding of science and the universe.

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

Hebrews 11:3

Saint John said that ‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing’ – it is this invisible life force that brings things to life and makes them a concrete reality.

3. Intention and Attention

You do not have to go and find or figure out what to do to align yourself. This is how matter tries to create matter.

When you are aligned you open yourself up to inspiration. The word inspiration comes from ‘in + spirit’ and it is when you are connected to your spirit – your Soul – your Higher Self.

So, how do you do that?

When you have an intention to manifest something and you place your attention on exactly what you want, the law of attraction will align you with everything you need to manifest it.

This does not mean that you manifesting without action. It simply means that the law of attraction will draw to you inspiration, ideas and inner nudges to take action.

This will never feel like ‘hard work’ even though you may be inspired to work hard. It will always feel good.

Most often it is ideas and nudges to do things you will never have thought of before. Sometimes, people and events come into your life that shift you into certain actions and decisions without you having to do anything.

Don’t resist it.

Allow the universe to guide you – effortlessly.

When you have a clear intention, it acts as an instruction to the universe to send you everything you need to manifest that intention in the fastest and most joyful way.

The more you can get your own mind and your own reasoning out of the way the faster it will manifest because you will be aligned and every joyful action you take will be amplified because you have the wind at your back.

4. Feeling Worthy

Trying to make things happen is when you interfere and when you try to take action based on what you think you should do.

That is almost never the best way to manifest anything.

You may eventually get it but it will be the result of a lot of ‘pushing’ and hard work, doing things you dislike, sacrifice and suffering.

Many people ‘need’ that before they can feel worthy of manifesting what they want.

This idea of self sacrifice has found root in much of our capitalist thinking. The idea of hard work and sacrifice has become synonymous with ‘success’.

It is an idea that also gets drilled into us from an early age.

You have to work hard to keep your relationship healthy. You have to work hard to make enough money. You have to work hard to keep your body fit and healthy.

All these ideas of working hard have one common result and that is it ends up making us feel worthy of having what we think we want.

When you have a change in consciousness and align your thinking to that of Spirit it changes everything.

When you realize that it is normal and natural for you to be abundant, to be healthy and to have loving and joyful relationships then you can stop working hard.

You do not need the sacrifice to feel worthy. You are already worthy by virtue of the fact that you were born.

You do not have to earn anything by virtue of your actions or your sacrifices. This is where many of the teachings around manifesting without action comes from.

Those who live at the highest levels of consciousness can indeed manifest without action because they have cleared out all the ‘stuff’ that causes them to believe they can’t manifest without action.

5. Feeling Good

Feeling good is the cornerstone of manifesting. When you feel good, it is an inner signal that you are aligned.

Far too many people spend their days doing things that make them feel bad. For many, waking up on a Monday morning immediately lowers their vibration as they think of the week ahead.

If you do not wake up in the morning with a great sense of excitement for the day and week ahead then you are not aligned.

If you are seeking ways to manifesting without action then you are probably stuck in a place where you feel like your actions are not getting you anywhere anyway.

When you take inspired action – when you follow those inner callings and those nudges from your soul, you WILL feel good. This feeling good is your inner guidance system telling you that you are on track.

This does not mean that you have to abandon your entire life for the sake of just feeling good and then have everything manifest without action.

No matter where you are in life, start doing more of what makes you feel good.

Whatever makes you come alive.

Whatever that inner callings are.

Do it and do more of it.

As you allow that to grow within you and it start to take over it will raise your vibration and lift your entire life.

It’s been said that the way you get to do what you love, is to love what you do.

This means that you bring joy, love and passion to everything you do. You choose to feel good now and in changing this you change your world because you raise your vibration.


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