How To Set Intentions For The Day

how to set intentions for the day

Learning how to set intentions for the day is about deliberately creating your day in advance and having intentions that raise your vibration and allow you to remove the resistance to the bigger things you want to manifest in your life.

Most people want to change something about their life. The problem is that they want change without changing.

Here’s what I mean by that…

We want to change our weight for example and we may even desperately want to weigh less and feel better in our bodies BUT we don’t want to change that which feels familiar and comfortable – ie the foods that we know and love (that makes us feel good).

That is why changing behaviour never lasts and never works. You are trying to change the effect – not the cause.

Learning how to set intentions for the day revolves around a powerful principle which is to create an intention for what you want to BE that day, week, month or year.

When you change who you are instead of trying to change your thoughts or behaviours then the effects – the behaviour and the results in your life becomes automatic.

Always remember this mantra: The roots create the fruits.

The fruits are that which you see and experience in your life. The roots are that which is underneath the surface. It is the behaviors, the thoughts and the emotions.

What Is an Intention?

In a general sense we use the word intention when we have a definite plan or purpose to do something. When you are determined to do something you have an intention.

When we refer to intention in the law of attraction and manifesting we refer to having a clear plan or purpose to manifest and attract something into our lives.

Having an intention is different to having a wish.

Most people have wishes.

Very few have true intentions.

When you have a wish you usually hope that someone or something outside of you will give it to you or that some sort of ‘luck’ will materialize it ‘for you’.

When you have an intention you assume your own power to create and affect your own life. You do not hope to have it but you realize that when you assume the feeling of already having it you gain the power to manifest it.

Wishes are riddled with doubt and fear. Intentions instill hope and allows you to draw on your own inner power.

When you have a crystal clear vision for what you want to create in your life and you decide that you WILL manifest it, then you’ve created an intention.

How to Set Intentions for the Day

If having a crystal clear vision for what you want to be, do and have in your life creates an intention then how do you manifest the ‘big things’ in your life?

The problem with having an intention for the ‘big things’ is that it is always something out there. It somehow remains out there in front of you.

Until and unless you can generate the feelings of already having it NOW, the universe can not respond by making it real in your life.

To set intentions for the day you can start this process of making your intentions REAL in the here and now.

Learning how to set intentions for the day is about getting a deep understanding for what it is that you really want to manifest in your life.

Your intention comes with a series of images and emotions. What would it look like and what will it feel like when you have manifested your intention?

This is what you want to work on every day. This is the real ‘work’ of manifesting and truly using the law of attraction.

No matter what you want to manifest, when you raise your vibration you open yourself up to the universe and you release the resistance that may be holding you back.

How to set intentions for the day:

In 1912, Charles Haanel published one of the most influential ‘law of attraction books’ ever and much of our understanding of the law of attraction stemmed from his book The Master Key System.

In this book one of the ‘keys’ is the idea of creating your day in advance. This may sound like a strange concept to many but if you believe in the law of attraction it certainly won’t be.

Learning how to set intentions for the day is all about creating your day in advance.

Here are 5 inventions you might want to start your day with. With all these intentions, it is a great idea to have a journal and to do this every day as soon as you wake up.

  • It is my intention to live in joy today.
  • It is my intention to overcome anger, fear and frustration with love today
  • It is my intention to live in a state of gratitude today
  • It is my intention to envelope everyone I come into contact with today with love and light
  • It is my intention to live from my Higher Self today (instead of succumbing to my ego)

You can then move on to more specific intentions like…

  • It is my intention to ace my interview today, to communicate clearly and powerfully that I am perfect for this job and that I am the one they really want to hire
  • It is my intention to practise unconditional love towards my husband today, to respond only from a place of love and compassion. It is my intention to have a beautiful, loving and joyful relationship.

When it comes to the ‘big things’ you want to manifest in your life you want to focus intensely on them when you set intentions for the day.

Doing this in combination with living at a higher vibration can be incredibly powerful. As an example…

  • It is my intention to create financial abundance and prosperity in my life. It is my intention to manifest {fill in with what you want to manifest financially} and it is my intention to live in perfect alignment with this today.

Once you set these intentions for the day you don’t want to go off and live a life that contradicts them all.

You need a deliberate effort to BECOME them. If an intention flows from having a clear vision then you want to step into that vision the moment you step out of your bedroom door.

As you will see later, you need to become a different person if you want to manifest your intentions.

The Power of Setting Intentions For The Day

Living your life in some future reality that you are hoping will manifest one day is one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting an intention.

Your manifestation practises need to focus on creating the feelings of already having it – in visualizing your life with everything you want as a reality.

With a clear intention for what you want to manifest you bring a future reality from your imagination into your present reality (in your mind) which the universe will then recreate in your actual reality.

When it comes to manifesting ‘big things’ it can be hard to generate the feeling of already having it. After all, you do not have it yet so you don’t really know.

We’ve all been blessed with a rich imagination which allows anyone to create anything. If you can dream it you can have it is more than just a catch-phrase.

Your life is lived in this moment here and now – not in some nondescript future that you hope might happen and that you fear might not happen.

When you bring your energy and your attention into the present moment, you assume your own power because what you create or fail to create in your life happens here and now.

When you think about how to set intentions for the day you want to think about what kind of person you need to become to manifest what you ultimately desire.

There’s a powerful concept that is often taught in ‘success coaching’ and it’s called The Rule of 5.

The idea is that you take any massive dream or goal and you simply do 5 small things every day to take you closer to your big dream or goal.

If you take 5 swings at a big tree every day then eventually it will come down.

This is a powerful concept that you should keep in mind when setting daily intentions. If you steadily and consistently focus on raising your vibration, clarifying and refining your intentions and work on who you need to become on a daily basis.

You don’t work on what you want to attract and manifest but rather on who you need to be to attract and manifest what you desire.

Be Someone Else Today…

You can not change anything about your life if you do not change what you are. This idea that you attract what you think about through the law of attraction is a very incomplete statement.

You do not attract what you want.

You do not attract what you think about most of the time.

You attract what you are BEING.

Your consciousness which is the sumtotal of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour make up your state of being.

These 3 elements of being constantly emit a vibration and it is that vibration that causes an attraction which is what the law of attraction is based on.

You can think wealthy thoughts all you want but until and unless you feel wealthy and act like a wealthy person there is no ‘creation’ because you are only emitting a weak vibration that does not have enough power to invoke a response of creation in the quantum field.

The conclusion then is that if you want to attract something new, you have to be someone new.

More than 90% of your thoughts and feelings every day is habitual. These are conditioned responses that have been learned to the point where you do not even think about them anymore.

You have to start by making the unconscious conscious. You need to become aware of your unconscious thoughts and feelings and start identifying what causes them.

Most of the triggers in your environment that cause these conditioned responses are predictable.

Ultimately, learning how to set intentions for the day can help you create new thoughts and new feelings to start breaking the habit of being the old you.


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