The 3 Secrets To Manifest A Good Husband

manifest a good husband

To manifest a good husband you need to eliminate your limiting beliefs, clearly define exactly what kind of husband you want to have and develop a belief that you are indeed entitled to true love.

I was single for 12 years and simply could not attract any significant relationship into my life. I was still young, fairly good looking, had 2 university degrees, ran a successful business and was financially set.

On paper I should have had my dream partner and be in a happy and healthy relationship.

Something I really wanted.

The problem was that my beliefs about relationships were completely messed up and I did not understand how powerful these beliefs were.

It can be very frustrating and very depressing even when you truly want love in your life but no matter how hard you try it does not seem to make a difference.

To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.

– Mark Twain

In fact, trying harder usually means doing more of what is not working already. The good news is that you do not need to do much if you want to manifest a good husband.

The only things you really need to do is to work on yourself; how think and how you perceive men, relationships and even marriage.

There are 3 secrets to manifest your ideal husband. It works and it works for everyone every time. It worked for me and I was a “lost cause”. It certainly can and will work for you.

Take it seriously. Really do ‘the work’ and you will see results.

The 3 Secrets To Manifesting a Good Husband

These are secrets not because the ideas are so earth shattering but rather because nobody seems to really use them.

You’ve probably heard some of these ideas before and they are by no means new ideas.

The ideas that most people hang on to in our society is the belief that they need to look a certain way or dress a certain way or be a certain way to attract a certain someone.

Because of this most people try so hard to be somebody they are not to attract somebody they don’t really love in a relationship that is based on superficial criteria.

What these three secrets really boils down to is becoming who you really are. Being authentically you without any pretenses and being comfortable, happy and in love with yourself.

Ultimately, when you love yourself, it would not matter of someone else loves you but when you yourself are filled with love you can not help but attract more of it into your life.

The 3 secrets to manifest a good husband are:

Secret #1: Clear Your Limiting Beliefs
Secret #2: Define Exactly What You DO Want
Secret #3: Believe That You Deserve a Good Husband

Secret #1:
Clear Your Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs about yourself, about relations and about love have an incredibly powerful influence in your life.

If you want to manifest a good husband you will have to remove some of your deepest limiting beliefs.

Beliefs are thoughts and ideas that determine what you consider to be true for you. Your beliefs are ideas that you feel certain about.

When you have a belief it will not only control your perception about reality but it will also help create your reality.

If you can not attract love into your life or if you have trouble attracting the right guy into your life then it is most likely because of your limiting beliefs.

You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.

– Neil Gaiman

When you change your beliefs, you change the way you look at things and when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

That may sound very philosophical but it is actually quite a practical idea. If you believe all men are selfish then that will dictate every encounter and experience you may have with men.

This is an absurd idea because we all know that it is impossible for “all men” to be selfish. Because you developed this idea into a belief it dictates your entire experience of men.

This one belief acts as a defense that builds a wall around you and makes it impossible for ‘non selfish’ men to enter your life. Because your belief is that all men are selfish, you are subconsciously seeking out selfish men.

Identifying your own limiting beliefs is a powerful way to start making positive changes in your life. Most of your beliefs you are not even consciously aware of – and they are holding you hostage.

1. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Most of your limiting beliefs about love and relationships come from past relationships and/or your parents.

If you look back at the relationship your parents had, what beliefs did you mimic from their relationship? As children we adopt beliefs through observation and we don’t even realize that these beliefs are forming.

Another way to identify your limiting beliefs about men and relationships is to look back at your own past relationships. What beliefs did you develop from these relationships – or even lack of relationships?

A third way to identify limiting beliefs is simply to answer this question:
All men are…

Start filling out your list of everything that you believe men are. These are all your generalizations and they are often the types of things you talk about with your best friends.

Start creating your own list of limiting beliefs. Come up with as many as you can and try and identify the most prominent ones. Most people have one or two really strong beliefs that are the root cause of their limiting beliefs.

Here are some of the most common limiting beliefs about men and relationships:

  • True Love is a fairy tale
  • I’m not attractive enough/smart enough/young enough
  • I am too fat/thin/short/tall etc.
  • All men are…
  • You can’t trust men
  • I don’t want to get hurt (again)
  • I don’t want to be rejected (again)
  • The men I like, don’t like me back
  • No one gets me/understands me
  • I’m not good at relationships
  • I don’t like dating
  • I don’t deserve love'(men always leave)
  • I don’t want my heart broken (again)

Make your own list and try and dig as deep as you possibly can.

2. Question The Validity Of Your Beliefs

Now that you have your list of limiting beliefs you can start changing them. Oftentimes just being aware of your belief is enough to change it simply because our beliefs are often subconscious.

Take your list of beliefs and examine each one. Ask yourself if this belief is really true. Your belief may be “You can’t trust men” and that may be true from your personal experience but is it really true?

There may be a handful of men from your past that can not be trusted but ALL MEN? Most certainly not.

You will soon start seeing that all these limiting beliefs are only wild generalizations and it does not hold up to the truth.

3. Ridicule Your Beliefs

You can take this one step further and break your limiting beliefs down even further. Ask yourself how is your belief ridiculous or even absurd your belief is.

If you are really objective you will soon see that your beliefs are just crazy ideas. You can also ask a friend you really trust to help you.

As an example, if all men can not be trusted then what about Jesus? He was a man. What about your dad? Do you trust him? Find men in your life you do trust and see that the “all men” belief is a complete absurdity.

4. Replace Your Limiting Belief With an Empowering One

Breaking down your limiting beliefs is a powerful exercise because it starts to create doubt. When you start doubting a belief you start freeing yourself from the hold it has on you.

We trust the things that we are absolutely sure are true. As soon as there’s even a smidgen of doubt we start losing trust and that is exactly what you want to do with your beliefs.

Start creating counter beliefs to replace the old limiting beliefs. Having a new and empowering belief is far more effective than merely trying to eliminate a disempowering belief.

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.

– Maya Angelou

A new belief can be that most men are trustworthy or all the men in my life are now trustworthy.

5. Install Your New Beliefs

Once you’ve created your new beliefs, turn them into affirmations. Affirmations are positive, present tense statements of an ideas that you want to turn into beliefs.

Through repetition, you ‘install’ the new beliefs in your subconscious mind. It is the same process through which your disempowering beliefs about relationships where installed in the first place – only this time you do it consciously and deliberately.

Always phrase your affirmations in the positive and make it personal:

I Rachael now attract only honest and trustworthy men into my life.

Repeat these affirmations as often as you can. Write them out. Speak them out loud. Say it in front of a mirror.

Eventually they will become your beliefs and the results must follow. It is impossible to change a belief without seeing external changes happen in your life.

Try it for two weeks and start noticing what kind of men start coming into your life.

You will be pleasantly surprised!

Secret #2:
Define Exactly What You DO Want

Most people are great at knowing what they don’t want. They can spend hours talking about everything they dislike about men, their ex or even people that love them.

The biggest problem with being focussed on what you do not want is that it actually is the root cause of why you keep getting what you don’t want.

Your subconscious mind can not distinguish between what you do want and what you don’t want.

It simply responds to the actual thought. If your thought is on “I don’t want to be alone” then your mind responds to the thought “I want to be alone”.

This is a very important concept to understand and is the foundation of psychology 101. We also know that the law of attraction responds to our dominant thoughts.

It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.

– Steve Maraboli

What you think about and what you place your energy and your attention on, will expand in your life.

Becoming aware of your own thoughts is the first and most important step. How much of your time are you spending thinking and talking about what you DO NOT want?

Your thoughts may be preoccupied by past relationships or a previous husband and how he was no good and all the worse characteristics he had.

When these thoughts are focussed on – or worse still; indulged in, then you actually attract more of that into your life.

If you want to manifest a good husband then your thoughts need to be on a good husband. What are the characteristics of “good” and exactly what does this good husband look like?

A Powerful Exercise:

The most powerful exercise you can do to attract your ideal husband is to sit down and start writing down all the characteristics you want in your ideal husband. Describe him in every detail.

Write at least 3 pages and do not stop to take a break. When you keep going you allow yourself to dig deeper and get beyond the surface level characteristics.

When you get clarity on exactly what you want most in a husband and in a relationship then your mind shifts from what you do NOT want to what you do want.

Clarity is power. Knowing what you DO want is the secret to invoking the law of attraction to manifest a good husband that fits you perfectly.

As long as your thoughts are focussed on what you had before, what you do not want and why you can not have the love and relationship you want then you can only attract more of that. It is the law.

Knowing what you do NOT want can be useful though. If you struggle with coming up with what you DO want, simply write down what you do not want in a husband and then use that for contrast. Use that to help you define what you do want.

The term “good” is very weak and your mind does not know what that really means. You need to define what a good husband is.

A husband who is ‘Good’ is someone who might be:

  • Honest
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Generous
  • Thoughtful
  • Spiritual
  • Understanding
  • Supportive
  • Hardworking
  • Compassionate
  • Polite
  • Respectful
  • Humble
  • Reliable
  • Optimistic
  • Considerate
  • Authentic
  • Responsible
  • Self-discipline
  • Fair

No person would ever embody all these qualities. Which of these are most important to you?

If you had to ‘create’ a person which of these 5 qualities will you hard-wire into them?

Create your own ‘ideal husband’ and make sure that you can describe him in great detail. Looks are important but being able to describe his character and his 5 most prominent characteristics is really important.

If you do not know EXACTLY what you DO want in your ideal husband and ideal relationship then you simply can not manifest it.

When you get clarity on what you do want you also get excited because you can start visualizing this person. The law of attraction kicks in and everything starts aligning for you.

Secret #3:
Believe That You Deserve a Good Husband

Thinking that you deserve a good husband is very different from believing that you do. Logically, we all think that we deserve good things. It is irrelevant though because it is only the belief that controls and dictates what you manifest.

There is more to believing that you deserve to have a good husband. You can not expect to attract someone who is kind, caring, generous and compassionate if you are not these things yourself.

If you take your list of the 5 most important characteristics that you want in a man, are you those things?

Start BEING whom you want to manifest in your life as a life partner and a husband.

It’s been said that you do not attract what you want but what you are. Through the law of attraction, your energy (that what you are) will be matched and attracted back to you.

If you are not attracting the kinds of men you really want then you only need to look in the mirror to find out why. You will never attract someone who is not in harmony with your own inner being.

To change what you ‘are’ you need to change your consciousness.

Here are 7 tips to help you do that:

1. Change your perception of the past:

The past does not equal the future unless you keep thinking about the past. Happiness is largely a matter of how you manage your memories.

We’ve all had ‘bad experiences’ in relationships in the past. Some worse than others but allowing the past to dominate your present is a recipe for disaster.

The past was just an experience. What you associate to that experience is a choice. Do not let your past repeat itself because it is the root cause of being stuck as ‘the single one’.

You can not manifest a good husband if you do not redefine what your past means to you. Ex partners do not have to define your future partners unless you do nothing and allow your subconscious programs to take over.

2. Question your beliefs:

We’ve already discussed this in some detail so be sure to make your list of disempowering beliefs. Really spend some time on it because it is really powerful.

Use the techniques discussed above and start breaking down these beliefs that no longer serve you.

3. Take charge of your focus:

You and only you get to choose where you spend your time emotionally. Where your focus goes energy flows and where your energy flows creates your point of attraction.

If you do not deliberately decide where you place your focus, it tends to descend into negativity. Do you focus on how you ‘can’t’ attract your ideal husband, how the last three guys were jerks and how lonely you feel?

Or, do you focus on how exciting your new relationship will be, how amazing your dream husband will be and how happy you are by just thinking about it.

Taking charge of your focus not only changes your point of attraction but it completely changes the way you feel in this moment.

4. Live in the present moment

Most of our suffering comes from living in the past or living in some imagined future. If you live in the present moment you can be free from your past and your future.

Being in the present moment allows you to really live and be grateful and appreciate life. All you really have is now. Do not waste it by reliving your worst experiences.

5. See love all around you

When you see a couple who is deeply in love, are you filled with resentment? Do you feel jealous or even a little depressed?

Don’! These reactions are messages to the universe that you DO NOt want it. When you see love around you, say Yes! That is for me. I now allow that into my life.

6. Visualization and affirmations

Can you see yourself in a happy and loving relationship? Can you see yourself manifest a good husband in your foreseeable future?

Your imagination is very powerful and when you visualize you materialize. We’ve all seen enough movies to have a very vivid imagination of what love looks like.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

– Dr. Seuss

Use this. Build mental movies into your mind and play them often. If you can visualize your ideal relationship enough, it must manifest.

7. Let go and truly live your life

If you are waiting for the right person to come into your life before you truly start living then you are wasting your life.

Start living your life fully. Live with joy and do stuff. When you can let go of the NEED to have your ideal relationship you let down your defences and the right person can flow into your life.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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