You Will See it When You Believe It

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a powerful book back in 2008 entitled You Will See It When You Believe It. Most of us have grown up with the firm belief that we have to see something before we can believe it. This seems the most logical and on the surface it seems like a “smart” way to go through life.

When it comes to manifesting and consciously creating your life you will soon find out that the opposite is true.

As human beings we create from the unknown. This means that for you to create anything in your life you have to believe it first. Once you believe in something you can not yet see, that is when you create.

Have you ever wondered whether many of the so-called modern day miracles are true?

Sure we read a lot about miracles that happened centuries ago and for the most part people believe it, but when something like that happens today we tend to shrug it off and refuse to believe it.

Throughout the centuries, across all religions and all spiritual traditions there is one common element that stands out above all and that is the power of belief.

You are what you belief. What you belief is your reality and in many ways you are your beliefs.


Well, because what you believe is what you see and experience in life. Two people can have the exact same experience in life, but their belief can cause them to have vastly different perception. Your beliefs will colour all of your experiences and it is what gives meaning to events.

Circumstances and events are just that. they have no meaning. We assign meaning to it and the meaning we give it depends on our beliefs. Nowhere is the power of beliefs more evident than with the Placebo Effect.

The Placebo Effect powerfully illustrates just how your beliefs work and how it affects everything about your life. In a recent study, patients were given “fake” knee surgery and without knowing it, the surgeon simply opened up the knee and pretended to do the operation.

All the patients made a full recovery and one year later they were told that they did not actually have the surgery and that their healing was purely an act of belief and an illustration of the Placebo Effect in action.

The evidence goes on and on. Research on patients with multiple personalities illustrated that their belief that they are a different person can even cause their eye colour to change.

Your beliefs give an unquestioned command to that part of you that is all wise, all powerful and that don’t ask questions. It just complies.

When you believe it you will see it. Dr. Wayne Dyer’s powerful book “You’ll See It When You Believe It” is full of endless examples and tremendous insights into the power of belief.

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend

Robertson Davies

Its a fascinating study and one that will open your eyes to a whole new way of living. While most “sceptics” live with the motto that they will believe something only when they see it, this book will help you use and utilise the power of belief and make you understand that when you believe it you will see it.

If you truly believe it BEFORE you can see it you do more than visualise the end result. You feel it. You can see it clearly and you accept it as truth – even though the “evidence” has not yet materialised.

This is manifesting in action.

Seeing is Believing ?

We hear people saying this all the time. What does it really mean? People want to “see” things with their own eye before they believe it – or so they claim.

If we look at this a bit closer we can see that this is not true at all.

Can you see electricity? Can you see the wind? Can you see the electrical impulses in your body that causes you to have a thought?

Just because you can not see it does not mean its not real and it most certainly does not determine what you believe.

The fact is that you do not see with your eyes. You see THROUGH your eyes. It is your bran that does the “seeing”.

From a scientific perspective, this everyday saying of ‘seeing is believing’ is actually the other way round.

Believing is seeing.

Your beliefs is what will determine what you actually see because it is your brain that does the seeing. They ayes are just a tool to project images unto the brain.

That is all very interesting, but how can that help us to improve our lives?

This highlights the very powerful idea that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

When you change your beliefs, everything changes because you now see the world through a different lens.

If there is any area of your life you want to change, it starts with changing your beliefs. Want more money? Change your beliefs and everything will change.

Most people spend their lives trying to change what they see on the outside world. This is hard work and often leads to a lot of stress and eventually disease.

It is far more effective to simply ‘flip the switch’ and change what you really ‘see’ with.

The Power Of Visualisation

A lot has been written about visualisation as a tool to using the law of attraction. Your imagination is incredibly powerful and the mind is incredibly suggestible.

imagination and visualisation

The science of neuro plasticity highlights the minds ability to be moulded and shaped and reshaped.

By using your imagination, you can visualise anything into your life. When you visualise the same thing over and over again it becomes a new blueprint in your mind.

Since your subconscious mind can not reason it will simply accept this new blueprint and make that you new reality.

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