9 Powerful Self Worth Affirmations (Louise Hay)

self worth affirmations louise hay

Self worth affirmations, Louise Hay believed was the key to unlocking your own true power. By truly loving yourself you can not only heal yourself emotionally but also physically.

Most people do not get what they want in life because they believe that they are not worth it and that for some reason they do not deserve what they truly want.

Logically we can reason how irrational this is but at the level of your beliefs the ideas remain overwhelming in your mind.

Anybody is entitled to anything in this universe. There is no deity who dictates who gets what. That is a middle age idea that is no longer valid. At least in theory we can all agree that anyone CAN have anything they want.

There are enough examples to illustrate this very well. Can an uneducated homeless person become a multimillionaire? Yes! It’s been done hundreds of times.

Can a severely overweight person become fit, happy and healthy? Yes! It’s been done hundreds of times. Can anyone attract their soulmate and be in a happy and prosperous relationship? Yes! It’s been done hundreds of times.

The question is never about whether it can be done but rather whether you believe you are worthy and deserving of having it.

Your own beliefs about your self worth is incredibly powerful. It can control and dictate every area of your life.

If you do not believe that you deserve something then it is impossible for you to attract it into your life. Even if you attract it, it won’t stick around for long because your beliefs will ultimately win.

Powerful Self Worth Affirmations by Louise Hay

Louise Hay believed passionately in the power of self love to heal and transform our lives.

Many common problems and personal issues stem from not loving yourself.

Your self worth or self esteem boils down to how much you love yourself. Human beings NEED love and will go to crazy lengths to get it.

Some people pursue fame and fortune. Some pursue education. Some pursue a beautiful body. The list goes on and on but it all boils down to this misconception that if others love you, then you will feel loved.

It explains why so many “super successful” people turn to destructive behaviours. If YOU don’t like and love YOU then nothing else really matters. It is that important.

Louise Hay believed that most physical and emotional illness stemmed from a lack of self love. Much of her life’s work has been based on using affirmations to learn to love yourself again.

Here are the 9 most powerful self worth affirmations by Louise Hay. I will also expand on each one to give a bit more insight and to help you use that affirmation to its fullest.

  1. As I change my thoughts, the world around me changes.
  2. All the love I could ever need is within me right now.
  3. I love myself exactly as I am. I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself.
  4. I am proud of myself.
  5. I am a unique and special gift to the world.
  6. I forgive everyone that has ever hurt me. I am free.
  7. I love and forgive myself.
  8. I accept and use my own power. I get to have whatever I choose to think.
  9. I deserve the best, and I lovingly accept the best now.

1. As I change my thoughts, the world around me changes.

The way you think about yourself are just thoughts. You can change it and affirmations is a powerful and proven method. You are never fixed in your beliefs and you truly have the power to change yourself.

When you change the way you think your entire world changes because your perception changes. Your inner critic might want to convince you that you are “broken” and “messed up” beyond repair but that is simply not true.

This affirmation will help you instill the belief that you can change and that your thoughts are under your control.

2. All the love I could ever need is within me right now.

We live in a world that is obsessed with celebrities and famous people who seem to be loved by millions. These celebrities are idolized because we all want to be loved like they are loved.

The truth is that no amount of eternal love can ever fill your need for love. Loving yourself is ALL the love you really need. If you truly love yourself you simply don’t need love from outside.

This does not mean that you go through life without love and loving rel;ationships. It simply means that you don’t NEED it to be happy and fulfilled.

Louise Hay often talked about the infinite well of love that is within all of us. Stop looking outwards for love.

Look within.

That is where the true source of love is.

3. I love myself exactly as I am. I no longer wait to be perfect in order to love myself.

The way we are raised as human beings often causes us to make the false association that love is conditional. We quickly learn that doing X causes love to be withheld while doing Y causes love to be showered upon us.

We take this conditional love into adulthood and quickly pile on the conditions for love. We quickly start to associate love with looking a certain way, having certain things, behaving in certain ways.

The reality is that this list of conditions for love is endless – but it is complete BS. You will never meet all the conditions that you think will cause you to finally be loved.

You need to love yourself regardless of everything that you think is “wrong” with you. There is nothing wrong with you! You do not have to be, do or have anything to deserve love.

4. I am proud of myself.

Do you remember that warm and fuzzy feeling when you were little and your parents were proud of you? That is a feeling that we all long for as it is a beautiful form of love.

It is so easy to forget about all the great things you are and have done in your life. Being proud of yourself is a powerful thing to do for yourself.

This is not an egotistical form of pride where you think you are better than others. You are proud of yourself for being you and you don’t even share this with anyone. It’s between you and yourself.

Think of all the things you are proud of or could be proud of and allow your mind to really feel how awesome you are.

5. I am a unique and special gift to the world.

By virtue of being born and being in this life you ARE unique and special. If you just contemplate the miracle of that fact alone that out of all the 7.6 billion people on this planet NOBODY is even remotely like you.

You have your own unique and special skills and talents. You have your own unique and special personality. This in itself is your true gift to the world.

This is in stark contrast with much of what society is teaching us through social media. Everybody is trying very hard to be somebody that they think is unique and special. The truth is that you just have to be yourself.

When you honour this fact that you are indeed unique and special, you honour that divinity within you.

6. I forgive everyone that has ever hurt me. I am free.

Nothing screws with your self love like carrying anger and resentment around within you. Forgiveness is the magic pill that can free you from anger and resentment.

People may have wronged you and they need to be held accountable BUT your forgiveness of them is YOUR ticket to freedom.

Forgiveness is not an act that you do for those who have wronged you. It is an act of self love and it will free you from all those thoughts that prevent love to thrive in your life.

7. I love and forgive myself.

Guilt is one of the most destructive emotions there are. If you live in guilt and shame you simply can not experience love for yourself.

Guilt is when you don’t forgive yourself for something you may have done in the past. Forgive yourself and free yourself from guilt.

No amount of guilt will ever change the past. No amount of guilt will ever make you or anyone else feel better about anything that may have happened in the past.

8. I accept and use my own power. I get to have whatever I choose to think.

Louise Hay’s self worth affirmations referred to the law of attraction long before it was ‘a thing’.

The law of attraction is universal and powerful and you have the power to create your life. Your true power is within you and all you have to do is to assume it and realize it.

You are never a victim. You are never defeated and you are never truly stuck. You can use the power of your mind and take control over your thoughts and actions to create your best life.

You have the power to choose your thoughts and by choosing your thoughts you can attract into your life that which you really want.

9. I deserve the best, and I lovingly accept the best now.

So many of us grow up believing that we do not accept anything good. While our parents ALL tried the best with what they knew, we were exposed to so many disempowering beliefs about what we are entitled to.

You are as much entitled to anything in this universe as anyone else. Allow yourself to have the best. Don’t always settle for the cheapest, the ‘okay’ or the ‘whatever’ you can afford.

When you start valuing yourself you actually allow yourself to have the best. All ‘those people’ who you think can have and/deserve the best are NO different from you.

The only real difference is that they believe they deserve it. They had high self worth.

How do daily affirmations improve self esteem?

Most people spend a lifetime doing negative self worth affirmations. These are mostly done unconsciously. Every time you criticize yourself, every time you say or think something negative about yourself it acts as an affirmation.

Many of these unconscious affirmations have been repeated hundreds and thousands of times – which is why they are so firmly rooted in your mind and beliefs.

Affirmations is a method to improve self esteem by “installing” new and empowering beliefs about yourself.

You may think that you’ve indulged in negative and destructive self talk (and thinking) so much that you are a lost cause.

Not true. A positive statement is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative one.

By repeating positive and empowering self worth affirmations and sticking with it, over time your self esteem will improve dramatically.

Daily affirmations improve self esteem and there is no doubt about it. The challenge is that it can take time and results are never instant.

If you persist and are committed to actually living YOUR best life then it becomes easy. Working on yourself feels good because deep down you know that working on yourself is an act of self love.

One way to show someone else that you love them is by doing something nice (and loving) for them. Start seeing your daily affirmations as that; as something nice that you are doing for yourself.

Daily affirmations infiltrate your subconscious mind and replace the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that you have about yourself.

As these new ideas become the dominant and habitual thoughts, your old beliefs no longer have any dominance and no longer become controlling thoughts in your life.

This is how you get to design your own life.

5 Tips To Amplify Your Self Worth Affirmations

Louise Hay released dozens of books, tapes, cards and DVD’s with affirmations in her lifetime. She believed that all these different mediums allowed you to absorb the information differently.

She was also a big proponent of mirror work. Using a mirror to look at yourself when you say your affirmations can be very confronting at first but is one of the most powerful ways to do affirmation work.

Here are 5 quick affirmation tips that Louise Hay encouraged to help you get the most out of affirmations and create the most lasting results.

1. Say It Out Loud – When you speak it and you hear it, it is a different energy to just reading it (in your head).

2. Write It Out – when you write it, the act itself creates a commitment and writing it also makes it real.

3. Mirror Work – look yourself in the eye when you do your affirmations – especially affirmations like “I love you {your name}”. This is incredibly powerful.

4. Visualize It – when affirmations are just meaningless words you repeat it has no power. Be present when you say your affirmations and allow the emotions that come with the affirmations into your heart.

5. Repetition – the way your beliefs were ‘installed’ in the first place was through unconscious repetition. Now you consciously install new beliefs by repeating affirmations. The repetition is what turns an idea into a belief.


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