How To Manifest Weight Loss Fast

how to manifest weight loss fast

Learning how to manifest weight loss fast by using the law of attraction requires you to set a clear intention, correct your mind (and thinking) and live in state where you are already at your ideal weight.

The mechanics of the law of attraction is fairly simple.

It is the execution that gets complicated.

If you could only think of yourself at your ideal weight all the time then all your weight loss problems will be a thing of the past.

The problem is that you start thinking of what you don’t want.

Most people offer their thoughts in response to what they see in their lives currently. These are nothing more than responses.

You can either respond and stay where you are or you can create and manifest anything you desire.

These are the only two choices you really have. When you respond it is usually habitual and subconscious.

When you create it is a conscious effort and often requires a lot of focus and attention to overcome a lifetime of conditioned responses.

The Inconvenient Truth About Weight Loss

There must be hundreds of programs, plans, diets and books that focus on how to manifest weight loss fast.

Weight loss has become big business. Billions are pumped into research and trying to understand the obesity problem that is crippling old and young worldwide is serious business.

Looking at the physiological and even the psychological issues are only part of the problem.

Having seen the staggering impact of the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and seeing what the mind is really capable of it sheds a whole new light on weight loss.

The reality is that you do not have a weight problem. You have a thinking problem.

The way you think and feel about food, your body and your weight is the real problem.

Overeating, trouble exercising or even the minor (and more major) health issues that may contribute to your weight issues stem from the way you think and feel.

A deeper understanding of the law of attraction starts to shed some more light on the massive impact your thoughts and feelings have on your own body, your health and your general well being.

Manifesting money, a soulmate, a job or a luxury holiday is easy in the sense that these are all external ‘things’ you can attract into your life.

To manifest weight loss, the big difference is that it is very close and almost completely an internal game.

No amount of dieting, exercise or medication will help unless and until you ‘fix’ your mind and your emotions.

More than 2000 years ago, Lao Tzu wrote: “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place”.

What you think and feel most of the time will manifest in your life. What you think and feel most of the time also dictates your vibration.

You can never manifest anything into your life if your vibration is not in harmony with it.

There are thousands of strategies to lose weight fast. The truth is that most of them actually work. The problem is that most of them won’t work for you.

When you ‘correct your mind’ and start working with the law of attraction you will manifest everything you need to lose weight easily, effortlessly and quickly.

Manifesting weight loss does not mean you sit on the sofa eating Cheetos and magically start losing weight.

What it does mean is that you start working with the law of attraction to attract everything that is perfect FOR YOU to make it easy, enjoyable and very effective.

Your Mind, The Law of Attraction and Losing Weight Fast

If you tried losing weight before by following some sort of strategy that you’ve read about or heard about as being ‘the bomb’ then you probably did it and struggled your way through it.

This may work for some time but everything you have to fight to get you will have to fight to keep.

That’s not what we want to achieve here.

Learning how to manifest weight loss fast and to keep it off forever requires a shift in your thinking.

You need to become a new person.

Here’s why…

What you ‘are’ as a person is largely determined by your personality. Your personality is made up by the way you think, the way you feel and the actions you take on a daily basis.

Thinking and feeling the same way day in and day out leads to a habit.

Thinking and doing the same things over and over again start becoming who you are.

You can try and change the actions all you want but that will only change the symptoms.

The root cause is your thoughts and your feelings.

It is no coincidence that it is also how the law of attraction operates and how events and circumstances manifest in your life.

Learning how to manifest weight loss fast is all about correcting your mind and aligning your thoughts and feelings with what you DO want instead of being dominated by the problem and why what you dislike or what you do not want.

The biggest problem with manifesting anything is not in knowing what to do. It is learning how to stop thinking about what you don’t want.

Thinking ONLY about what you DO want instead of what you don;t want sounds so elementary but it is the crux.

It requires a disciplined mind, an awareness of your habitual (erroneous) thinking and an intense desire to change.

Always remember that your body is under command of your mind. The mind is ultimately in charge and if your mind instructs the body, it has to respond.

Can You Manifest Weight Loss ?

People who are fit, healthy and remain at their ideal weight are not that way because of what they eat, how they exercise or how much they sleep, rest or hydrate.

Those things are all important but they are only the result of the way you think and feel about your body, your weight, food and life in general.

Learning how to manifest weight loss fast is not about so much about learning the right dieting or exercise strategies.

It’s all about correcting your thinking.

Once you correct your mind everything falls in place – usually quite quickly. The body responds very quickly once the mind gives it clear and direct instructions.

There are two components to manifest weight loss fast once you start working with the law of attraction.

The first component is how your body can respond to the changed mindset. This in and of itself can cause dramatic changes in your body already.

If your body has the power to heal itself from ‘incurable’ diseases, does it not have the power to balance out excess weight in the body?

The second component is more practical and most often it is very important. This is where your intention will activate the law of attraction and you start attracting all the steps needed to realize your intention.

Lets look at these 2 components in a bit more detail…

1. The Body Responds To The Mind

The body responds to the mind. Beliefs are incredibly powerful and has the power to affect your mind and body in profound ways.

A belief is a thought that you’ve been thinking over and over again to the point where it becomes a command in your own mind that does not get questioned.

If you have beliefs that you ‘are fat’ that you just can’t lose weight and that losing weight is hard or difficult then it has the power to create your reality.

Your body has the intelligence and the capability to burn fat, to regulate your weight and to do everything needed to keep your body fit and healthy.

For your mind to do that you will need to clear all the erroneous thinking that is often part of a lifetime of establishing certain ideas and beliefs.

2. Attracting The Perfect Means To The End

To to manifest weight loss fast it often requires more than just sitting around and changing your thinking. In fact, when you change your thinking it changes your actions.

When you have a clear intention, law of attraction will attract into your life everything you need to manifest your intention.

If it is information you need, you will attract it. If it is a coach, a diet, a friend, a trainer – everything you need will come into your life.

This is where you have to take inspired action and DO something. This won’t feel forced or difficult at all because you are in the flow and aligned with the universe.

7 Steps To Manifest Weight Loss Fast

Step #1: Create an Intention

Create a clear intention of exactly what you want to achieve. Never focus on ‘losing weight’. The idea of loss is a negative that can affect how your subconscious mind responds.

Only focus on a clear and definite end result. How much do you want to weigh? How do you want to look and most importantly how do you want to feel.

Describe the exact end result in as much detail as you can and spend a lot of time building this vision of the new you in your mind and emotions.

Step #2: Create Your Why

Why do you want to lose weight and why do you want to be at a certain weight? Creating a strong why is important because it helps you tap into the power of emotions.

What you think about most of the time is important but when you add the emotional component to that you truly invoke the power of manifesting.

It is your thoughts AND your feelings that determines what you manifest in your life.

Knowing why you want something helps you align your emotions with your intention.

Step #3: Focus on What You DO Want

This may sound super simplistic but essentially the practise of the law of attraction revolves around this simple idea.

Think more about what you DO want than what you don’t want.

The problem is that we have reminders of the probl;ems in our life everywhere you look. You look in the mirror, your wardrobe and the way others look at you and it instantly triggers thoughts and feelings of what IS.

You need to create a very strong intention and decide that you will keep your focus and attention on the IDEAL END RESULT no matter what.

Step #4: Take Inspired Action

Once you set an intention the law of attraction will immediately start creating synchronicities in your life.

When opportunities, chance encounters or inspirations come along, ACT on it.

Don’t second guess and don’t shy away from it. When the law of attraction draws these things into your life it is part of the overall plan that the universe is lining up for you.

Learning how to manifest weight loss fast is all about working with the law of attraction and being acutely aware of everything you are attracting to realize your desires.

Step #5: Raise Your Vibration

Raising your vibration is about aligning yourself with the universe. Heightened and empowering emotions open you up to the law of attraction while lower vibrations close you off.

When you live in a state of love, joy and gratitude you become more receptive to manifest because you are in harmony with the universe.

Make a real effort to find things to be grateful for in your life. Focus on love and live from a place of joy.

This higher vibration will also move you out of many of the emotional states that makes you want to partake in ‘emotional eating’ because your being craves ‘feeling good’.

Step #6: Have Infinite Patience

There is a saying that ‘Infinite patience produces immediate results’. The immediate result is not losing 50 pounds at the blink of an eye.

When you have infinite patience you are at peace.

That is the immediate result and when you are at peace and recognize that your desires is on its way then you actually raise your vibration to be in alignment with what you want to manifest.

Step #7: The Wish Fulfilled

The real secret to the law of attraction goes well beyond the common teachings that you simply have to think about what you want.

You have to not only think and feel what it is you want to manifest but you have to become it.

Neville Goddard taught this so very well in his writings and he referred to this idea as ‘living in s state where you wish is already fulfilled.’

If your weight loss goal is something out there in the future then that is where it will remain.

You need to be able to close your eyes and imagine what would it look like and feel like if you are ALREADY living life at your ideal weight.

The real secret then to manifest weight loss fast is to create the You that already embodies the intention, for you to create that image in your mind and live there.

When you go there in your mind, the body will follow.


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