Quantum Physics And The Law of Attraction (Explained Scientifically)

quantum physics and law of attraction

The most direct connection between quantum physics and the law of attraction comes from The Observer Effect which proves that particles come into existence when we place our energy on observing them.

Quantum physics and the law of attraction goes hand in hand . Most rational people are very sceptical about this law of attraction business. It sounds very “airy fairy” and like an empty promise.

Doing “nothing” and getting everything is not something most people grew up believing.

Quantum physics is the breakthrough science of our time. It explains a lot of what could not be explained under Newtonian physics. It explains scientifically what a lot of the great scientists like Einstein alluded to and postulated but could not proof.

Quantum physics can help us explain scientifically how the law of attraction works. But more importantly, is explains that the law of attraction is in fact real.

It is not a metaphysical concept but a physical reality.

It is a scientific fact that your thoughts create your reality.

Manifesting and Quantum Physics

It is common to hear the term “manifesting” today. The word is often used to describe deliberately bringing things into your life (be they good or bad things) through your energy.

This energy is made up of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

As a human being your vibration is not fixed as with most innate objects. You have the power to dictate what vibration you are in by deliberately choosing your thoughts.

This allows you and gives you the power to dictate what you attract into your life.

This process of attraction has been studied scientifically, using quantum physics and quantum mechanics and it is commonly known as the Law of Attraction.

While the law of attraction is most widely known and understood, the primary law is the law of vibration.

It is the law of vibration that has a more scientific connection to quantum physics and more accurately describes the phenomena of manifesting.

This article I will attempt to simplify the scientific explanation of how the Law of Attraction actually works.

Hopefully it will help you understand the mechanics behind attraction and manifestation better.

Having a deeper understanding will also help arrange the information in your mind and allow you to use it on a more practical level.

What Is Quantum Physics?

Let’s begin with a brief overview of what quantum physics is. Everything in the universe is made up of particles.

These particles are in a constant state of movement – even ‘dead objects’ like a rock are actually particles that are moving at a very high vibration that can not be perceived through the naked eye.

This vibration or movement of particles is what we call energy.

All particles are made up of smaller particles called subatomic particles or quanta.

When energies with the same vibrations align, they are attracted to one another.

Plainly stated, like attracts like.

The rules of physics are different when particles are as small as quanta. Most of us are familiar with Newtonian physics, which applies to everyday objects we can see with the naked eye.

Quantum physics is not so straightforward. First of all, when an observer views particles, they actually act differently than when they are not being watched.

This quantum phenomena is called The Observer Effect.

Energy particles behave in accordance with the consciousness of the observer.

In common terms, your observation of particles creates them and brings them to life.

This rule was discovered through the “Double Slit Experiment“, in which a beam of electrons are fired at a plane with two slits in it. After passing through the slits, the electrons strike a screen.

The patterns that are recorded on the screen are diffraction and interference patterns, demonstrating that particles function as both waves and matter.

Scientists decided that waves of energy particles only have probable, not exact, motions and locations in space. This conclusion came about since observation caused the data to instantaneously assume only one, random possible value, out of the entire set of probabilities.

The value that was measured varied in relation to the observer.

This means that all particles of energy have a limitless field of potentials surrounding it, and the observer is the one who decides how that energy will manifest.

The Concept of Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entangled is the phenomenon that occurs when two bodies become connected to one another, or entangled. The entangled objects act as one, no matter how far apart they are.

The could be only a few feet apart, or thousands and thousands of miles from each other. An interaction involving one object causes the other object to behave as if it is being acted upon, too, at the exact same time, despite distance.

The Big Bang theory explains that everything in the universe exploded into being from the same source. This means that everything in the universe is entangled, or connected, with everything else. So, for every interaction with any object, everything else is simultaneously influenced.

And the one thing every individual has complete control over influencing is their own thoughts. When we think about something, we are interacting with that thing.

The Law of Attraction causes whatever it is we are thinking about to be attracted into our reality, through things, people, and circumstances.

Quantum Physics and Law of Attraction

You now know that all particles of energy in the universe are entangled with each other, and that all energy particles are surrounded by a field of limitless potential for location, form, and behavior.

Further, you understand that the “where” the “ what” and the “how” energy manifests dependent on the mind of the observer.

You are the observer to your own life.

Observing, focussing and giving energy to what is not yet present in your life immediately makes it real through the principle of The Observer Effect.

By giving it enough energy, it quite literally becomes part of your life and manifests in physical form.

Quite simply, what you think about shapes the reality you perceive. The energy you emit through your thoughts determines the objects, people, and circumstances that will show up in your life.

Being aware of something will bring about its’ existence in your reality.

The Law of Attraction can be observed by anyone, not just quantum physicists conducting experiments. We have all experienced how negative thoughts only seem to attract more, and often worse, negative thoughts.

Maybe you really wanted a certain car, and all of the sudden you started seeing the same model everywhere you went.

Perhaps you’ve had the wonderful experience of everything coming together, with one thing going right after the next, in unexpected ways.

If you examine your life, you will surely realize that it is a reflection of your most prevalent thoughts.

This is exciting news, especially with the backing of quantum physics, because it means that there is no limit to what you can manifest now that you are aware of the Law of Attraction.

One big takeaway from these scientific concepts around the law of attraction is that through the Observer Effect you can bring ideas into existence.

Manifestation is not a theory, it is a fact. In fact, you’ve been using this principle all your life to manifest everything you do not want.


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