5 Law Of Attraction Money Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Law Of Attraction Money

If you’ve been trying to attract wealth and abundance and its just not happening for you then you are probably making some law of attraction money mistakes.

The idea of attracting money sure does sound much better than the idea of working hard for money. The truth is that these 2 ideas are not mutually exclusive.

You may still work incredibly hard but the key difference is that it will not feel like work.

Working with the law of attraction is all about being aligned with what feels good and what feels right. Doing what you hate only to make money will never last and even if it works you will be miserable.

While the law if attraction is not that hard to understand, the practical application often leaves people feeling jaded.

If you’ve been using the law of attracting in the past and you were not able to manifest the kind of money you really wanted then you probably made one (or more) of these 5 big law of attraction money mistakes.

1. You’ve Been Burned By Trying To Manifest Money

Chances are that this is not the first time you hear about the law of attraction and manifesting. When you first learned about the law and the prospect of being able to have anything you want you probably got very excited.

You started doing SOME of the things you learn initially but as the days and weeks roll by and your desires are not being manifested you start losing faith.

Doubt takes over and you start thinking “this stuff does not work for me” or worse yet, you start thinking that the law of attraction does not work period.

This is not uncommon.

If you’ve been burned by previous experiences with trying to manifest something it can cause a lot of doubt.

You need to set these doubts aside. Today is a new day. A fresh start. The law of attraction is working – it is always working. Just because you did not manifest something in the past does not mean it doesn’t work.

All it means is that you probably did not work IT.

If you have to be brutally honest with yourself, did you really work hard at making the law of attraction work for you?

It is really simple but it is not easy. The mind always reverts back to what is easy and familiar and it is those easy and familiar thoughts that snaps you back to your old ways.

Our ideas about money can be very deeply ingrained in our minds. Unless you grew up with really forward thinking parents you probably picked up the wrong ideas about money without even knowing it.

The majority of your beliefs about money you learned by the age of 7.

None of these beliefs where conscious. They where all ideas and beliefs that where handed to you by your observation in your parents and your peers.

To start fresh and to really commit fully to attract more money into your life you have to realize that all your past efforts at using the law of attraction to manifest more money where all GOOD.

It highlights an innermost desire for more money and for a richer and fuller experience of life.

Just because you stumbled along the way does not mean you can’t or it does not work. Set these ideas aside as they do not serve you in any way.

2. Being Vague

One of the biggest law of attraction money mistakes and the reason why most people will never make the law of attraction work for them is because they fail at step one of the manifestation process.

Step one is to get incredibly clear on exactly what you want.

Do you know exactly what you want financially?

Do you know WHY you want it and do you have it written down?

These 3 components are the most important steps you can take towards creating and attracting all the money you always wanted.

  1. Know what you want:
    Be exact. Know how much you want to earn every month. Know exactly what kind of a house you want. Know exactly what kind of a car you want to have ec. Do this for every single aspect of your life.
  2. Know why you want it:
    Next to each and every financial goal, write out WHY you want it. The way is what will attach the emotion to it. The emotional connection is incredibly important because that is what will help you activate the law of attraction.
  3. Write it down:
    Unless you have this written down, it remains ideas that float around in your head. It remains vague and undefined. When you write it down, it instantly becomes real. Right now you might be thinking, “that’s a good idea. I will do it tonight or first thing in the morning”. Don’t fall into that trap. Do it NOW – or at least get started.

These 3 steps might sound very simple and you’ve probably heard about this in some shape or form before. So not underestimate how powerful this is.

The law of attraction is simple, but not easy.

Writing down all your financial dreams is easy. It is actually taking the time and emotional effort to do it that is hard.

3. Broken Relationship With Money

Most people have a terrible relationship with money. This is not because you are a terrible person. Its simple because of what you were taught about money growing up.

Your beliefs about money are 90% what you heard and observed when you were little.

“We can’t afford it”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees”
“We got to save for a rainy day”

The list goes on and on and we all have our own “mantras” that our parents repeated to us over and over again as we grew up.

Your parents are not to blame either. They probably had exactly the same beliefs handed down to them.

While it is not your fault and you where probably not responsible for choosing your money beliefs, they are still yours and they are still controlling and dictating your relationship with money.

There is a really important concept you have to understand:

You make your beliefs and your beliefs make you.

Your beliefs about money control and dictate every aspect of your financial life.

If you’ve been trying really hard by every means possible to make more money but somehow you just can’t get ahead then this explains why.

Maybe you’ve been trying to use the law of attraction for years with affirmations, visualization ec and still you just can’t manifest.

Your beliefs explain why.

So, how do you “fix” your limiting beliefs about money? There are a number of great strategies, but below I’ve included a video by Marisa Peer that is incredibly powerful. Don’t skip past it!

4. Making Millions Overnight

For many people the revelation of learning about the law of attraction leads them to set really big financial goals.

They get inspired to learn that they can manifest anything with the law of attraction and so they set out to manifest a million dollars in the next 2 months.

While it is absolutely possible to do that (and many have done that) the problem with this is that the million dollars is so far removed from what you feel or believe is possible that your mind shuts down.

Every time you think about the million dollars it only acts as a reminder of how broke you are and how the million dollars is only a dream.

Unless you can make your financial goal feel real in your mind, you will never be able to manifest it.

This is how the law of attraction really works.

You do not manifest what you want, but what you are. This idea of “what you are” refers to the ability to transport yourself into the life you imagine and to be able to see and feel yourself as having it already.

For most people, the idea of having millions is just too far removed from their current situation.

Over time, the intention to manifest the million dollars wear off as you find it too hard to see yourself having it.

law of attraction for money,  How do I ask the universe for money?

Eventually this leads you to feel like “this stuff does not work”.

You need to reel it in. Do you really need a million? Why? Have you sat down and calculated what a great life will be in terms of a dollar amount?

Its probably a lot less than the arbitrary goal of a million.

This relates closely to the idea of writing down exactly what you want and why. If you want to be financially free, then maybe you only need a $150k/year.

If you sit down and see exactly what you can do with that amount of money then you will soon see that “the million” was more of an arbitrary idea that represents wealth in our society.

This does not mean that you have to play it small. Your ultimate goal might be to have a million dollars but by setting the intention much lower and more realistic it makes the entire manifestation process easier – and more believable to your own mind.

For some people this amount needs to be even lower. How about setting the intention to manifest $10,000 or even just $10 ?

Once you start seeing the law of attraction working in your life, you start believing and as your belief grows, using it gets easier and easier.

This is a very common law of attraction money mistake and if you’ve been guilty then don’t get hung up on it. You can start fresh and start with some more realistic money goals that YOU can believe in.

5. Being Blinded By ‘The Means’

Most people never dare to dream because they can not see how they can make it happen. The real magic of the law of attraction is that the HOW is not your job.

Your only job in the process of attracting wealth and abundance is to get incredibly clear on exactly WHAT you want and then seeing yourself as already having it.

The means to ‘making’ this happen is not your job.

The universe will arrange things to bring about what you intend to manifest – regardless of whether you can or can’t at present.

By limiting your dreams to only what you think you can accomplish is the perfect formula for staying exactly where you are in life.

You need to set financial goals that excite you. It is the excitement that will make it fun, that will inspire you and help you to stick with it.

There is a fine line though between setting an intention that is big and exciting and having an intention that is way over the top and unbelievable.

Only you will know what it the perfect goal for you.

No matter what financial intention you set to manifest in your life, do not get blinded by what you deem to be possible.

If you only go after what you think is possible then you will never get out of the situation you are currently in. You will simply just keep attracting more of what you already have.

How do I ask the universe for money?

You can ask the universe for anything you want. The promise that you can ‘ask and it is given’ does not place limitation on what you can ask for.

Most people simply do not ask for enough. We all grow up believing what we think we deserve. This creates a lot of limitation in our lives.

You most certainly can ask the universe for money and you can ask for as much as you want.

The real problem comes with how to ask the universe for money. You do not ask with words.

You ask with your intention.

Your intention is much more than lip service to idle wants or needs. Only when you truly desire something and have a steadfast resolve to absolute have it in your life do you create the intention.

Intention is a mental state where you use your imagination to create a specific outcome. By ‘imprinting’ a specific future outcome in your mind, you create an intention.

It is your intentions that has the inherent power to direct the law of attraction to manifest what you truly desire.

It takes a lot more than simply asking the universe for money with idle words or idle thoughts. It takes a lot of focussed effort mentally and emotionally.

It is this continued mental effort that translates into a specific vibration and it is through the law of vibration that your request is handed over to the universe.

The universe makes no judgments. It makes no interpretations and it makes no mistakes.

The universe simply reflects back to you exactly what your requests are.


These 5 ideas are by no means the only law of attraction money mistakes but its the biggest ones. Addressing these 5 issues in your life will have the biggest impact on how well the law of attraction works for you.

Working on your money beliefs is a big one. For the most part we are not even conscious of these beliefs, yet they control almost all the decisions we make around money.

Getting really clear on what you want to manifest and WHY can help you break through a lot of your own limitations, but you have to get it on a piece of paper. You might want to do that exercise once a week or once a month.

Don’t let previous “failures” with the law of attraction discourage you. This is a new day, a fresh start and your past experiences was only that – experiences.

At some level you know that the law of attraction is true and that it “works”. It is what has lead you back here to read this and to learn and to refine your understanding so that you can use and utilise the law of attraction to greater effect in your life.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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