Like Attracts Like – Law of Attraction Actually Works

like attracts like law of attraction

Like attracts like in law of attraction teachings refer to the fact that you can only attracts into your life that which you are a vibrational match to.

If you are using the law of attraction to manifest your desires then you need to understand the true meaning of like attracts like. Most of us arte very well schooled in the idea that opposites attract.

This creates a contradiction.

Not only will it help you manifest what you want faster but it will help you eliminate a lot of the things that block the flow of good into your life.

So often we have an intention to attract something. We have a vision, we have an intention and we “do everything right” but still it does not manifest.

Why? I believe that it is because of how this idea of “like attracts like” works and what it really means

Like Attracts Like – Meaning

The idea of like attracts like is often misunderstood because we all know that is it opposites that attract, right?

From science at school we know that electricity and magnetism flows from a positive to a negative. From this point of view, like repels like.

Try holding two positive ends of magnet together and they push each other away.

The principle is that positively charged particles (or Protons) are drawn towards negatively charged particles (or Neutrons) and vice versa.

The concept of like attracts like in law of attraction has nothing to do with this scientific phenomena.

It refers more to a vibrational alignment.

The meaning of like attracts like in the law of attraction refers to the fact that you will always attract only that which you are in a vibrational alignment with.

If you are in a vibrational alignment with poverty you simply can not attract money and abundance.

Your thoughts, emotions and beliefs create a vibrational alignment that perfectly matches with a life of poverty.

The basic premise is that you will NOT attract into your life that which you want. You will attract that which you are.

We all want a thousand different things that we do not have.

Until you align your energy to the energy of what you want, it can not manifest in your life.

The idea of “like attracts like” would be more accurate when you think of “like energy attracts like energy

If you think of yourself as a radio, you have to tune into the frequency of what you want to ‘play’ in your life. You can not dial into one frequency and play another.

This analogy is a much more accurate way to understand the like attracts like meaning in law of attraction than to try and think of yourself as a magnet.

Like Attracts Like – Relationships

In relationships, like attracts like is perhaps more confusing than anywhere else. We’ve all seen many examples of opposites attract and most notably we’ve seen ‘good girls’ always being attracted to ‘bad guys’.

While opposites may appear to attract on the surface level, there is an overriding energy that is in perfect harmony that is the true source of the attraction between people.

People with like energy, attract people with like energy.

This attraction can never be faked because it reflects the energy of your being and what you really are.

As you know like attracts like, if you want better people in your life, you must work on being a better person yourself.

– Leon Brown

The energy of love, attracts love into your life. If you are a loving person and you freely share and give love, then that is what you are. You emanate the energy of love and by the law of attraction, more love will come to you.

You can not be an angry, vengeful and hateful person and expect love to come into your life.

Consciously you may not be hateful or vengeful, but what are you thoughts behind the facade that you live with?

like attracts like relationships

If you want to attract love and it is not manifesting in your life you need to examine your thoughts closely.

There may be someone or something in your life (or your past) to whom you harbour a lot of hate or resentment.

Until and unless you release this hate, love will not flow freely to you. This is so often the case with people who want to attract their soulmate but they have something or someone in their past that they have a lot of hate towards.

Like attracts like. Its an unbreakable principle and it always holds true in your life.

Being loving, kind, generous and compassionate are all ideas and emotions that you can cultivate – and practice.

You are not born loving or kind. You choose to be loving or kind. By practising it enough it becomes part of your personality. If that is what you ARE then that is what you will attract.

Become aware of what your thoughts really are around love. Forgive any and all people who have caused hate in your life and move on. Not to diminish what they may or may not have done but FOR YOUR own sake.

Start by finding ways to give love. Love yourself and work on building an energy of love in your life.

Like attracts like and law of attraction will match you energetically to your dominant vibration.

Like Attracts Like – Money

Similarly if you want to attract money and abundance into your life, like attracts like.

If your mind is consumed by the fear of not having enough money then you will never attract abundance. Your energy around money is fear and you will only attract experiences that are in harmony with that fear.

Your energy has to align with what you want to attract.

With money, like attracts like based on your dominant thoughts, beliefs and emotions around money.

Money tends to have so many emotional attachments though that attracting money can be incredibly tough.

Like Attracts Like Money

Trying to overcome a lifetime of negative associations to having an abundance of money is near impossible.

Instead, you need to find ways to to build the feeling of abundance into your life as much as possible. You have to become abundant before you can attract abundance.

This might sound like an abstract concept but it is really quite simple.

By being grateful for what you already have you immediately feel abundant. You are not looking at and thinking about the scarcity in your life.

Appreciation is the opposite of depreciation. When you appreciate something you already have you increase its value and when you do that more of it will show up into your life.

Taking the time to be grateful for everything you already have in your life is a very powerful way to start changing your energy from lack to abundance.

Looking for opportunities to give away money is yet another powerful way to change your energy and to BECOME abundance itself. You do not have to write big checks to charities either. In fact, this is exactly what you should not do.

Sincerely giving $5 to a beggar or paying someone’s parking ticket for them are small gestures but it teaches your mind that you have enough to give away. This opens up the floodgates for more to come to you.

What does a wealthy person look like? How do they talk? What do they think and how do they hold themselves? How do they act towards strangers? Towards their family, their friends and in business?

Start building this picture of abundance into your life and as you mentally rehearse “becoming” wealthy in your mind, your energy changes.

This is how like attracts like work in law of attraction.

Become what you want to manifest

You can use this concept of like attracts like to anything you want in life. You simply have to reduce it down to exactly what it is you want.

Rarely is it a thing that you really want. It is usually en emotion. You don’t want to be wealthy just to have a lot of stuff. What you really want is how it will make you feel.

Put all your energy on these feelings and NOT on the things that you think will give you these feelings.

You do not attract what you want.
You attract what you are.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

The universe can only give you what you ask for and the way you ask is with your predominant thoughts, images and emotions.

Cars, houses, lovers, fine clothes, vacations…all these things are great and worthy things to pursue but pursuing them as the end goal will almost never manifest it into your life.

Stop thinking of yourself and your “personality” as being given or fixed. Its simply habitual thoughts and emotions that make up “what you are”.

You can become anything you want – not in the theoretical way but in reality. By changing what you think and feel you quite literally re-wire your brain and you become someone else.

When you become someone that is what you want to attract then it will start manifesting in your reality.

Most people have this the wrong way round. They think that they get a lot of money and then they become wealthy.

Quite the opposite!

You become wealthy and then you will attract money and abundance.

This is true for anything you want to manifest.

Like attracts like. Like energy, attracts like energy. What are you a vibrational match to?

Is your vibration matching up with what you wish to attract ?


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