How to Remove Blockages From Your Life

how to remove blockages from your life

Learning how to remove blockages from your life is not about overcoming physical challenges or even grinding through your own personal issues.

There are a lot of things that present themselves as obstacles in your life but at the highest level everything that holds you back is within yourself.

At first this may seem like your own shortcomings, your limitations and your limiting beliefs but when you really look deep within yourself you soon discover the real cause of ALL the blockages in your life.

What Are The Real Blockages in Your Life?

It is NEVER what you think it is. You may think that if only I had more time, or more money. If only I had an education or come from a certain socio economic background.

You can fill pages with lists and ‘reasons’ who you can’t be, do or have what you really want.

While many of them have merit and many of them are completely out of your control, the reality is that the only real blockages are within you.

The law of attraction can bring anything to you. No exceptions. If you can dream it you can do it.

If you look at virtually every big success story it is born out of the ‘impossible’. Having the contrast and seeing the absence of something in your life experience often causes you to look deep within – to look at the TRUE SOURCE of any and all blockages in your life.

The physical blockages in your life are often easy to overcome.

In a world where everything is at your fingertips, there are very few problems that can’t be dealt with in some way.

The real blockages are within you. It is in your thoughts, your beliefs, your mindset and your attitude.

It is a change of consciousness that is required and not a change in your conditions. As James Allen so powerfully pointed out: Your circumstances do not make you, they reveal you – they reveal your innermost thoughts.

This is partly why so many people struggle to create and manifest what they truly desire. Fixing problems, working hard and finding solutions in the outside world simply can not remove the real obstacles from your life.

The One Fundamental Principle To Removing All Blockages From Your Life

The one overriding and most fundamental principle to remove blockages from your life is to detach from everything that you are not.

At your core, the essence of who and what you are, you are an abundant, limitless creator full of life, joy, compassion and peace.

It is the act of living, of being a social creature and getting consumed by your ego that distracts you from who you really are.

This is not only how blockages are created but how they tend to become more blocked and how you clock up your own unlimited abundance, happiness and love that wants to flow top you and through you unimpeded.

Within this basic idea there are numerous ‘things’ that create blockages in your life.

I will discuss the most important ones in a bit more detail but keep in mind that when you return to who and what you really are you instantly dissolve everything that may be preventing your true desires from flowing freely to you and through your life.

6 Ways To Remove Blocks From Your Life

Within this framework of being detached from your highest self and how that is the main blockage, there are more specific things you can address.

Below I’ve laid out 6 of the biggest blocks in your life with some anecdotal tips on how to release it and free yourself.

1. Negative Beliefs

Negative beliefs have become a popular talking point in almost every self help book. The idea that there is some invisible unforeseen ‘force’ holding you back can be both scary and exciting.

Unfortunately it has become much more of a ‘thing’ than it should. Yes, negative beliefs can hold you back and unless you become conscious of your own beliefs you can unknowingly repeat thoughts and behaviors that lead to unwanted results.

The truth is that getting rid of negative beliefs does not have to be so hard.

I know first hand how it can start to take over when you think that it is a particular belief that is the root cause of X, Y or Z in your life.

Beliefs are simply thoughts that you keep thinking.

Your mind is designed to use beliefs as a shortcut to help you assign meaning to events and circumstances. That way you don’t have to figure everything out all the time.

Negative beliefs act as blockages in your life when you think in ways that contradict your ultimate desires or intentions.

Your beliefs form your reality and regardless of ‘facts’ or objective reality, it is your beliefs that determine what is true or not in your life.

Most of what we believe are handed down to us and learned subconsciously.

The difference between you and someone who already has what you want simply comes down to beliefs.

Your thoughts lead to your feelings and ultimately your vibrational setpoint.

This is what dictates what you manifest through the law of attraction.

To change a belief, you simply have to become aware of it. Once you are aware of it, you can start questioning your belief and as soon as you do that it loses its power over you.

2. Emotional Addictions

Emotions are addictive. Even negative and destructive emotions can be addictive simply because of the fact that your mind craves the familiar.

When you become so used to certain destructive emotions it becomes part of your comfort zone and because it feels familiar it feels ‘safe’.

If you frequently find yourself in long periods of destructive emotions like anger, of resentment or jealousy or even depression then you are simply participating in the addiction you have to that feeling of familiarity.

Your emotions are where its at when it comes to manifesting and attraction.

The way you think and feel dictates your vibration and as long as your negative emotions leave in lower vibrations you simply can not manifest what you truly desire.

Its often easier said than done, but ‘snapping out’ of negative emotions is crucial if you really want to remove blockages from your life.

I found that the best way to do this is to never try and fight fire with fire.

What I mean by that is to stop giving any energy or attention to a particular emotions. You can’t get rid of anger by trying to release anger.

What you really need to do is to make a complete shift.

Focus on joy and what makes you feel good. What makes you laugh?

Focus on something beautiful. Think of people you love and spend time with those who make you feel good.

Sleep. Do something nice for yourself.

Never allow yourself to indulge in negative emotions – especially when they feel good. That ‘good feeling’ when you indulge in vengeful or anger thoughts is your ego feeling satisfied.

3. Egotistical Desires

I want you to think on all those things you are trying to manifest or create in your life.

Do you really want them? Are they truly YOUR deepest desires?

We live in a society where most of what we are pursuing are nothing more than egotistical desires. We want things and stuff because of how it will make us look.

You want a certain house, a certain life partner and a certain family because (unconsciously) it is what you think will make you happy

You don’t really want what YOU want.

What I mean by that is that you may not be completely in touch with your own deepest desires and what will make you feel happy, fulfilled and joyous at the deepest level.

We see it over and over again how rich and famous people seem to have ‘everything’ and then they implode.

This is because they were pursuing what they thought they ‘should have’ to be happy, successful or abundant.

When you really connect with your higher self and find out what it is that you truly want and what you deepest desires are then you get on a path of least resistance.

Most of the blockages in your life is the result of you not being true to your highest self.

4. Being Dominated By Fear

Fear is a natural response in your brain and in your body that is designed to keep you safe from any and all perceived dangers.

While there are no more tigers and predators to run from, your limbic brain still has this reflexes.

The only difference now is that it responds to PERCEIVED dangers.

You may say that you want more money or to meet your soul mate but within those desires are a lot of perceived fears.

Its not only the subconscious fears of what you perceive will ‘endanger’ your current comfort zones when you do manifest it.

More than anything, there is an almost instant fearful reaction to ‘what if it never manifests’ ?

The perceived fear of everything that might or could happen if your desires do not manifest can really trip you up.

This fear acts as a huge wall that creates a block by instantly shifting your vibration away from what you want and on to what you DO NOT want.

5. A Toxic Past

There is a saying that history always repeats itself. The reason why this is so is because we tend to get stuck in thought patterns.

Not only does this create repeat behavior but more than anything it causes the law of attraction to keep bringing to us what we had before – even when it is something we don’t really want.

Your past can have a powerful grip on you.

Significant events in your past can have a powerful grip on you. Every time you think about a terrible event from your past your mind relives that event.

It is as if that event happens again in real time since your mind can not distinguish between real time experiences and memories.

It is like having a bottle of poison with you and every time you relive your past you take a sip of that poison.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool to remove blockages from your life. When you forgive, you make peace with your past.

It’s like neutralizing the poison so that it no longer affects your life in the present.

6. Being Ungrateful

Generally speaking, the idea of being ungrateful is seen as a bad character trait. This is not really what I am referring to here.

What I am referring to by being ungrateful is this idea that perpetuates our modern lives.

Wishing things are different than they are is at the core of almost all your problems.

It is about looking at your life and wishing that what is there is either not there or different than it is. It is this idea that these ‘things’ are the cause of your mystery, suffering or unhappiness.

Any time you think of or look at something in your life and wish for it to be different than it is, you erect a barrier to allow something better into your life.

This can be a hard concept to understand but if you consider the fact that the law of attraction does not respond to your words but to your energy than you can start to glimpse the real truth of this fact.

This does not mean that you do not want something better or something different.

It simply means that you do not wish away your life as it is right now. The powerful Sedona Method teaches this in such a profound way.

By accepting what IS and even being grateful for you – even for those things you despise you can actually move past it..

What you resist persists and that is one of the main reasons why the law of attraction is not working for so many people.

While they think they want something different, in reality they are being blinded by what they don’t have and what;s missing from their lives.

Learning how to remove blockages from your life is about learning to stay focussed on what you DO want and by wishing things to be different than they are you are focusing on what you do not want.

On a deeper, more spiritual level, you start to realize that everything simply IS. What it means is nothing more than the way you choose to think and feel about it.

When you change the way you think and feel about anything, it changes almost immediately.

The added benefit in doing that is that you now signal the law of attraction to bring to you what matches up with your new vibration and that is how you get what you REALLY want.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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