Activating Law of Attraction When You Think About Someone

law of attraction when you think about someone

You activate the law of attraction when you think about someone. Just like any other thought, your thoughts about someone has an energy that will invariably attract back into your life that which is on the same frequency.

This does not mean that thinking about someone attracts them into your life.

People are not innate stuff like money, cars, houses or any of the other thousands of things people try to manifest every day.

Other people have their own free will and they have their own power to create in their own lives.

There is however a powerful connection between people and we are only just beginning to understand the mental connection we all have to one another.

Telepathy And Our Invisible Connection To Each Other

The idea of communicating with other people through your thoughts alone is an idea that many consider pure fiction.

This esoteric idea has long been known amongst spiritual teachers and there has been numerous experiments in recent years to try and establish a more scientific proof for this idea.

Can human beings communicate with each other through thought alone?

At a spiritual level we are all connected.

Not only are we connected but we are in reality all one. The same life force that beats your heart, beats mine.

We come from the same source and we are sustained by the same Source.

It is not that far-fetched to then start thinking that if we are all connected through this invisible all-powerful force we call life then can this connection be ‘felt’ or even interpreted as a means of communication?

That is exactly what a team of reachers aimed to prove in a 2014 study.

A team from Harvard Medical School was able to establish a clear communication between two human beings who used nothing but thought to ‘talk to’ each other – even though they were on opposite sides of the world and not connected in any way.

The connection between certain people can be incredibly strong.

We often say that two people are ‘on the same vibe’ when they are really connected. It seems like they think alike and sometimes they even complete each other’s sentences.

This most certainly is not a coincidence and even though we can’t see the connection, it most certainly exists.

Activating The Law Of Attraction When You Think About Someone

The actual mechanics of the law of attraction still remain a mystery to us. Much like the exact mechanics behind gravity, the changing seasons and even that which we call energy.

A thought is something.

It can’t be nothing. For the lack of a better definition we can call a thought some ‘thing’ that has energy. The idea that ‘thoughts are things’ is really significant. And it is scientifically true.

We can measure a thought.

If a thought activates ‘some thing’ then we can become really conscious of the power of our own thoughts.

When you have a connection with another person then there is also an invisible link between the two of you.

People who are very intimately connected have a very strong energetic connection. They can ‘feel’ each other and have great compassion and understanding for each other’s emotions.

Twins can often know what the other is thinking.

When you think about someone that you have a connection with then your thoughts activates some invisible link between the two of you.

When you think an emotionally fuelled thought about someone else the law of attraction is also involved.

The law of attraction is involved in the sense that your thought emits a frequency. When that frequency is in harmony with the person you are thinking about then there is a reciprocal exchange of energy.

This is why you will often get a call, run into that person or even just stumble upon an old photograph of them.

The principles of the law of attraction holds true: whatever you focus on will be attracted into your life. If your focus is on someone then you will inevitably attract them in some shape or form.

A Simple Thought-Link Experiment

Understanding the law of attraction when you think about someone can be done with a really fun and simple exercise.

You can manifest someone to call you, text you or even show up at your front door by simply using your mind and the law of attraction.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve all had instances where we would just think about someone and then they would call, text or email.

While those were random events that you did not deliberately intend, the law of attraction still worked in a very powerful way.

With this experiment you need to pick someone who you have a very loving and happy relationship with – someone with whom you are on the same ‘wavelength’.

I want you to deliberately intend to get contacted by them in the next 24 hours.

There are a few rules to this experiment…

  1. Write it down. I intend to be contact by [NAME] in the next 24 hours
  2. Bring this person into clear focus in your mind. Hold them in your thoughts for at least 2 minutes (uninterrupted).
  3. If you have a photo of them, look at it – preferably a photo of the two of you together.
  4. Think of a really happy memory between the two of you. Replay that memory in your head as often as you can in the next 24 hours.
  5. Don’t tell them about it – and don’t tell anyone else about it. When you do, you involve the ego and your energy shifts.
  6. Don’t wait by the phone or check your messages every 2 minutes. Let go completely and forget about being contacted by them as much as you can.
  7. Be completely open and receptive to any and all ways of contacting you.

You will inevitably attract this person into your life in some way. Most often you will manifest them in a way that you would not possibly have imagined.

It is important that you don’t get attached to being contacted by them in a specific way. That creates resistance.

Once you manifest them you will experience first hand how you have the power to use the law of attraction when you think about someone.

But what if nothing happened in that 24 hour period? What if this person does not show up in some way?

Using The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Someone

This powerful connection exists between all people. We find it much easier with those we are close to simply because there is an established connection but telepathy is real and I am certain that we will develop this skill as human beings in the next 20 years.

You do not need to become fully adept to telepathy to use this power though.

Human relationships can be incredibly complicated because of the emotions involved.

As someone who is very shy and also an empath it can be hard to talk intimately with others. By using the law of attraction I’ve been able to attract certain people THE EASY WAY.

On a very broad level, you can manifest all the people you will need if you want to accomplish a certain goal.

If you have a problem you can’t solve, you can manifest someone who can help you solve it.

With the law of attraction you are never at a loss. You always have a (divinely) helping hand available to you.

Know that you activate the law of attraction when you think about someone. Your thoughts about them ‘transmit’ and energy.

We are all connected through the force we call Life. When you have a relationship with someone then there is an especially strong connection.

When you focus your energy and your attention on a person the law of attraction responds very similar to when you focus your energy and attention on some ‘thing’ you want to manifest.

While you can not create in another person’s reality, your thoughts about someone can and must create a response from the universe.

Thinking Good or Bad Thoughts About Someone

The most powerful thoughts you can have about someone else are thoughts of love, joy and appreciation for them.

When you think about someone else and those thoughts are filled with love and joy and you have a deep sense of gratitude for that person’s presence in your life then the law of attraction responds in much the same way.

It is not your thoughts but the vibration your thoughts put you on that you manifest.

Having these loving, joyous and grateful thoughts attracts people, things and events that match that vibration.

This could, and it often does, involve the person you hold in those high vibration thoughts but it goes well beyond that.

No matter what you want to manifest, your intentions and desires will manifest when your dominant thoughts are at these higher frequencies.

This is an extremely powerful strategy.

No matter what you want to manifest, thinking about someone you really love – feeling that love, the joy you have/had together and a deep sense of gratitude for them opens you up to manifestation.

When you struggle with maintaining your focus, shifting your energy or if you just start feeling down about your manifestations not happening use this strategy.

Focus your attention fully and completely on someone you love.

When your vibration is at these higher frequencies you manifest.

Conversely, when you think ill about someone. When you immerse your thoughts in how much you dislike or hate someone then the opposite happens.

I now guard my mind vigorously against any and all ill thoughts about others. These thoughts do nothing to them but everything to you.

They are your thoughts and when they become dominant thoughts they too will manifest what is ‘like’ them.

Stand guard at your own mind. Think only good and kind things towards yourself every time.



In the end it’s all about your own thoughts because that is what ends up manifesting.


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