The 9 Physical Symptoms Of Raising Your Vibration

physical symptoms of raising your vibration

The most obvious physical symptoms of raising your vibration is that you look and feel more joyful, you start manifesting more of what is ‘good’ and you start experiencing less stress, ‘bad luck’ or even accidents.

A negative vibration can only attract more of what is in harmony with that negativity.

The same is true for attracting more positive energy.

When you raise your vibration you do so much more than feeling better. You start to create a whole different life.

Making a deliberate effort to raise your vibration is not always easy when you feel stuck in a negative vibe. Taking small steps however can quickly lift you and within a short period of time you can attract more and more positive energy.

Everything is energy and energy is everything.

Always keep this in mind as you think about and contemplate your own vibration.

Understanding Vibration And Raising Your Vibration

In very basic terms, your vibration is the way you feel. This is not so much about feeling elevated emotions like when you are particularly happy, sad or angry.

Your vibration refers more to your dominant emotional state.

To look at your vibration as just the way you feel in general is a very superficial way of looking at vibration as there’s much more to it.

Why is it important to understand vibration?

Because vibration is everything. The law of vibration is the primary law and the law of attraction works within this law.

Your vibration is a complex ‘soup’ of your mental, emotional and physical state. They all tend to feed into each other toi create your vibration at any given point in time.

It is your vibration that emits an energy that ultimately dictates what you attract back into your life.

The challenge we face as human beings is that most of us can not see our vibrations. We can not see this energy field that surrounds us.

Some people can and there’s been many attempts to capture this energy field and Kirlian photography in the 1930’s clearly illustrated this fact.

Our thoughts lead to our feelings and the combination of thought and feeling will mostly make up your vibrational state.

Much of the law of attraction teachings focus on thought but in reality it is what the thoughts lead to that is important.

You can think about making a lot of money all day long but if those thoughts lead to feelings of fear, lack, scarcity and worry then you will attract what matches those emotions.

While most of us can’t see our own vibrations we certainly see the physical symptoms of raising your vibration.

Like the wind you can not see the wind but you can see its effects. You can feel it on your skin, see the trees moving and the leaves blowing because of the wound.

So, what are the physical symptoms of raising your vibration? How can we become more aware of where we are vibrationally?

By paying attention to the ‘effects’ or the symptoms of your vibration you can more accurately gauge where you are vibrationally.

The 9 Physical Symptoms Of Raising Your Vibration

The easiest way to judge your own vibration is to look at the symptoms. While you can not always see your vibration you can see its effects – the symptoms.

Your vibration doesn’t always have an instant manifestation in physical form.

There is a lag time between the energy that you put out and the energy that you attract back. When you catch a virus, there is an incubation time before you start seeing any symptoms.

Keep this in mind when you start looking for symptoms and ALWAYS judge your vibration on how you feel at any given point in time.

Here are the 9 physical symptoms of raising your vibration which can help you access your own vibration and help you see and understand the effects of your effort to raise your vibration.

1. You Start Attracting More of What You Really Want

One of the physical symptoms of raising your vibration is that you will start manifesting more of what you intend to manifest.

This does not mean that your Fetrrari will be waiting in your driveway tomorrow morning.

What it does mean is that you will start manifesting more ‘small things’ that are aligned with your higher intentions.

Looking at what is manifesting in your life is usually the best way to judge what your dominant vibration is.

2. You Start Attracting People Who Are Aligned With Your Intentions

The universe uses people more than anything else to align and manifest our desires. One of the physical symptoms of raising your vibration can be seen in the people you manifest in your life.

When people with low vibrations leave your life for whatever reason it is usually a sign that your vibration was raised and they no longer match it.

Start paying attention to the people who are coming into your life and pay particular attention to their vibration.

You will only attract (or repel) people who are in alignment with your vibration.

3. You Start Have Less Stress

When you are always rushing, always worried and fearful then you will be in stress. Placing your body and your mind under stress causes you to go into survival mode.

When you are in survival you can not flourish because the goal of survival is just to keep you safe.

When you raise your vibration you lift yourself out of stress. Your mind and your body snaps out of that fearful mode and you start feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Stress is a very low vibration because it contracts.

4. You Start Having More Physical And Emotional Energy

When you are in a high vibration you have boundless energy. When you feel that spring in your step and you feel a lust for life everything starts to look different.

One of the physical symptoms of raising your vibration is that you start feeling more energetic – both physically and emotionally.

When you are in a low vibration you feel depleted, drained and constantly reaching for something to get you through the day.

5. You Feel Happier And More Joyful

One of the most obvious symptoms of raising your vibration is that you have more joy and happiness in your life.

Joy is the first and most obvious sign of a high vibration.

Pleasure comes from doing things that you think will make you happy or that gives artificial happiness for short periods of time.

Joy comes from within. It is when you are connected with your true nature which is always joyful.

You can not feel joy if you are in a low vibration.

6. Your Body Language And Posture Changes

If you think about a depressed person, what does their body language and posture look like?

Slumped, contracted, slow and laboured.

Someone who is in a high vibration looks very different. They move with purpose. The are upright, energetic and you can almost sense their presence because their energy and their vibration is so high.

7. You Look More Vibrant And Radiant

When someone is in a very high vibration you can almost see it. You can certainly sense it and feel it.

Being in their presence feels good.

When people comment how great you look for no real reason it is not because of those new earrings. Your raised vibration will become evident in your ‘being’ and others will definitely notice this.

You will also be able to feel this. You feel on top of the world – happy for no real reason and ready to take on the world.

8. The Words You Use And Conversations You Have

One of the least obvious physical symptoms of raising your vibration is in how your words and your conversations change.

Most people habitually use words that lower their vibration.

Most people habitually participate in conversations and gossip that lowers their vibration.

When you raise your vibration youn become much more aware of what you think and say. Negative conversations start to put you off and you feel like you can no longer be a part of it.

9. The Content Of Your Dreams Change

While this is not the most common physical symptom of raising your vibration, it is a very powerful one.

When you are stressed out, fearful, angry or even depressed about current life events or your current circumstances it tends to get amplified at bed time.

Your fears and worries often start to surface when you finally quiet your mind. This often leads to restless nights, poor qual;ity of sleep and even insomnia.

When you raise your vibration – especially before bedtime you will see (and feel) a noticeable difference in your sleep and the content of your dreams.

Your dreams will be more aligned with positive, empowering and beautiful things when you raise your vibration.

13 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Now that you know the physical symptoms of raising your vibration, the obvious question is ‘how?’. If your symptoms do not reflect a high vibration how can you change it?

Raising your vibration is not nearly as complicated as most people think.

It is as simple as changing your mental focus. Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. When you change your focus, you shift your thinking and consequently the way you feel and your vibration changes.

You NEVER have to be stuck in a low vibration. By reaching for a better thought you can instantly start moving yourself to a higher vibration.

Here are 13 quick and easy ways to raise your vibration:

  • Be Gratefulgratitude instantly shifts you from what is lacking or missing to what you already have. Grab a pen and paper and write down 5 things you are grateful for. This instantly raises your vibration.
  • Meditate – meditation quotes the mind and removes all the ‘chatter’ that is often cantered around negative and disempowering ideas. When you quiet your mind and go within you reconnect with your higher self. When you experience inner peace your vibration lifts.
  • Spend Time In Nature – when you spend time in nature you connect with the source of all life. When you are in nature you can unplug from the manmade world and all the troubles that tend to drag you down vibrationally.
  • Random Acts Of Kindness – do something kind for someone else without expecting anything in return. Giving your time, money or energy instantly raises your vibration because it is in our nature to give and share.
  • Move Your Body – Physical movement and exercise is the fastest way to snap out of a low vibrational state. Exercise stimulates endorphins that ‘forces’ you to feel better. Dance, walk, do some sport.
  • Sleep – most people love sleep yet they rarely get enough. If you are in a low vibrational state, do get some sleep – and get enough. You will wake up refreshed with a new perspective.
  • Read Something Positive and Empowering – Reading something inspiring or empowering instantly lifts your mood and raises your vibration.
  • Switch off To Violence – The amount of violence on TV that has become normal is shocking. Most people have no idea how impactful this is on a vibrational level. Switch off from that.
  • Switch off To Social Media – social media has become an addiction for many and it is nothing more than a distraction. It also has the tendency to draw us into the false lives of everyone else’s false lives. Constantly comparing yourself to others almost always drags you down vibrationally.
  • Set a New Goal/Intention – when you set yourself a goal – even if it’s a small one it instantly injects you with some fresh energy which raises your vibration.
  • Spend time with someone positive – happy, positive and joyful people have the power to rub off on us. Spending time with someone like that can instantly raise your vibration.
  • Laugh – laughter is so powerful. It is a physical act that can instantly change your mood and relieve stress and worries and snap you out of a negative state.
  • Detox Your Diet – what you eat has a profound influence on how you feel. If you feel lethargic because of a poor diet then you will be in a low vibration.


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