How to Manifest Someone to Talk to You

Learning how to manifest someone to talk to you is all about having a light-hearted ‘experimental’ approach. This is a small thing you can easily manifest through your intention, visualization and mental rehearsal.

We all fear rejection.

It is the number one reason most people miss out on relationships. The fear of approaching people we are attracted to or that we want to meet keeps most of us from really experiencing great relationships.

If you are too shy or have too much fear of rejection then you can simply use the law of attraction to manifest someone to come and talk to you. Let them put their own fear of rejection on the line 😉

Testing The Law Of Attraction

There are many fun ways to test the law of attraction and manifesting someone to talk to you is but one of many. I’ve written about a few others before and I would suggest you try some of these.

The reason why these ‘small things’ are so good to manifest is that it builds your belief and creates a sense of confidence in your own ability to manifest anything.

To manifest someone to talk to you is a ‘small thing’ and should be easy to manifest.

Something qualifies as a ‘small thing’ if it is something that you feel indifferent about. When you get all hung up on it, when you become attached to it and when you get too emotionally involved it is no longer a ‘small thing’.

Your emotions affect your ability to attract and manifest what you desire.

The more you can keep your emotions out of it the easier it is to manifest anything. The ‘big things’ like money, careers, relationships and even health usually come with a lot of emotional baggage.

That is why most people have trouble manifesting these things.

Manifesting something small is all about deliberately creation something through your intention. When you experience doing this it not only shifts your perception but the actual experience shows you that you CAN.

5 Steps To Manifest Someone To Talk To You

To manifest someone to talk to you I want you to approach it as an experiment. If you want someone specific to talk to you and you are completely hung up about this person then it may not be that easy.

Unless you can be completely indifferent about this person talking to you or not then your emotional attachment may make it much harder for you.

Here are 5 steps to manifest someone to talk to you

1. Pick a Specific Person You Want To Talk To You

This almost goes without sayong but you need to fix your attention on a specific person that you want to talk to you.

This can be a complete stranger or someone you know very well but have never had the courage to approach or talk to yourself.

You need to have a clear picture of this person. You need to know what they look like, what they sound like and who they are.

My guess is that you already have someone in mind. If it is someone that you REALLY like then it may not be the best person to start with using this method.

Pick someone that you are completely indifferent to and someone who it does not really matter whether they talk to you or not.

Once you get some ‘evidence’ that this work you will be able to use it at will and get anyone to talk to you, call you or even text you by using your intention and the law of attraction.

2. Create an Intention

Creating an intention is the most powerful step in using the law of attraction to deliberately manifest something.

An intention is about creating clarity and deciding that you are creating it in your life; that you are making your idea a reality.

Creating an intention is about building an image in your mind. Can you SEE it in your mind’s eye? Can you see this person talking to you?

Start building an image. Be as specific as you can possibly be. Think of a familiar setting and see this person coming over to say ‘hi’.

3. Install The Image

Once you have built the image of manifesting someone to talk to you then you have done the difficult part of manifesting.

When you recall this image or the visualization of this person talking to you, does it feel good?

You need to be able to see it in your mind and feel good about it. Rehearsing this ‘movie’ in your mind over and over again installs the image and compels the law of attraction to make it happen.

See it and feel it.

4. Proximity And Action

Never get caught up in the detail. Never worry about how it could happen, how you can make it happen or what the ideal circumstances will be.

Your ONLY job is to focus all your energy and attention on the end result – on you actually having an amazing conversation with this person.

The details, the circumstances and the events that will lead to this end result is NOT up to you. The universe will arrange it for you.

You need to be open to inspired action though. When things come along your path and you feel inspired to do it, do not hesitate.

If a friend comes along and invites you for a skydive and it feels ‘right’ then do it. That person who you want to talk to you might just be the one sitting next to you on the plane.

Having some proximity to this person is important.

You can not manifest someone talking to you if there is no way for you to be able to do it.

5. Take It Easy

Once you’ve created an intention and you know exactly what you want and who you want to manifest to talk to you then you simply need to focus your attention on the END result.

Close your eyes and see yourself engaged in a happy and joyful conversation with this person.

Once you’ve formed this clear picture in your mind you can step back.

Let go.

Do not get overly attached to it happening. Do not try and make it happen. Don’t get nervous or anxious about whether it will or won’t happen.

Go about your daily life and focus on your own energy. Focus on being happy, loving, kind and filled with joy.

When you are living in a high vibration and you completely surrender to allow the universe to arrange the details then what you want to manifest will come so fast your head will spin.

Attraction and Energy

I wanted to add a bit more about energy as it is such an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to relationships and interaction between people.

We all have a physical body.

This is what we can all see and touch.

Beyond your physical body is an energy field that extends up to 10 meters around you. This is not visible to most people but everyone perceives and reacts to each other’s energy fields.

When you have a good energy, people are naturally drawn to you.

If you want to be an attractive person all you really have to work on its your own energy.

You simply can not be angry, sad, depressed or hateful and expect people to find you attractive. It is impossible and regardless of how you look people will be repelled by your energy.

When you are full of love, joy, compassion, gratitude and inner peace then your energy will naturally attract people to you and into your energy field.

When you have an energy like that, getting to manifest someone to talk to you will be a breeze.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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