The 13 Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

signs of negative energy in a person

The most common signs of negative energy in a person is reflected by what they consistently attract and manifest in their lives. Bad luck, accidents and everyday misfortunes usually follow people with negative energy.

They are also very critical, quick to anger and rarely display much joy.

James Allen so accurately remarked that our circumstances do not make us but that they reveal us.

The circumstances of your life do not create your state of mind but your state of mind creates your circumstances.

It is the exact opposite of how most people view life.

By looking closely at someone’s life; their circumstances, what they have and what they fail to get we can get a sense of what goes on in their inner world.

Modern metaphysics is giving us even more insight into how our mind and emotions affect our physical reality and conditions in life.

Since we are energetic beings, our vibrational state not only dictates how we think and feel but ultimately what we create and manifest in our lives.

What is Negative Energy In a Person and How Does It Affect Their Life

We are energetic beings and at a molecular and sub atomic level we are pure energy. Your physical body may appear solid but it is really just a mass of molecules at a very high rate of vibration.

This vibration is referred to as your energy and the quality of your energy is determined by the frequency of your vibration.

Beyond your physical body there is even more energy and we all have an energy body (or aura) that surrounds us.

This aura is like a force field that surrounds us and those with more sensitive spiritual perception can sense this or even see it.

Negative energy is a low vibration energy.

Negative energy can affect us in many different ways. Some of the most common ways it affects us are:

  • Emotionally – anger, frustration, sadness, depression
  • Mentally – fatigue, lack of concentration
  • Physically – drained, lacklustre and low energy
  • Spiritually – feel disconnected, lost and ‘alone’

When we look at the law of attraction and more specifically the law of vibration we can easily see why negative energy can drag us down so easily.

Negative energy has a low vibration. The law of vibration dictates that you will only attract and manifest in your life that which you are in vibrational harmony with.

In other words, if you are living in a negative vibration you can only attract more negative energy to you.

This is the law.

One distinction to make however is that we all experience negative thoughts and emotions and we all have negative energy at times.

The real question is what your dominant thoughts and emotions are because that will determine your dominant energy.

It is a self perpetuating cycle where your negative energy will attract and manifest more negative energy into your life.

If you want to deliberately create your life and manifest your best life you need to become acutely aware of energy in yourself and in others.

Spending significant amounts of time in places with negative energy or around people with negative energy will affect you.

Here are the 13 most prominent signs of negative energy in a person to help you identify people who are dominated by negative energy and who could drag you down vibrationally.

The 13 Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

Negative energy in a person can reveal itself in many subtle and not so subtle ways. Sometimes it is so obvious you can feel it and in some people you will hardly notice it unless you get to know them very well.

For the most part, the signs of negative energy in a person will be more evident to the people around them than it would be for themselves.

We tend to be blinded to our own faults.

The ability to see and identify negative energy in other people can be a very empowering skill. It can help you to avoid low energy people who can suck the life out of you.

It can also turn you into a great friend. Helping friends and family to shift their energy can help them make measurable changes in their lives.

Not all of these signs of negative energy in a person will be evident at once. Some display various levels of negative energy at various times.

No person is free from negative energy.

We all fall prey to this all the time.

The difference between people who live at high vibrations and positive energy are simply those who do not indulge in negative thinking.

1. They Are Quick To Anger

Anger is one of the easiest outlets for negative energy in a person. When someone is quick to anger or worse – they are always angry, then they are likely rowinging in negative energy.

Anger often gets triggered by certain events and those who are quick to anger likely have a lot of emotional baggage that causes their negative energy in the first place.

Anger can also become habitual. Some people get angry so often that it has just become who they are.

Anger is not just a symptom of negative energy, it actually causes more negative energy.

When someone is angry we can feel it and sense it and we have the urge to avoid them because we can sense that negative energy within them.

2. They Don’t Laugh Much

Negative energy in a person causes them to contract; to shut down and to close off. Someone who is joyful radiates that joy.

It is almost as if their joy spreads through the air and we can sense it and almost everyone likes to bask in the joy of another.

Negative energy suppresses joy. One of the telltale signs of negative energy in a person is that they rarely laugh.

They come across as ‘grumpy’ and because there is no joy within it rarely gets expressed without through laughter.

3. They Are Always Critical of Everything

At any given moment of your life you get to choose what you see and what you pay attention to. People with negative energy see the world through the lens of their own negativity.

They tend to be very critical of everything – rarely seeing the brighter side of even the best situations.

They are always looking for what is wrong or what will go wrong. They are pessimistic and find fault with everyone and everything.

What we see and experience in our outside world is always an accurate reflection of what we see and experience in our inner world.

4. They Are Always Complaining

Chronic complainers can never be satisfied no matter how hard you try. Most of their complaints have no real foundation in reality but are only a reflection of their negative energy.

Complaining stems from a lack of gratitude. When you are dissatisfied complaining makes you feel better at some level.

People who are always complaining are doing so because they are filled with negative energy and are seeking a way to feel better about something.

5. Bad Luck and Misfortune Follows Them

What you attract and manifest in your life will always be a reflection of your vibrational state.

We live in a perfect universe and there are no randomness and no accidents. What you attract into your life be it an accident or a misfortune, at some level you attracted it.

We tend to feel sorry for people with bad luck and misfortune because the common belief is that some random Force is somehow bestowing this misfortune upon them.

That is not the case.

If you are filled with negative energy you can only attract more negative energy into your life.

6. They Are Clumsy and Accident Prone

In a similar vein but maybe not that serious, one of the signs of negative energy in a person is that they are accident prone.

Isn’t it true that some people always have accidents? They are always the one with whom things go wrong.

They are not cursed and they are not punished by God. It is their negative energy that attracts these accidents into their life.

7. They Get Sick a Lot

You are an energetic being. You are made up of energy. Prolonged periods of negative thinking must translate into the health of your body.

Negative energy is not conducive to health and well being.

One of the signs of negative energy in a person is that they are always sick. I’m not talking about major illness but they seem to always have something that makes them feel sick.

8. They Drag You Down With Every Encounter

We all know people who just can’t wait to offload their problems on to you at every occasion.

These people are often referred to as ‘energy vampires’ because they suck all the positive energy prom you with all their negativity.

Gossip. Complaining. Criticising others.

These people don’t really want your company. What they really want is an outlet to release their own negative energy.

9. Their Life Is Full of Clutter

Our living spaces reveal interesting things about our minds and our emotional state. People who have a lot of physical clutter usually have a lot of mental and emotional clutter.

Clutter is often the result of holding on to the past. For many it is holding onto negative bagage from the past.

From this point of view, clutter can be a sign of negative energy in a person.

10. You Can Sense Their Low Vibration

If you are a bit more sensitive to human energy you can most certainly sense negative energy in a person.

It is because you can sense their energy field – their aura.

When someone enters your personal space – your energy field (which is about 10 meters around you), you can sense it.

When someone ‘gives you the creeps’ or if you feel the urge to get away from someone for no real reason then it is because you sensed their negative energy.

11. Their Life Is Full of Bad Relationships

Relationship is the way you relate to other people. It is a reflection of your own relationship with yourself.

Negative energy within yourself will always be reflected in how you relate to others and that is why one of the signs of negative energy in a person is that they have bad relationships throughout their lives.

People with a lot of negative energy tend to have bad relationships with friends, family and even coworkers.

12. Kids and Animals Naturally Avoid Them

Children and animals are a lot less ‘trained’ in polite human behaviour. They are still very much in touch with their intuitive faculties.

They can sense the energy in a person much more accurately than most adults can.

Some babies will start screaming uncontrollably when one person picks them up and then calms right down when someone else takes them.

Some animals (even wild animals) will comfortably approach some people while they will run away or even become defense towards others.

These are some very obvious signs of negative energy in a person because animals and small children are very sensitive to energy.

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