How To Powerfully Manifest A Phone Call or Text Message

how to powerfully manifest a phone call

Learning how to powerfully manifest a phone call relies on using the basic principles of the law of attraction. Creating an intention, experiencing the end result and letting go are the 3 simple steps that always work.

Most of us have had the experience where you think about someone and all of a sudden the phone rings – its them!

Is this just pure coincidence ?

This phenomena has (and is) happening to far too many people on a consistent basis for it to be random events.

From a metaphysical point of view we understand that our thoughts are very powerful and emit an energy that transcends all time and space.

The ability to communicate telepathically is not the stuff of fairy tales and people like Edgar Cayce documented more than 8000 ‘readings’ that was done with what he called the power of his subconscious mind to pick up and transmit energy from other people (remotely).

To powerfully manifest a phone call or text message you don’t have to become a clairvoyant.

Your thoughts transmit an energy and if you create a clear intention the law of attraction will respond. What you think and feel always gets reflected back into your life through the law of attraction.

Testing The Law of Attraction With a Phone Call or Text Message

If you are only now being introduced to the law of attraction it may come as a bit of a revelation. There may also still be some lingering doubt whether the law of attraction is ‘real’.

If you’ve been trying to manifest something for some time without any results then you are probably doubting the law of attraction.

One great way to overcome these doubts and uncertainties is to ‘test’ the law of attraction for yourself.

It’s nice to hear about other people’s successes and how they are able to manifest the most incredible things and experiences, but until and unless you have ‘conscious contact’ and get to experience it first hand you do not KNOW it.

A great way to test the law of attraction is to powerfully manifest a phone call.

The reason why this is such a great ‘test’ is because it is something small and something that is deliberate and measurable.

The universe works through many avenues but it mostly works through other people.

Manifesting a phone call or a text message from someone is a powerful way to use your power of intention to deliberately create something using only the power of your mind and your thoughts.

When you are able to to powerfully manifest a phone call or text message you can see for yourself and experience first hand how you are able to manifest something.

Although it is something small and something seemingly insignificant it starts to wipe away your doubts.

Most people make one big mistake with the law of attraction.

As soon as they learn about it they set the intention to manifest a million dollars, a dream yacht or being married to Brad Pitt.

The fact that these intentions are so ‘big’ and unbelievable means it is covered in resistance and the mere thought of it does not act as inspiration but rather a reminder of how they don;t have it (and probably never will).

Manifesting is like building a muscle. Start small and easy and work your way up to bigger and better things.

Once you do this you will be able to manage your resistance much easier and become more conscious of what you believe is possible or not.

Realize that your beliefs themselves are powerful thoughts – often much more powerful than your conscious thoughts or your conscious intentions.

Powerfully Manifesting Something Small

I want to elaborate a bit more on this idea of what is ‘small and easy’ and that which is ‘big and difficult’ to manifest.

When you powerfully manifest something you do it from a place of strength – not a place of fear.

Trying to manifest something ‘big and unbelievable’’is rooted in fear – you give your power over to the fear of not having it and the doubts of whether the universe can actually deliver that to you.

The idea behind this ‘test’ to powerfully manifest a phone call or text message is claim your power to deliberately manifest an intention.

To the universe there is no difference between manifesting a phone call or manifesting a million dollars.

The difference is in what YOU attach to these things and what you attach to it is often nothing more than an emotional resistance.

When you are indifferent to something manifesting you open the doors. When you are emotionally attached to it showing up you shut the doors (and the windows).

Keep this at the forefront of your mind when you set your intention to manifest a phone call or text message.

Make sure it is not a ‘big deal’ – make sure there is no emotional attachment to the phone call or text message you want to attract.

When you set an intention like ‘I want to manifest a phone call in the next 5 minutes’ or if you want to manifest a text message from someone who does not even have your phone number then it most likely won’t ‘work’.

The reason why this won’t work is not because the law of attraction does not work.

It won’t work because your knowledge of these facts act as resistance.

You know at some level that it is unlikely that someone will text or call you in the next 5 minutes or that the person does not even know you.

The real power of this test is that you pick something that is:

  • Small – it is small, and does not feel like a difficult or impossible thing to manifest
  • Easy – there are many avenues from the universe to manifest this. It’s an easy everyday thing
  • You Feel Indifferent About – when you do not care whether it shows up or not then you offer no resistance and it can come to you easily

3 Steps To Powerfully Manifest A Phone Call or Text Message

There are 3 simple steps that work like clockwork if you want to manifest something small. We will use these steps in how to powerfully manifest a phone call or text message.

Please keep in mind everything that I already mentioned – especially the idea behind being indifferent to the outcome as that releases all the resistance.

Know that you have done this before. You have had the intention to receive a phone call or text message before and saw it manifest.

You may not have done it consciously but you have done it before and that alone should give you the confidence that you can do it…only this time you will do it consciously and deliberately.

Step #1: Create The Intention

An intention is creating a very clear idea of exactly what you want to manifest and to commit to the outcome.

This is the real ‘creative’ step because by building the image of exactly what outcome you have you ‘imprint’ your desire and give the law of attraction clear instructions on what you want to attract.

Pick the person you want to receive the phone call or text message from.

See yourself getting the message or the call. See it come up on your phone and create the image.

Get your journal out or find a piece of paper and write down your intention:

“I am so happy and grateful now that I manifested the phone call from {person’s name}”

Write this somewhere where you can look at it often.

Step #2: Create The Experience

Now that you created the intention to powerfully manifest a phone call or text message using the law of attraction you have completed the most important step.

The next important step is for you to create the outcome before it actually occurs in your reality.

This is strange concept for many to grasp but once you get the hang of it you will start to understand the real power of the law of attraction.

You do not attract what you want. Your thoughts and desires only gnite your manifestation.

Once you can use your imagination to see and experience the outcome you create the energy that ultimately gets reflected back into your life.

Imagine yourself getting that phone call. Imagine yourself talking to that person and how it feels knowing that you manifested this phone call or text message.

That feeling of joy – the feeling of amazement and empowerment is the real energy that causes the attraction.

Spend 5 minutes really immersing yourself into this ideal outcome. See it, feel it and experience it as vividly as you possibly can in your mind.

Step #3: Let Go

This is where most people get tripped up. After having the intention they start staring at their phone – waiting for that call or text message.

Now you need to let go and allow it to happen.

Trying to make it happen or putting all your energy and attention on the when, where and the how it may happen does nothing but create resistance.

Once you let go and ‘forget about it’ by just getting on with your normal life it releases the resistance and allows it to come to you.


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