How To Manifest Getting Over Someone

how to manifest getting over someone

Learning how to manifest getting over someone is all about creating a clear intention for what you want, being grateful for what was, and allowing your future to pull you forward.

There are a lot of mental and emotional techniques to help you get over someone and move on.

Missing a relationship is largely a mental and emotional problem. The mind can form very strong connections between the emotions it feels (love and connection) and the stimulus (the person you are in love with) for those emotions.

I want to give you a different perspective to just using mind technique to redirect your focus and help you get over someone.

I want to show you how you can use some of the principles of the law of attraction and the process of manifestation to manifest getting over a specific person or a specific relationship.

Most of it revolves around shifting your focus and redirecting your energy and your attention.

Profound Lessons In Relationships

Relationships can be complex and even perplexing for many. A beautiful relationship can make even the most mundane experiences truly memorable and fantastic.

A bad relationship can turn even the best experiences sour.

Understanding the true nature and purpose of relationships is important – especially when you are at a point in your life where you may feel sad, depressed or even jaded about relationships.

There is one really important aspect about relationships you need to understand if you want to manifest getting over someone.

You don’t really fall in love with a specific person.

You fall in love with the way you feel when you are with that person.

It is true that every person has their own energy and this energy is often what draws you to them. Ultimately though it is all about how you ALLOW yourself to feel when you are with that person.

  • Relationships are there to teach you something about yourself
  • Relationships is a way for you to experience yourself through someone else
  • Most relationships in your life are with soulmates
  • You don’t have just one soulmate but many
  • The struggles in a relationship are often the very purpose of that relationship
  • When a relationship served its purpose it will end
  • When you get over someone you create ‘space’ in your life for someone new to be attracted.
  • You will never find ‘true love’ until you learn to love yourself
  • The idea of meeting ‘the one’ and living happily together until you are 83 is a fictional invention

Thinking that you can only experience love with one specific person is simply not true. You experience love through your Self and all the feelings of love come from within YOU.

The other person is merely a catalyst.

This does not discredit people’s uniqueness or their unique energy but it starts to give you some perspective on the fact that you can move on and move forward with your life.

6 Steps To Manifest Getting Over Someone

Manifesting getting over someone follows much of the same process as manifesting everything else you may want using the law of attraction.

Creating an intention and controlling and directing your focus on what you DO want to the exclusion of everything you don’t want is the basic premise of the process.

Relationships tend to form strong emotional connections which is why this can be a tough thing for many to deal with.

Below I’ve outlined 6 steps to help with your own personal process…

1. Know What You REALLY Want

You don’t really want to ‘get over someone’. At times you may feel like you just want to erase the memories that are haunting you.

Ultimately you don’t want to manifest getting over someone. What you really want is to feel happy. You want to feel loved and you want to experience joy.

NONE of these things are attached to any person.

The problem is that when we are in a relationship we often attach those emotions to the person we are in a relationship with.

When you really think about it you will realize that every feeling you feel and every emotional experience of love and connection comes from YOU and YOU alone.

Someone else may have made you release that emotion but ultimately it all comes from you.

Understanding what it is that you really want will help you release most of the attachments that you may still hold about a relationship that has ended.

When you shift your perception from the past to the future and you start focussing on what you want in the next month, the next 1 year and the next 3 years then your entire perception shifts.

You start seeing the bigger picture.

Being sad and depressed about a relationship is almost always the result of living in the past and wasting your present moment by living in the past.

Start crafting your ideal life. Get a journal and start designing your life. Build an image of what you want to be, what you want to have and what you want to achieve.

Get really clear and build a crystal clear image. By writing it down you help your mind to focus and to visualize.

This in itself will help you snap out of your attachments to the past. This in itself is the most powerful step you can take in manifesting getting over someone because this creates a new intention.

Often times when you just start thinking about your ideal future relationship it can really get you excited and start focussing forward.

2. Believe That Something Better Is On Its Way

Every end is a beginning. No matter how you look at this fact it remains true. Even death itself is only really the start of a new life.

Much of the suffering around breakups is around the belief that the end is the end.

As long as you buy into that illusion you will suffer the ‘pain and reality’ of the end of that relationship. It is teh same pain you will feel when anything end ‘forever’.

When you realize and KNOW that the end of a relationship is simply part of the process in which a new and better relationship is born then you can really start looking forward again.

To manifest getting over someone you have to believe that something better is on its way.

The end of a relationship provides the nutrition to fertilize the ground in which a new and better relationship can grow.

It is important that you realize which lessons you learned in that relationship. If you don’t learn the lessons then you will have to go through another relationship to learn those same lessons.

3. Create An Exciting Future

When you start building an image of an exciting and inspiring future it pulls you towards that dream. Pushing yourself forward is one of the hardest things to do.

Most people ‘push through’ when they face tough times.

Getting over someone is a great example of how people try and push through the many emotional battles that naturally come from a breakup or separation.

Don’t do it!

The law of attraction makes it abundantly clear that whatever you focus your energy and your attention on is what you will manifest more of.

When you are consumed by thoughts and feelings of the past, you will quickly fall into an endless cycle of living in your past.

Create a goal.

Focus on a dream.

Find something exciting that you can pour your energy and attention into.

This has the power to pull you forward without you having to struggle or battle the daily drudge of your past thoughts and emotions.

4. I Send You Love and Wish You All The Best

As long as you harbor any resentment or ill feelings towards someone you were in a relationship with you probably won’t get over them.

It’s been said that if you seek revenge you better dig 2 graves.

You do not forgive someone to let them off the hook. You forgive someone FOR YOU and you do it to help yourself.

Forgiveness frees you from thoughts and emotions that lower your vibration.

The low energy thoughts of anger and resentment can be very powerful because they tend to keep you in an endless cycle of low energy thoughts.

5. Make The Unfamiliar Familiar

To manifest something different in your life you will have to do things differently. There is an old definition of insanity that says: Insanity is expecting a different result by doing the same old thing.

The mind loves familiarity.

Your mind loves what it already knows and trusts. It means that your mind does not have to actively figure things out or actively access every situation.

One of the hardest aspects to manifest getting over someone is not so much getting over that person but rather getting over the familiarity.

Your brain is wired to seek out what is familiar. It knows and trusts what it already knows.

Anything new or different is loaded with fear because it represents the unknown. It is unfamiliar.

To manifest getting over someone you will have to make the unfamiliar, familiar.

That is how we learn and grow as human beings. It is also the secret recipe to success. People who remain only in their own comfort zones and only stick to what is familiar will never grow.

They never embrace the unfamiliar.

You having the get over someone and move on from a relationship is presenting to you a real gift. It is the gift of personal growth.

You are being called to step out of your comfort zone, to face the unfamiliar and to embrace a new and exciting path that is unfolding for you.

6. Be Grateful

This may seem like an odd thing to do but being grateful for both the relationship and for the end of that relationship is a really important step to manifest getting over someone.

Be grateful for everything that you got to share and experience with that specific person.

Although it can be hard, be grateful for the end of that relationship because it was a precursor for something even better to come to you.

Gratitude is a very powerful energy.

When you feel grateful (and you truly feel it) you open your heart up and you vibrate on a frequency that allows you to align with the law of attraction and everything you ultimately want to manifest.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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