Using The 7 Laws of The Mind To Get What You Want

7 laws of the mind

At some level, we all have a sense of how powerful our minds truly are. These 7 laws of the mind will help you understand this in much greater detail and give you the tools you need to work with your mind to get what you really want.

Everything in your life happens in your mind. Think about it. What you see, what you hear, the feelings you feel. All of this only happens in your mind.

What happens in the outside world is largely irrelevant because, in the end, your entire experience of life happens in your mind.

It is never what happens to you. It is the meaning you attach to it that shapes your experience.

This explains how 2 people can have the exact same experience. One of them becomes a beggar on the street while the other becomes super successful.

The way you use your mind is everything. Your mind works on many different levels. It a supercomputer that runs millions of processes in your body without you having to do anything.

Your mind is also your connection to the divine – that invisible world of energy. With your mind, you can truly do the “impossible” because your mind ‘knows’ what you really are and where you come from.

We’ve all read about or heard about seemingly miraculous things that ordinary people achieved. We tend to think that its only other people who can do that. That is a false belief.

We all share the same miraculous abilities in our minds. When you learn to use your mind correctly you can achieve anything. I know that sounds like a bold promise – because it is.

Set aside your false beliefs about what you “are” and what you think you can or can not do and let’s dive into the exciting world of using your mind to create anything you want in your life.

How to Use The Laws of Mind

Before we dig into the 7 laws of the mind, I want you to think about one thing that you want to create in your life or that you want to achieve or that you’ve been struggling with.

Keep this one thing in mind and apply it to every one of the laws.

Law #1: The Mind’s Main Job Is Your Survival

Your Mind Has Only One Job and That Is To Keep You Safe and Ensure Your Survival

While your subconscious mind has many processes to regulate your mind generally has only one goal and one overriding “job” and that is to keep you alive.

While we do not face many life-threatening dangers anymore (unlike primitive people) we have all learned to associate certain experiences to something threatening.

Rejection, the fear of failure, not being loved, etc. Are all very common things that people fear so much that their minds are forced to keep them safe.

How to use this law:

What is it that your mind is protecting you from? Understand that this is not a real threat but only an association that was made in your mind.

When you understand it and let your mind know that it is okay and that there is no real danger then your mind can start working for you.

Think about any situation in your past where you got hurt or felt humiliated or felt some string emotion connected to this one thing you want to achieve.

Know that it was ONLY an association your mind made. Failing does not make you a failure.

Law #2: The Mind Is Your Servant

Your Mind Works FOR You And Ultimately You Are In Charge

So many people feel like they are a cork in the ocean – going here and there and everywhere except where they really want to go. This most certainly is true if you do not take charge of your mind.

The second law of the mind is that your mind works FOR YOU. You are the master. You can tell your mind to do anything and it has to comply. In fact, your mind is already doing that (as you will see later).

When you become the master of your mind, you are master of everything.

– Swami Satchidananda

If you feel like you are out of control and that events and circumstances are knocking you around, you simply need to take back conscious control of your mind. Your mind is there to serve you.

How to use this law:

Now is the time to look at your mind in a whole new way. Your mind is your servant. It is there for you and wants to help you live the best life possible.

This is one of the most liberating of the 7 laws of the mind because you realize that you are indeed the one who is in charge of your own life.

Start talking to your mind. It is always listening. In fact, it is just playing out the instructions you’ve been giving it so far.

Everything you say and everything you do acts as instructions to your mind. What are you saying out loud? What are you saying to yourself? What is the content of your thoughts?

These are ALL instructions that form a blueprint for your mind that tells it what you want. Your mind will move heaven and earth to stay true to the instructions you give it.

Start paying very close attention to the words use and the thoughts you entertain. Nothing is insignificant. Your words are powerful and will affect your mind in so many subtle ways.

Law #3: The Mind Seeks The Familiar

The Mind Always Seeks What What It Already Knows and What Seems Familiar

Your mind will always seek what is familiar and move away from what is unfamiliar. Familiarity is a very strange concept. One easy way to understand this is with a little experiment.

Sit back and fold your arms. Now, fold your arms the other way.

How does that feel? It feels strange, doesn’t it? That is because your mind loves what is familiar. It is why you do almost everything the way you do it.

The trap is that if you only do what is familiar you will never get anything new into your life.

To accomplish anything you will need to do what is unfamiliar.

The amazing thing about the mind, however, is that it can make anything familiar. You can take something unfamiliar and by doing it often enough it becomes familiar.

This explains why successful people keep being successful.

How to use this law:

This is one of the most practical of the 7 laws of the mind because you can easily create a roadmap to change yourself.

What do you need to do differently to achieve your goal? What unfamiliar things do you need to make familiar?

Successful people always do what they do not want to do – and they do it FIRST. When you do the unfamiliar thing first, you train your mind that it is important and by getting it “out of the way” first, you quickly start making it familiar.

You may hate exercise but you know that you need to do it to accomplish your weight loss goals. Start by stepping straight into your trainers as soon as you wake up.

After 2 or 3 weeks it will be your new familiar and it will hardly take any mental effort.

Law #4: The Mind Is Binary

The Mind Does Not Agree Or Disagree

We tend to think of the subconscious mind the same way we do of the conscious mind. The conscious mind allows us to reason, to understand, and to ‘think’.

The subconscious mind is different.

It does not think. It does not reason and it can not agree or disagree. It simply acts on your instructions without interpreting anything. It simply accepts.

The mind is its own place, and in itself, it can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.

– John Milton

You may think that a lot of what you say and think is harmless but your mind takes you literally. If you say things like “that is awful” or “I nearly died” or “it killed me” and all of these things that are part of the everyday language are in fact acting as instructions to your mind.

If it was awful or if it is going to kill you then your mind acts accordingly and protects you.

How to use this law:

Knowing this important fact about the mind can be life-changing in itself. Start paying close attention to the words you use and what you say to yourself.

Pay particular attention to what you say in conversations – especially conversations with people you love and whose opinions you value. We often get sucked into negativity, gossip and we tend to join the “ain’t it awful club” with our best friends.

Unless and until you change your language and the indirect instructions you give your mind, nothing will change for you.

Law #5: The Mind Operates In The Present Tense

The Mind Can Only Work In The Present Tense

Every year people start their year with well-meaning but ill-informed new year resolutions. The problem with new years resolutions is the same problem that most people have with achieving any goal.

Your mind can only work in the present tense. Your mind can not work in the future. When you say things like “I will lose 50 lbs by next January” the mind can’t understand that. The mind only understands now.

This is a hard concept to grasp but it is very important. You may have long term goals but your actions and intentions need to be focused on the present for your mind to assist you.

How to use this law:

Stop using any affirmations that are not based in the present tense. Only use constructive goals that focus on now. I am creating my dream body now. I am attracting a $10,000 per month job into my life now.

Never say “I will” attract it or “I have it next summer” or anything that is in the future. If it is something in the distant future, your mind sets it aside because it is not immediate and not important.

When you phrase it as something in the present and you invoke the NOW into it your mind responds.

Law #6: The Mind Is Visual

The Mind Only Works in Terms of Visuals and Pictures

Your thoughts work on visual connections. If your mind can not make an image it has nothing to work towards. You can think of an image in your mind as directions you hand over to your mind.

A lot has been written about visualization as an exercise and that is most certainly valid but this goes beyond that. And it is much simpler.

If you say something like “I will be rich next year” then there is no visual connection to it. There are no clear instructions to your mind.

Try this instead: “I am attracting wealth and abundance into my life now. Wonderful money-making opportunities come to today and I can see 3 Million dollars in my savings account and I freaking love driving my red Lambo to work every morning”.

Can you see how different that is? You can see it in your mind and you can feel it. This sort of language is what the mind responds to.

How to use this law:

Start using very clear, descriptive, and vivid words when you define what you want. Always keep in mind that you need to give your mind images to work towards.

The language you use is incredibly important in creating these images. The clearer the image you build, the more descriptive you are and the more emotion you can attach to it, the faster your mind will respond.

Law #7: The Mind Is Direct

The Mind Does Not Understand Any Negative qualifiers

This is a big one and most people make this mistake. Your mind does not understand NO or DON’T. If you say to your mind “I don’t want to be broke” – all it hears is “broke”.

Your mind can’t understand prefixes. In fact, the more you affirm something with a prefix the stronger it gets in your life.

We often make these statements when we are very emotional and this only adds fuel to the fire. You may have failed at many business attempts and keep telling yourself “I don’t want to fail” but all the mind hears is “fail at business”.

How to use this law:

Pay very close attention to how your think about and phrase your intentions. Your self-talk is incredibly powerful and we all habitually tend to use prefixes for the things we want.

Eliminate this from your life. Break the habit of using negative words like no, don’t, can’t, won’t, etc. Even if it seems harmless, it has a huge effect in how your mind interprets it.

Remember that your mind is always listening and always responding to everything you think and everything you say.

Using The 7 Laws of The Mind

how to use the laws of mind

If you want to change anything in your life then there is an important “secret” you need to always keep in mind. The secret is:

The inner world creates your outer world.

Your inner world of thoughts is what gives birth to everything you see and experience in your outset world.

It seems counter-intuitive because we tend to want to go out there and “make it happen”. It’s true that there is some level of action required but ultimately it is the inner world that creates the outer world.

If your thoughts and feelings are not aligned with what you want to achieve or create then you will always be fighting your mind – and most of the time that is a losing battle.

The big lesson to take out of these 7 laws of the mind is that it is YOUR mind. You are in charge and you get to call the shots but only if you do.

If you don’t. Then your mind will do its job and tackle over and go back to what it knows and use the old blueprint.

The choice is yours. Do you want something else or do you simply revert to running the same old program?


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