33 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

These 33 powerful gratitude affirmations can change your life in more than one way. That is a bold promise but the results are undeniable.

When you shift your focus from what’s missing in your life, what’s not there (yet) and what’s wrong then your entire life shifts along.

The challenge is that most law of attraction literature promotes the idea of gratitude.

Practising gratitude tends to become a ‘chore’ and we are lead to believe that we “have to” practice gratitude in order to manifest our intentions.

While that is true to some extent, we need to take a step back and look at it more realistically.

Gratitude for the sake of gratitude has no meaning and no real power.

If you follow a gratitude practice because you feel like you have to then you will get nowhere.

Unless your practice of gratitude comes from deep inside you and you are able to really tap into the feelings of gratitude, you will miss out.

There are many gratitude practices. Keeping a gratitude journal, incantations, affirmations, meditation ec. No one is better or worse than any other.

The goal is ultimately to find a method that can help you tap into the feelings of gratitude.

The Power of Gratitude

Most people who get into the law of attraction and manifesting are consumed by what they don’t have. This is not all bad because the contrast is what urges us to have something better.

The problem with being consumed by what you don’t have is that it dominates your thoughts. The law of attraction dictates that wherever we focus on is what we will attract and so we keep attracting more of what we don’t want.

Gratitude is a powerful “tool” that can help you shift from being consumed by what you don’t have to being grateful for what you DO have.

Being grateful for what you already have is not about being complacent. Its about noticing and shifting your energy and your attention.

Whatever you place your energy and your attention on is what will manifest in your life.

With gratitude you can shift your energy. Gratitude is your way of communicating with the universe and opening up the doors to what you want to manifest.

From a psychological point of view, if you are not grateful for what you already have your mind remains shut down. It thinks to itself “why attract something better? It will probably not good enough either”.

Gratitude broadcasts an energy of already having it. If you are grateful for the little money you already have, it broadcasts an energy of abundance. It doesn’t matter if you are grateful for $1 or $1 million.

The energy is the same and that is what we want to focus on with our gratitude practice.

I’ve written a detailed explanation of the Pennies To Millions manifestation technique that outlines this idea very well. You can use gratitude to attract anything into your life by starting with being grateful for the small things.

How To Experience True Gratitude

Some people say that if you are truly and deeply grateful it will bring a tear to your eye. Of course this will be different for every person but the idea is that deep feelings of gratitude is very unique.

We’ve all felt it before. Trying to really get to that feeling place is not that easy to do “on demand” if you are not attuned to it.

One powerful exercise goes like this:

  • Think of something that you currently have in your life that you do not want to lose.
  • Write down all the reasons WHY you want to keep it in your life
  • As you do this you will be taken to a state of gratitude because you will recognise why these things are so valuable to you.

Why Affirmations?

We’ve all heard a lot about affirmations. Maybe you’ve heard so much about it that you have become closed off to the idea.

This is probably because you “tried it” before and it “did not work”. It is impossible for affirmations to fail.

When you do it properly it will serve its purpose. What is the purpose of affirmations?

The purpose of affirmations is to control and direct your mind to a specific idea. It removes yu from all the negative thoughts and ideas that tend to dominate our minds.

When you first start out, the 10 minutes you spend intensely focusing on your powerful gratitude affirmations will eliminate any negative thoughts and ideas from entering your mind.

As you do this more and more your mind will start adapting and you quite literally train your mind to look for and focus on what is good, what is positive and what is right.

It takes time though. It takes a lot of practice. Overcoming a lifetime of negative thinking will not be fixed by “trying” to do half hearted affirmation for a few days.

Affirmations are not a quick fix. It is part of a process and it’s all about making gradual improvements in your thinking.

Your mind always wants to go back to what is familiar – even when what is familiar is not good for you.

You need to turn the unfamiliar to the familiar and a really powerful way to do this is with affirmations.

Gratitude affirmations can be particularly powerful because gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions there are. It raises your vibration and quite literally opens the door for the law of attraction to work in your life.

Another powerful fact about gratitude is this: when you feel grateful, it is impossible to feel angry, sad, depressed or

33 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

  • I now invite gratitude into my heart & it fills me with me with joy.
  • I am grateful for this new day.
  • I am so grateful to be alive. I can’t wait to start the day.
  • I am grateful for who I am and who I am becoming.
  • I am so grateful for all the opportunities that open up to me today.
  • I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
  • I am so grateful for all the abundance and prosperity I already have.
  • Each day blesses me with more and more things to be grateful for.
  • I live my life with gratitude and awareness.
  • I am attracted to people and circumstances that bring me happiness and joy.
  • I am healthy. I am happy. Thank you.
  • I am at peace. Thank you.
  • I attract only good, great and wonderful things into my life today.
  • Thank you for showing me the good in every situation.
  • Thank you for all the people that love me.
  • Thank you for all the love inside me.
  • I am so grateful for my wonderful family.
  • I am so grateful for all my amazing friends.
  • I am grateful for all my worthy opponents.
  • I am thankful for all my critics and I send them love.
  • I am so thankful for all the beautiful relationships in my life.
  • I am so grateful for my miraculous body.
  • I am grateful for all the millions of miracles that happen inside my body every day.
  • I am grateful for my mind & my ability to create my life.
  • I am grateful that I have the freedom to choose what I want to become.
  • I am so grateful for the amazing technology I have access to.
  • I am so grateful for all the mistakes in my life for it brought me to this moment.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that I have complete financial freedom.
  • I am so grateful for my dreams and desires. They are manifesting now.
  • Everything I desire is on its way & I am so grateful for this.
  • My Gratitude is a magnet for everything I wish to manifest.
  • Today, I practice gratitude and I cultivate joy.
  • Thank you Universe for your guidance.

You can listen to an audio version of these gratitude affirmations below.

You can also download the list of gratitude affirmations as a PDF eBook below.

Beyond These Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

Affirmations for gratitude is a great start to cultivating the power of gratitude and tapping into the energy of being grateful and thankful.

Using these powerful gratitude affirmations above or the audio that is included here are all good ways to help you get started with the practice of gratitude.

This should only be a start though. The ultimate goal here is to develop an attitude of gratitude. This is where you are so attuned to this that you are grateful for almost everything that comes into your daily experience.

It really is a seismic shift in attitude and its effect is immense.

Your entire life changes when you have an attitude of gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal is another great way to develop this attitude and to start cultivating the power of gratitude.

When you are grateful you look at life through a different lens. You see everything differently. Wayne Dyer famously said that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

If you want to truly make the law of attraction work in your life, make gratitude an essential part of your life.


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