7 Powerful Abundance Mindset Exercises for Prosperity and Abundance

Abundance Mindset Exercises

There are many simple abundance mindset exercises that can help you overcome your money blocks and help you create a more abundant mindset.

Your financial situation is never fixed.

We all have conscious and subconscious ideas, beliefs and habits that prevent us from attracting prosperity and abundance.

Abundance is our natural state.

To develop an abundance mindset is not about learning anything new. It is much more about unlearning some of the old things that you have come to accept as ‘truth’.

We all have beliefs and ideas about money. We have beliefs and ideas about earning it, spending it, saving it, having not enough, having too much and also about what others have.

The beliefs you have about money will inform every single thought and decision you make about money.

If you look at anyone’s financial life you can predict their beliefs with great accuracy. The problem is that when it comes to looking at ourselves it can be much harder. We tend to be blind to our own money limitations.

So many people how study and apply the law of attraction for years still struggle to attract the wealth and abundance they desire.

7 Money Mindset Exercises To Overcome Scarcity Thinking

A mindset is only fixed if you allow it to go unchecked. Most people never ‘tune’ their mindset and it is why they often fall prey to developing negative beliefs around money.

Money is a very emotional subject and we can easily get sucked into common beliefs about money that just ain’t true.

These beliefs can develop into blocks that can control and dictate everything about your ‘money life’.

The 7 abundance mindset exercises below will help you overcome a lot of the blocks that prevents the flow of abundance in your life.

1. How Much Is Enough?

Do you know exactly “how much” money would be enough for you. Most people have very vague goals. If your goal is to “have more money” or to “be rich” then it will remain a dream forever.

Clarity is power.

When you set yourself clear, definite and specific financial goals you mind has something to move towards. Your mind is always moving towards a future goal. If you do not have a specific goal your mind bounces around.

This explains why you may have very haphazard financial success.


Block out the next 60 minutes of your life. Remove all distractions and turn off your tablets phones and computers. Get a journal or a notebook and start planning your financial future.

Start by writing down EXACTLY what you want in your life. DO NOT limit yourself in any way. Write down exactly what kind of job you want. Write down exactly what house you want to live in.

Write down exactly what car you want to drive, where you want your kids to go to school, where you want to travel.

Keep going until you have filled at least 2 full pages. Think of this as a big shopping list – because it is.

You can ask anything from the universe. This is one of the most powerful abundance mindset exercises and will help you tap, into the true power of the law of attraction.

Now, go back over your list and pick out 5 things that you absolutely must have in your life.

These 5 things will become your new ‘money magnet’ and you will look at this every day and review it.

You want to memorize these 5 things and more importantly you want to write down next to each of them WHY you want it.

The why is what will attach the emotion to it and emotion is what creates the attractive force that will trigger the law of attraction to bring it to you.

2. Make Money Important

Most people simply do not get ahead financially because money is not important. There are a lot of reasons why money is not important to many. Some feel that they simply do not know enough about it – they fear money.

You need to make money important. You need to make friends with money and you need to develop an understanding of money.

Once you make money important and start placing true value on your own finances then you will start seeing real change in your financial life.

Money IS important. It is the means by which you experience much of your life.

prosperity and abundance


Start making money important in your life. You need to develop a money IQ and the best way to do that is to educate yourself about money.

Buy a good book about money and money mindset. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose but make sure you buy something. You want to dedicate 30 minutes each day to read about money and improving your financial life.

Its not so much about what you learn from reading the book that matters. What matters is the discipline of making money important.

You also need to take control of your own finances – no matter how bad it looks. You need to establish exactly where you are financially before you can start moving forward.

Out of all the abundance mindset exercises this can be the hardest but also the most liberating.

3. I Now See Myself…

The law of attraction dictates that wherever you think and feel about consistently is what will manifest in your life.

Most people subconsciously hold images of poverty and failure in their minds. It may not be their conscious choice but rather old habitual thoughts that the mind is so used to thinking that it becomes their automatic thoughts.

If you can not see yourself already having that which you wish to have then you will never have it. Your mind can not move towards something that you can not visualize.

“But, I am not good at visualizing” I hear you say. BS! Everyone is good at visualizing.

Try not to think of a pink elephant. Now put a monkey on its back. Place them inside a swimming pool. Now, see the elephant starting to flap his ears and fly out of the pool. See him go higher and higher and see him fly away gracefully in the distance.

See, you just visualized something perfectly. There’s no such thing as being “bad” at visualizing. It’s mostly just the technique that is wrong. Here’s a great visualization exercise for abundance thinking.


In the same journal where you recorded the 5 things you absolutely must have in your life you will start journaling every day.

Start by writing down: “I now see myself…” and complete this for everything you really want to manifest in your life. This “forces your mind to visualize”

  • I now see myself earning $10,000 a month doing something I love, that fulfills me and that I truly enjoy.
  • I now see myself living in a beautiful 5 bedroom home in Belmont. I see the beautiful open space, I hear the joy and laughter of my family as we enjoy this amazing home.
  • I now see myself driving my black mercedes C-class to work every morning. I feel the smooth soft leather on my skin, I hear the gentle purr of the engine and I feel so proud of myself for having this car.

You can go on and on with this for 20 minutes at least. This visualization technique is incredibly powerful and is something that most therapists use.

4. What Would My Life Be Like…

Most people never achieve the financial goals because they are stuck in the poverty loop. When you look at your current money situation and that is what your thoughts are on, then the law of attraction can only bring you more of that.

Remember that what you think and feel is what creates your reality.

Unless you can break out of that pattern and start seeing something different in your future and more importantly start FEEELING differently about this future you will only stay stuck in the loop and keep thinking and feeling and attracting more of the same.

You need to break this pattern and realize that our current money reality is only the result of your past thoughts, beliefs and actions.

To change your future you need to change your current thoughts and feelings about money and that is what this abundance mindset exercise is all about.


Similar to the previous exercise you want to do this in your journal. Start by answering this simple question “What would my life be like when…”

You want to focus on those 5 things you really want in your life.

  • What would my life be like when I earn $10,00 per month?
  • I would sleep so much better at night knowing that I can easily take care of my family.
  • I can get rid of all my debt and be free…
  • I can afford to have a holiday every year
  • We can afford nice Xmas presents
  • I will be free from the financial stress that eats me up inside

Keep going with this and be as specific as you can. The purpose of this exercise is to help you SEE what your life will look like when you have manifested your money goal and are actually living the financial life of your dreams.

This is one of those abundance mindset exercises that you read about everywhere but rarely give all your effort to. It can be very powerful though so don’t just skim over it.

5. Scripting

Scripting is a powerful law of attraction exercise that is not talked about too often. Most people misunderstand it or never fully use it. It utilises an NLP technique called future pacing where you place yourself in a state of the end result already being achieved.

We hear a lot about the idea of “act as if your goal is already achieved”. That is 100% true but how? Scripting is a technique that shows you how to do this.

Keep in mind that once your subconscious mind has accepted something as real, it will move heaven and earth to bring your reality to that which it believes to be its reality.

This is where the power of imagination comes in. You can imagine yourself to be anything, to have anything or to be anywhere.

The subconscious mind has no concept of imagination. It is binary and only responds to yes or no commands. It cannot tell the difference between actually experiencing something and experiencing something only in your mind.


Scripting is an abundance mindset exercise where you will “script” your future. That is that you will write a journal entry as if your ideal future is already a reality in your life.

Everything you write is in the present tense and you will totally live yourself into this “typical day” where everything you always wanted is already a part of your normal everyday life.

6. Affimations

Affirmations has become much more of a mainstream idea in the last few years. We tend to hear it so much that we ignore it.

The fact remains that affirmations work and they can be used as a powerful tool for changing your beliefs. The reason why affirmations often do not work is simply because they are not personal.

Most people go and put in some money affirmations that sound fancy and start using them.

After 2 weeks they give up because “is doesn’t work”. The reason why its not working is because its not personal and it doesn’t address your own issues.


Take an afternoon one weekend where you can have some extended time by yourself. Start thinking back at all the beliefs about money you picked up when you grew up.

Design some really simple affirmations to help you change these beliefs. It sounds really basic but that is because it is.

Changing beliefs is not some impossible task. It just takes a bit of practice and affirmations is a really powerful way to do this.

You can see a more detailed explanation of how to use money affirmations to change your beliefs here >>

Like all the abundance mindset exercises, the real challenge is that it takes time and effort. You have to work on yourself and change is not instant.

Most of the time you spent years building a scarcity mindset and undoing this takes time and effort. That is just the way it is.

7. Monetize Your Gifts

The fastest way to become very unhappy is to pursue things that only make you money. Making money doing something you hate is not the way to go.

So many people pick career paths based on the potential financial future.

It may work for you but at some point you will run into a brick wall. The way life is set up is that we can all achieve all our financial dreams doing something we love and feel passionate about.

In fact,if you look at any of the most successful icons of our time, they ALL did something that they love and are passionate about. Doing something for money only will always leave you wanting something more.


I am not suggesting you quit your job and start pursuing your dream of being a hand model. For most of us this is a process.

You need to find your gifts and then find a way to monetize it.

We ALL have special gift and things that just come naturally to us. These are things that do not feel like its any real effort at all but to someone else it will be very hard. Your gifts and talents are not always that obvious.

Sometimes it is wrapped up in something else. You may love painting and want to become a rich and famous artist but maybe your true talent is in teaching art? Writing books about it?

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.

You need to start paying very close attention to that still small voice inside you. Find your talents. Find your true gifts and pursue them.

The way to monetize your gifts will open up for you but it can only find you when you start moving towards it. The internet has opened up the entire world for all of us to monetize our gifts in some way.

Using These Exercises For Creating An Abundant Money Mindset

The biggest challenge with doing these money mindset exercises is not in doing them right. It is actually doing them that is the biggest challenge.

Setting aside 1 hour per day for yourself can be the most rewarding thing you will ever do for your financial destiny. You need to schedule this time every day where you can truly work on your mindset.

In the end, it is not what you do that will bring you financial abundance and prosperity. It is the way you think and feel about money that makes the real difference.

Even if you take just 30 minutes every morning or every evening and actually do these abundance mindset exercises you will start seeing amazing things show up in your life in just a few short days.

Commit yourself to doing this for at least 30 days and then decide if this is for you or not. If you are committed then 30 days of doing this will change your life.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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