The 55×5 Method Weight Loss Strategy For Rapid Results

55x5 method weight loss

The 55×5 method weight loss strategy is a manifestation exercise where you will write one statement/affirmation 55 times a day for 5 consecutive days.

The theory behind this strategy is that you flood your mind and emotions with a new thought or belief that will either replace an old and disempowering one or ‘install’ a new thought that will help and support your weight loss goal.

Weight loss is never about simply eating right and exercising.

More than anything it is your mind and your emotions that is the root cause of all the issues you may have.

When you address your own thoughts, beliefs and emotions then everything else becomes easy and effortless.

If you try and change your diet or your fitness with the thoughts and beliefs that created your weight problems then you are in for a real fight.

When the mind and the body are in conflict, the mind will always gain the upper hand.

Diet and Exercise Versus Manifesting

I am a health nut. I love exercise and I love eating well. I did triathlons and running for many years until injuries started changing my exercise routines but I can attest to the value of exercise and eating well.

Diet and exercise for weight loss is a big thing.

Most would argue that it is the main thing.

I hear so many ‘experts’ spew out wisdom that proclaims that ‘all you have to do’ to lose weight is to eat right and to exercise.

Is it really as simple as that?

In theory, it is but there’s much more to it. It is an oversimplification that fails to address the root cause of weight problems.

Yes, eating too much junk and not being active WILL make you fat but we need to dig deeper.

Overeating and a lack of exercise is a symptom.

The real cause of being overweight is NOT diet or exercise related at all.

There two very important causes that the latest studies are starting to shed some light on:

1. The root cause of diet and exercise problems

If losing weight is as easy as eating right and doing exercise then why is it so hard? Why do so many people struggle with their weight?

The root cause of all diet and exercise issues is not with the strategies or with personal preferences but with the mind.

The root cause of all weight loss issues are in your mind and not with diet or exercise.

The way you think and feel about food, exercise and health is where its really at.

Most people try so hard to fix the symptoms – trying to eat right or to start exercising. You may be able to clear up the symptoms for some time if you work really hard but eventually it will come back.

Until and unless you address the root cause – which is the way you think and feel, nothing will change long term.

The 55×5 method for weight loss is aimed at addressing your thoughts and feelings and is an incredibly powerful strategy for changing the root cause.

2. The body responds to the mind

I’ve seen so many people – including a family member who is always on a diet yet she is always at least 50 lbs overweight.

She eats very little, does a fair amount of exercise yet her weight is never going down.

When you look at her you would think she regularly overeats but that is not the case – and it is like that for many people who feel like they ‘just can’t lose the weight no matter how hard they try’.

One of the most mind boggling facts is that the mind is in complete control of the body.

We now know for a fact that your mind can make you sick. We also know that your mind can make you healthy and that there is an incredibly and largely untouched power in the mind when it comes to our physical bodies.

Your body ALWAYS responds to your mind.

When you have beliefs like ‘I am fat’ then that belief can be so strong that no matter what you do physically, your body simply won’t respond to diet or exercise.

Your body is designed to always remain in perfect balance.

Your body knows exactly how to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight.

The problem is when you start interfering with your own thoughts and beliefs that causes an imbalance.

The placebo effect has shown over and over again how the mind can send powerful messages to the body and cause seemingly miraculous changes – not because of the external changes but because of the internal changes in the mind.

What does all this mean and where does the 55×5 weight loss method fit into all this?

Basically, you can exercise and diet all you want – until and unless you ‘fix’ your mind you simply will not see or experience any real results.

What Is The Fastest Way To Manifest Weight Loss?

There are many crash diets that you can use to lose weight quickly. The problem is that once you stop, you usually gain the weight right back with some interest.

The fastest way to lose weight and to lose it permanently is to address the root cause which is your mind.

When you change the way you think and feel about your body, food and exercise then losing weight becomes effortless.

Your body responds really quickly once you clear the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that can place a huge strain on the body.

Your body desires nothing more than to return to perfect health.

When you remove all the mental and emotional blocks, the body responds very quickly.

One of the most powerful ideas in my own life is something I learned years ago in the Tao Te Ching.

Lao Tzu wrote:
“When you correct your mind everything falls in place”.

No matter what the issue is in your life, the root cause is in your thinking. This is where you should be placing your energy and attention on.

Not trying to chase some miracle diet or exercise routine.

Those things might become part of your life because it is something you love and enjoy doing but it is always the result of changing the mind first.

The 55×5 method for weight loss helps you address the root cause of your weight loss problems.

How Do You Use The 55×5 Method For Weight Loss?

The 55×5 method for weight loss uses the popular 55×5 manifestation method which is a method that uses the power of affirmations to correct beliefs or mental and emotional patterns.

Affirmations is not what most people have come to belief they are.

Affirmations more than anything else is a visualization tool.

Visualization is the language of the subconscious mind. It is also the way you instruct infinite intelligence to align you with what you wish to attract and manifest into your life.

The images in your mind are intimately connected to thoughts and feelings.

To make the 55×5 weight loss method work in your life you need to identify your own thoughts and emotions that are at the root of your own mental and emotional issues around your body, your weight, food and/or exercise.

With the 55×5 method for manifestation you will craft one affirmation or statement and then spend 5 consecutive days where you will write out the affirmation 55 times.

That is a lot of writing but the fact that its only 5 days is really important.

It makes it doable and achievable – even with a busy schedule.

You want to make sure that you set aside 5 days where you know you can do it every day.

I’ve written a more in-depth explanation of the 55×5 method and how to use it and you can read it here.

7 Steps To Using The 55×5 Method For Weight Loss

Applying the 55×5 method for weight loss is as powerful as anything else you want to manifest.

People have seen remarkable results with manifesting a job, a soulmate, a home and even winning the lottery by using this method.

Can it work for weight loss?

Absolutely! In fact, I think it works even better for manifesting something internal than something external like winning the lottery.

Always remember that when you correct your mind, everything falls in place.

Here are the 7 steps to using the 55×5 method for losing weight:

Step #1: Create Your Intention

What is it that you REALLY want? Vague ideas like you want to lose weight or you want to look a certain way or you want to be more healthy are all very weak ideas.

You need to get very specific on exactly what you want and why you want it.

When you combine these two elements you address your thoughts and your emotions – the 2 key ingredients to manifesting.

Don’t think about losing weight either. The idea of ‘loss’ is a negative for the subconscious mind. Set your ideal weight. See yourself at that weight. FEEL how that feels and capture that feeling.

Step #2: Craft a Statement

When you have a clear intention – when you know exactly what you want, why you want it and you can clearly see yourself as that ‘new person’ you have completed the most important step.

Now, you need to translate that idea into a statement or an affirmation. This statement or affirmation simply needs to act as a trigger that can help you think and feel what it is you really want.

This is not always easy which is why I say you have to craft it. It takes time and you may need to write and rewrite it.

Try and capture it into one or two sentences that you can easily memorize and repeat.

Step #3: Start a Manifestation Journal

Having a manifestation journal is the key to this strategy. Writing is a powerful way of creating your life.

Unlike repeating thoughts in your mind, it helps you focus, remove distraction and has the power to amplify your intentions.

You can start a new journal for every 5 day segment you do or you can do it all in one journal but keeping it all in one place is important.

There is an energy to capturing your ideas. There is an energy to the practise of doing this and being disciplined.

In many ways your mind needs to be re-trained and the discipline of writing in your journal is a healthy start.

Step #4: Writing Your Affirmation 55 Times

Once you’ve blocked out 5 days and you have set a definite time every morning and/or evening to do your writing you are good to go.

Sit down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Focus your energy on your heart and find a place of peace and relaxation.

Start writing your statement/affirmation – one line at a time and number each one you write.

The idea is to write it 55 times and to slowly enter a trans-like state where all your energy and attention is consumed by the writing.

It may take some time but as you really immerse yourself in this the outside world will start to blur out.

This is the state you want to be in when you write your affirmation.

Allow the writing to permeate your thoughts and emotions and place all your attention on the images and the feelings that the writing stir up in your mind.

Step #5: Raise Your Vibration

Once you’ve finished writing your statement 55 times, I highly encourage you to end the session by writing down 5 things that you are grateful for in your life.

Gratitude raises your vibration unlike any other thought or emotion.

When you are truly grateful – regardless of what you are grateful for you open your heart and mind the power of the universe to work to and through you.

Step #6: Take Inspired Action

After writing your statement 55 times and finishing a session you will feel great. As you go about your everyday life, don’t try and make things happen.

Relax, let go and allow something bigger than you to take charge.

You WILL start seeing synchronicities unfold. You will start feeling inspired to do certain things.

When these things come your way, act on it.

Step #7: Rinse and Repeat

Doing the 55×5 method for weight loss for the initial 5 day period probably won;t change your life in any way.

It often takes several 5 day blocks to really start moving the needle.

Sticking to 5 days at a time is a great strategy because you don’t feel like it’s a chore you ‘have to’ do every day.

By rinsing and repeating the 5 day strategy you will be amazed what you can achieve in a few months.

The secret is not to try too hard.

Easy does it.

Getting The Most Out Of The 55×5 Weight Loss Method

The secret to making the 55×5 method work for weight loss is to project your mind and yourself into a future where you are already living at your ideal weight.

You need to generate the feeling and live as if it is already your reality.

When you take your mind there, your body MUST follow.

To blindly recite an affirmation will get you nowhere fast. This is why the 55×5 method fails for some people. They focus too much on the affirmation.

The affirmation is a means to an end.

It is like a taxi. It is only there to take your mind from where your thoughts and emotions are right now to where you want your thoughts and emotions to be in the future.

Making your future reality a present moment reality is the key and the secret to manifesting anything in your life.


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