Manifesting a Job – How to Manifest a Job You Love

Manifesting a Job, How to Manifest a Job

Manifesting a job using the law of attraction is all about aligning with a job that will fulfils you and rewards you well. If you want just ‘any job’ for the sake of making some money then this will probably not work for you.

Can you really manifest a job that not only fulfils you but that one that you truly love and where you earn more than enough money?

Far too many people are stuck in a job they hate.

You will spend approximately 30% of your everyday life working. If you hate it, you will probably go home and spend another 2 to 3 hours either worrying or resenting your job.

That is no way to live your life!

It is your life and you are ultimately in charge. You can attract and manifest a job that truly makes you happy.

The Law of Attraction can be applied to every area of your life, and that includes your work.

Whether you flat out need a job, or you want to find more enjoyable and fulfilling work, the Law of Attraction will draw your dream job into your life when it is used properly.

If you want to learn how to manifest a job using the law of attraction then there are 5 simple steps that you can follow.

How To Manifest a Job Using The Law Of Attraction

Neville Goddard was a prolific law of attraction teacher and he spoke extensively about how you can manifest the prosperity you desire.

He offered some very specific advice on manifesting a job with the law of attraction:

If you desire a new job, see yourself being congratulated on a new job by a friend of yours. Keep the imaginal act short, and replay it as often as possible in your mind throughout the day and coming days.

As you play the visions in your mind, allow yourself to feel the feeling of gratitude, of joy at already having what you want. Try to use your senses to really feel what you are imagining is real and most importantly, feel as if it is happening RIGHT NOW!

This is without a doubt, one of the simplest and most effective methods of manifesting desires and once practiced sufficiently will work.

 – Neville Goddard

Far too many people are stuck in jobs they hate. Your job is not meant to be something you dislike or that drags you down in life.

If your job sucks the life energy out of you and if you feel drained and unfulfilled then you really need to look deep inside and decide to change.

Creating your dream job in your mind FIRST is the real secret to manifesting a job that you truly want and truly love. That is what Neville Goddard clearly conveys.

Most people who hate their jobs simply hate their jobs. They want to change and want ‘something’ better but that is never enough.

You must have a sincere desire to have a job you love and that will fulfil you emotionally, intellectually and financially.

9 Steps To Manifesting a Job

Manifesting a job that you truly want does not require any luck, special interview skills, experience, connections or even looks.

Those are all common excuses that far too many people buy into. You need to fix your mind on what you want and then commit to it.

Here are 9 steps to help guide you in manifesting a job that you will love.

  • Figure Out Exactly WHAT You Want
  • Figure out WHY you want a (new) job
  • Focus on what you can give
  • Let Go of Your Doubts & Fears
  • Pay Attention
  • Take Action
  • Stay Committed
  • Use affirmations and Visualization
  • Let go

1.Figure Out Exactly What You Want

Many people struggle to find jobs that they truly love, and this is often because they don’t quite know what they want.

Even if you aren’t sure what your dream job would look like, take some time to sit down and start figuring it out. Write down whatever you are sure you want in a job, like working from home, for example.

If you can only think about the things that you dislike about your current employment, try to think what the opposites, or positives, of your dislikes would be.

The more work you put into creating a clear vision of your ideal job, the more your dream job will reveal itself to you.

So, think about everything you want in a career, including hours, salary, commute, co-workers, and work environment.

Be very careful not to limit yourself to what you think is possible. Just go all out and dream. This ideal job you are creating here should excite you so much that every time you think about it you feel a surge of enthusiasm.

2.Figure out WHY you want a (new) job

Knowing why you want a new job or a different job will give you the emotional fuel to help you align your energy.

The most common reaction is to list all the reasons why you may hate your current job. You may also just be desperate. Both of these strategies rely on negative energy.

Never place your energy on what you do not want – even if it is because you want something else.

Always focus on the positive end results and what you will get from it. Think of all the powerful and positive reasons why you want a new job.

3. Focus on what you can give

Here is where most people make a big mistake. We all want what we want because we see what we will GET from it.

While it certainly is true that you want to get certain things from a job, this is not where your focus should be.

Your focus needs to be on what you can give. What can you bring to this job? When your focus is on giving, it generates a completely different energy.

If you want to know the real secret to acing an interview, then this is it. Focus only on what you can give and what you can bring to the job.

The law of reciprocity is a universal law and is a corollary to the law of attraction.

4. Let go of your doubts and fears

No one has ever gotten where they wanted to be by thinking that they are too old, too young, unqualified, or undeserving. You have to have the confidence you expect to have when landing your dream job, right now.

If you feel like the job is already yours, by the Law of Attraction, it must be drawn into your life. Believe in yourself and expect that the perfect job for you is on its’ way to you right now.

Don’t dwell on feelings of doubt and failure. If someone else gets the position that you applied for, remind yourself that there is enough to go around. There is abundance in all things and for everyone, including jobs.

Stay laser focused on the outcome you want. If one path doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, understand that the Law of Attraction is drawing something even better into your life.

5. Pay attention

Be mindful of your every thought. It is so easy to fall back into old patterns and habits of negativity and doubt. Your feelings are the strongest signals for attracting things into your life.

Do whatever it takes to stay in a positive mindset, and to genuinely feel good.

This can be a challenge when you feel stuck in a job you hate but always remember that “doing what you love” and “loving what you do” are equally important.

Living in the fantasy that “one day” when you have your dream job you will feel good and then you will “love what you do” is an absolute illusion.

You need to be able to “love what you do” even if you are doing something you do not love. I hope that makes sense because it is such an important concept to grasp if you truly want to ,ove out of a place you currently dislike.

Try using gratitude to procure feelings of joy, and be grateful for the job you want as if it is yours now.

You should also pay attention to the world around you so that you can recognize signs and opportunities when they come. Maybe an ad for a career in something you never knew was a job will catch your eye.

Perhaps you’ll have a conversation with someone at the park or a coffee shop and they will point you in the right direction. You never know how the Law of Attraction will align events to bring you the job that you want, so stay aware and open to opportunities.

6. Take Action

You can think, feel, dream, and visualize about the perfect job all you want, but nothing will happen if you don’t take action. Life requires living, and living demands action; inspired action.

Inspired action is not where you force yourself to do things that feel wrong, forced or incoherent with yourself and your dreams. Inspired action comes effortlessly and you feel compelled to do it because it just “feels right”.

Don’t expect a job to fall into your lap. It might, but if you are actively looking for work, the work you desire will be drawn toward you more quickly and more precisely to your specific wants and needs.

If you are always thinking about how you want a new job, but you do nothing to change your situation, you are sending out the signal that you don’t really want things to change.

When you take action and start applying to new jobs, you are conveying your hopes and dreams much more clearly to the Universe. Think, feel, and act in a manner that aligns with your ultimate desires.

7.Stay Committed

Accept your quest for getting the ultimate job as your responsibility. You owe it to yourself to create the life of your dreams.

If you start a new position and it isn’t what you were hoping for, think of it as a stepping stone on a path to where you want to end up.

Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.

– Abraham Lincoln

Don’t give up or downgrade your expectations. Commit to finding work that you are passionate about to amplify the signals you are sending out into the Universe.

Once you are committed there is no looking back. This is very different mindset than just hoping.

6.Use affirmations and visualization

Once you know exactly what job you really want, you can create an affirmation to help you stay focussed.

It is easy for your mind to drift, to start doubting and for your intention to lose momentum. Affirmations work but only if you work on them.

Make your affirmation specific and positive and in a completed state:
“I Amanda am so happy and grateful for my amazing job as the office manager here at Keith and Partner “

See yourself in this new job. Go there mentally and emotionally as often as you can. See yourself driving to work. Parking, greeting your new co-workers, attending meetings etc.

Anything that can place you mentally and emotionally IN the job as if you already have it. This is what visualization is and this is incredibly powerful.

9. Let go

I’ve previously written a lot about this idea of letting go and allowing the law of attraction to work. As long as you are trying too hard you tend to create a counterforce that opposes the law of attraction.

Your role in manifesting a job is not to ‘make it happen’. Most of it will be out of your control anyway.

Your role is to know what you want, see yourself as already having it and then to let go.

Stop trying to control what you can not control. This includes trying to control the situation mentally and emotionally.

Go about your life and outside of the times you dedicate to affirmations and visualization you should do something else. Live your life. Do things that make you happy and keeps your energy up.

Looking around every corner for signs that your job is manifesting will only create anxiety and keep it from being drawn into your life.

The Law of Attraction, Job Hunting And Manifesting Your Ideal Life

For many people a job and a career is not important but for others it is the very thing that defines them.

Never lose sight of the ultimate goal which is fulfilment. Getting a job for “prestige” or to satisfy your ego will never truly make you happy.

Getting a job just to make money will never get you anywhere. The energy of the money you earn from doing something you hate will be tainted.

You are sure to find success in your career with the Law of Attraction if you get clear about what job you want, let go of doubt, pay attention to how you feel, recognize opportunities when they come, take action, and stay committed to your dreams.

If you use the law of attraction you will never have to “hunt” for a job again. It will come to you!

Believe in yourself and realize that you deserve to have your dreams actualised. Have faith in the Law of Attraction and the job of your dreams is already yours.


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