What To Do When You See 1111

what to do when you see 1111

Knowing what to do when you see 1111 revolves around listing to your intuition and following your own Divine Guidance when synchronistic events show up in your life.

Some of the most important things to do when you see 111 is to be grateful for the guidance, to go within, listen to your Higher Self and to take inspired action towards your dreams.

When you see the numbers 1111 everywhere to the point where it start to haunt you wherever you go then you probably realize that it is not by accident and it is not a coincidence.

You are never alone. You always have Divine Guidance available to you.

Synchronicity and repeating numbers are often there to help and guide us in navigating life and making our way to certain ‘check-points’ in life.

A Quick Note About Seeing 1111 And Synchronicity

I’ve written a fair bit about synchronicity in the past, its spiritual significance and how it is there to help and guide you.

I won’t repeat myself but wanted to underline two important ideas.

Synchronicity refers to those seemingly random events that are just too significant to just be random. What are the chances of seeing the number 1111 almost everywhere you look?

Synchronicity are anonymous gifts from God (as Dr. Deepak Chopra once pointed out) and they are there to help and guide us along this life’s journey.

While synchronicity refers to almost anything, seeing 1111 is a very common occurrence for many people and it is often synonymous with Synchronicity.

The second thing I want to point out is that the number 1 refers to a beginning or the start of something. It is often related to success, achievement and manifestation.

When numbers repeat in a sequence like 11, 111 or 1111 then it usually highlights how ‘loudly’ or how significantly the universe wants you to get the message.

8 Things To Do When You See 1111 Appearing Everywhere

Seeing the numbers 1111 is almost always a wonderful experience. Most of us recognize that seeing these numbers have some sort of significance.

A lot has been written and postulated about what seeing these highly significant numbers may mean.

My focus here is more about what to do when you see 1111.

Knowing all the different meanings is nice and interesting, but my question has always been ‘what should I do next?’

Knowing is not enough. I want to know what I should DO – or should I do nothing and only absorb the message?

Here are the 8 most important things you should do when you see 1111:

1. Recognize Your Own Divinity

The number 1111 is a sign of spiritual awakening and calls on you to recognize and develop your intuition.

When these numbers keep showing up everywhere in your life and you recognized the fact that it can not be just coincidence then you’ve taken the first vital step.

When you start to realize that there is something bigger than yourself at work in your life and in this universe then you awaken to your own spirituality.

You are a Divine Being in a human body having a human experience.

Who you really are is that invisible soul that never changes. Understanding this fact awakens you to the reality of life.

When your perception of life gets filtered through this great truth then everything changes – yet nothing changes.

You may lead the exact same life but your new perception changes the way you look at things.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

This is true on many different levels.

One of the first things to do when you see 1111 is to pause for a second and recognize this fact – the fact that you are a Soul having a human experience.

Everything in this world is only part of the real journey – the journey of your Soul though this physical and very brief experience called life.

2. Follow The Divine Guidance

Knowing what to do when you see 1111 can be a bit tricky. The instant you see the numbers you often get that instantaneous sense of a ‘’presence’ or a ‘guidance’.

You (and only you) recognize the numbers and the significance of them.

You may not know exactly why or what it means but you realize that there is awesome significance in seeing them.

Like most synchronistic events, it is there to help and guide you along your specific life path.

You may have a nagging question or a problem or an uncertainty in your life.

Seeing 1111 often serves as a Divine guide to help and direct you to make decisions, take a certain course of action or move in a certain direction.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you see 1111 and ‘listen’ to your intuition.

It is Divine guidance showing up and helping you – answering your quotations and your cry for help.

3. An Opportunity Is Opening Up – Pay Attention

4. Take Inspired Action

When you have a clear intention to manifest something in your life, the law of attraction immediately starts drawing the people, events and circumstances into your experience.

Synchronicity is a powerful ‘guide’ that prompts us when it is our turn to do something.

Manifesting is all about ‘effortless action’.

This means that in order to achieve your goals and manifest your desires you do not have to figure things out yourself.

You do not need complicated plans or slave yourself to the bone.

You simply have to be open and receptive to Divine guidance. The universe will reveal to you every step as and when its needed to take it.

One of the most important things to do when you see 1111 is to take inspired action.

Most people who struggle with the law of attraction, struggle with this idea of ‘when and what’ to do.

When you are receptive to synchronicity then it becomes much easier. You will be guided every step of the way but only if you pay attention.

The universe will keep prompting you though.

That is probably why you keep seeing 1111 everywhere – relentlessly.

Until and unless you get the message, the numbers will keep appearing.

When you see 1111, what you need to do is to recognize that you are being prompted to pay attention and go within. Listen to your intuition to guide you.

You can even ask your Higher Self “what does this mean and what do I need to do next?”.

Pay attention to how you feel because that will be your answer.

5. Mind Your Thoughts And Your Energy

We often get caught up in life with all its negativity and all its energy-sapping activities.

Living in a modern western society means we are all immersed in negativity.

You may have big goals, dreams, and ambitions and want to manifest your dream life but without knowing it your thoughts and emotions are drawing in negativity.

Living with negative thoughts and feelings place you in a low vibration which makes it impossible to attract and manifest your desires which are at a high frequency.

Seeing 1111 is often a wake-up call from your Divine guidance to snap out of it!

If you want to know what to do when you see 1111 then simply pay immediate attention to your current thoughts and emotional state.

If you’ve been spending the last hour, day or week in a state that does not match up with your ultimate intentions then seeing 1111 is there to remind you to change your thoughts.

6. Return To Your Higher Self

An important thing to do when you see 1111 is to return to your Higher Self. You may have been very connected spiritually in the past but over time life got in the way.

You may have lost your connection with your Higher Self along the way.

This usually happens when life starts to consume us.

There is so much to do – especially with the modern demands of raising a family, work, and keeping up with the Jones’.

It often seems impossible to take an hour out of your busy schedule for meditation or quiet contemplation or even just reading something inspirational.

I often remind myself how important this is – especially when I feel like an extra hour in front of the computer is what I ‘really’ need.

Just 30 minutes of meditation or being connected with your Higher Self is worth 5 hours of work or ‘busy time’.

When you are connected to your Higher Self and you are working WITH Spirit then everything else is easier, more joyous, and far less stressed.

Seeing 1111 is a sign that calls you and reminds you of this important fact.

It is your Higher Self begging you for some attention. It wants to help you and guide you but can’t get through to you amidst the noise of life.

7. Life Is Happening For You

One of the most difficult things to come to terms with is to have a broader perspective on our own lives.

When things start going ‘wrong’ we often sink into despair. It is easy to start feeling that life is happening TO you.

You feel like you are having ‘bad luck’ or that somehow you always attract bad things – even though you have very different intentions to attract a prosperous life.

We’ve all been fed a big lie that the road to our best life is a perfectly paved road with little or no obstacles.

The truth is that the stepping stones to your best life and everything you desire is often very treacherous.

When you realize that life is happening FOR you and not TO you then you realize that everything that happens is there to serve you.

Seeing 1111 is a reminder of this great spiritual truth.

What you need to do when you see 1111 is to remind yourself that everything in your life is perfect. What you dislike or even despise in your life are all there to help you and serve you towards your ultimate goals.

Reminding yourself of this not only changes your perspective and your attitude but it changes your energy.

It is your energy and your vibration that ultimate world with the law of attraction top attract into your life more of what you DO want.

8. Be Grateful

One of the most important things to do when you see 1111 is to be grateful. Whenever any synchronicity happens in my life I always pause to say Thank You!

Being grateful for the help and guidance instantly places you in a high vibration.

This higher state of awareness allows you to be more perceptive and access more of your intuition.

It helps guide you and helps you to understand the meaning of why you are seeing 1111 at that particular moment in time.

When you see the numbers 1111 showing up in your life again and you recognize the synchronicity then you instantly have that inner knowing – that feeling of a presence within you.

This feeling in itself alone is significant.

For me, it serves as a reminder that the Divine Presence is within me. I can feel it, I can sense it.

Knowing that you are not alone on this life path and that your Higher Self is there to guide you removes a lot of the fear and insecurity that keeps so many people paralyzed.


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