The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success By Dr. Deepak Chopra – Book Summary

What does success mean to you? Are you successful right now and if not why not? Can it be that we are all looking for and striving for is only an illusion?

In The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, Deepak Chopra addresses some of the most pressing and unanswered questions regarding success and he offers a unique and insightful approach to an age old desire that we all seem to be born with.

In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra defines success as ‘the continued expansion of happiness and the progressive realisation of worthy goals.’

This definition is quite different to society’s rules for success which is almost always connected to material gain or external recognition.

Although these things are often the result of success, it is by no means the cause or even the definition of success.

A recent explosion is so-called ‘success literature’ flooded a whole lot of ideas into the popular culture. Human nature’s desire for success and ‘having more’ sends us all flocking to the bookshops to soak up the latest ‘tips’ and ‘tricks’ for gaining more success.

Although most of these books send out a very positive message, very few of them ever drill down to the very nature of success and what it really takes to be successful as a human being.

What makes Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success so unique is that it is a completely different approach to success that is not based on ‘strategies’ but on the inner laws that govern your very being.

While most of the success literature on the market focuses on the mind, psychology and actual ‘how-to’ advice, The Seven Spiritual Laws draws on Dr. Chopra’s background in the healing arts and the ancient spiritual wisdom of the East.

In the rational western society we tend to focus on ‘things and stuff’ and no matter how much we get, the more we want and the idols and role models in our society end up either in rehab or in an early grave.

Something seems to be missing in our very definition of success and what we aspire to as a society.

One of the most fundamental lessons in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is that true and lasting success is an internal process and that it has very little to do with what goes on outside of you.

When you realise that who you really are is not your body, but that you are essentially a spiritual being having a human experience, you can start to shift your attention to creating not just success but that sense of inner piece, fulfilment and joy that is the very purpose of your life here on earth.

Living with an inner sense of peace every day of your life, having harmonious and joyous relationships, contributing to life and having energy, enthusiasm and eagerness towards life is what the Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success is all about.

Success is not something that is fixed at any given point in time. It is an ongoing process and it is not defined by definitive moments or events. As cliched as it may sound, success is a journey and a process.

Remember that the purpose of travelling is not to reach a destination, but to travel and to experience everything along the way with joy and appreciation.

As long as your success is limited to ‘things and stuff’ you will never be successful as you will always need more of it just to feel successful.

When you draw your success and fulfilment from inside you, and when you realise that your spiritual need for success is what you are really aiming to satisfy, ironically, all the ‘things and stuff’ will start coming to you in amounts greater than you ever thought possible.

What so many people fail to grasp is that all the material wealth and success is the result of ‘what you are’ as a person.

To be truly successful in all aspects of life, you first have to become a success before you can have what many perceive to be a definition of success.

In The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, Deepak Chopra outlines the seven laws and how you can use and apply these laws in your life to create whatever you desire.

Traditionally western religion and philosophy has been very focused on ‘practicality’ while eastern philosophy and religion predominantly focused on the mystical and the spiritual.

Most of the eastern ideas are frowned upon by our (rigid) western way of thinking.

What makes Dr. Chopra’s work so important is that he managed to merge the best of both eastern and western ideas and nowhere is this more powerfully communicated than in the Seven Spiritual laws of success.

The word ‘law’ refers to that which is universal. If something is universal it means that it is everywhere and that it applies to everybody and everything – without exception. This entire universe is governed by law and there are no coincidences, just a perfect flawless system.

With that in mind, the Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success will reveal some of these laws that govern our lives and what we are able to bring into our lives and what we will create or fail to create and experience during our time here in this life.

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First Spiritual Law Of Success:
The Law Of Pure Potentiality

In the Course In Miracles there is an affirmation that says ‘if you knew who walks beside you on this path that you have chosen, you will never experience fear ever again.’ For me, this affirmation sums up the first laws of success and it boils down to realizing who you really are.

You are a part of God and God is a part of you and you have the potential to be, do and have anything that you can imagine or desire. Your ability to imagine or dream something automatically gives you the ability to create it in your physical experience.

You are pure potential. You are unlimited by nature and when you live with this knowing you will know that nothing is impossible for you.

Second Spiritual Law Of Success:
The Law Of Giving

We live in a dynamic universe. Everything flows. Whereas our conditioning is primarily focused on ‘getting’ the exact opposite should really be our focus. The law of giving is about reciprocity and the fact that you cannot receive anything without giving something. In fact, the only things you can ever keep in life are the things you give away.

All the material possessions that you have are only ‘on loan’ as you cannot take any of it with you when you leave your body. When you shift your focus from ‘what can I get’ to ‘what can I give’ the entire focus of your life shifts and along with this shift that which you desire automatically comes into your life.

Third Spiritual Law Of Success:
The Law Of Cause And Effect

Cause and effect or what is commonly called ‘Karma’ is probably one of the best known, yet least understood ideas from the ancient eastern wisdom. Everything in this universe operates by cause and effect and even Newton confirmed this scientifically.

For every action there is a reaction. Everything you do in life is an action and for every one of these actions there will be a reaction or an effect.

Your entire future will be determined by the choices you make and ever one of these choices are up to you – none are predetermined.

Fourth Spiritual Law Of Success:
The Law Of Least Effort

Somewhere along the line we were taught that to have what we want, we have to strive, work incredibly hard and even be ruthless. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you look at nature and the process by which nature creates, it is characterised by effortless ease. Grass don’t try to grow – it just grows. Everything just happens by design and in perfect harmony – without striving.

As creator and an essential part of creation we create our lives and everything in our lives by the same process.

Most often the very act of trying and forcing is the very cause for us not being able to create what we intent to bring into our lives.

Fifth Spiritual Law Of Success:
The Law Of Intention And Desire

Whatever you put your attention on in your life will grow stronger. Intention is the activating force of a desire and whatever you intend to come into your life, by law, must take on a physical manifestation.

When you desire something strongly and you place your intention on it, it means that you harden your will and when you proceed with confidence in the knowing that what you want will come into your life.

Sixth Spiritual Law Of Success:
The Law Of Detachment

When you become attached to something, regardless of what it is, you loose your power.

Although this might sound very discouraging and ‘cold’ it is not, for the very act of detachment frees us.

What you have to have owns you and when something owns you are not free and when you are not free you can never have that sense of inner piece that is probably the most ingredient of real success.

Seventh Spiritual Law Of Success:
The Law Of Purpose In Life

Living your life with a sense of purpose is arguably the most important thing you can do with your life.

What is YOUR purpose in life? Why are you here and why are you living your life?

Each and every one of us has a purpose or a Dharma in life. Discovering and then living your life purpose is what will give you a sense of enthusiasm and drive in your life that will keep you moving forward with joy and passion.

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