Can You Manifest Multiple Things at Once?

can you manifest multiple things at once

Can you manifest multiple things at once? After all, the law of attraction places no limits on what you can manifest?

While you certainly CAN manifest anything, you probably won’t.

It’s not about what you can do but about what you WILL do.

Manifesting something that is not currently in your life means there is a reason why its not in your life. Your thoughts and your vibration is not aligned with it.

If it was then you would have it already.

To manifest anything you need to align your energy with what you desire. This means that you have to spend your energy and your attention on what you want to manifest.

And that is exactly where the problem lies. That is why most people can’t manifest multiple things at once but it is also the reason why some people can manifest almost everything they desire at once.

Is It Possible To Manifest Multiple Things At Once?

The question is not really whether you can manifest multiple things at once or not.

You already are.

Everything that shows up in your life is manifested into your life by the way you think and feel on a consistent basis.

Your money, your job, your relationships etc are all the result of how you think and feel about these ‘things’.

The problem is that most of this is being manifested unconsciously. You may not be fully aware of the energy you emit around things like money or relationship but nonetheless it manifests.

Deliberate manifestation is a different story. It is when you consciously choose to manifest and create something different than what you are currently manifesting or if you choose to manifest something ‘brand new’ into your life.

Deliberate ‘creation’ and manifesting consciously is what most of this website is dedicated to.

The law of attraction allows us to manifest anything we desire.

Therein lies the freedom and restriction.

Because you can attract ‘anything’ you often attract nothing.

Why then do we struggle to deliberately manifest anything if we can manifest anything and everything?

The real problem comes in when you try to manifest multiple things at the same time.

Why You Can’t Manifest Multiple Things At The Same Time

While you certainly COULD manifest multiple things at once, most people can’t. Not because they lack the ability or because the law of attraction prevents it.

It all comes down to the fact that we all have limited mental and emotional resources.

Living life tends to suck up so much of our times, focus and attention that we ‘spend’ most of our creative energy on things that do not matter.

While you certainly can manifest anything your heart desires, you probably won’t and there are a number of reasons for this.’

1. A Lack of Focus

Can you manifest multiple things at once if your energy and your attention is scattered on multiple things?

Where your focus goes your energy flows.

To manifest an idea, a dream or a desire takes an immense amount of focus. Through sustained thinking and harnessing the power of your thoughts to consistently think if exactly what you DO want is one of the hardest things in this world.

The idea is simple but the execution is not.

There are so many distractions in life. There are so many ‘reminders’ of the fact that you do not have what you want to manifest.

This alone causes us to think about what we DO NOT have or what we do not want.

Overcoming these negative thoughts takes focussed attention.

If you have a bucket list of a few dozen things you want to manifest then your focus is simply too scattered to manifest any of it.

2. A Lack of Results

When you set an intention to manifest something and you start seeing small signs of it manifesting then it can be incredibly motivating and inspiring.

The flipside is also true.

When you do not see anything happening it can be very demoralizing.

This is why so many people throw their hands in the air and proclaim that the law of attraction does not work.

Their energy is so scattered on so many ideas that they never really harness their own power for long enough on a single idea to make it manifest.

Can you manifest multiple things at once if you see almost no results to your intentions?

It’s highly unlikely because it is highly unlikely that the lack of results will keep you motivated enough.

3. Feeling Overwhelmed

One of the biggest problems with trying to manifest multiple things at once is that you start feeling overwhelmed.

Focusing your energy and attention on one thing can be very demanding. Trying to focus your energy and attention on multiple things you want to manifest can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

When you start feeling that you have to do affirmations, visualization, guided meditation etc. for a number of things you want to manifest then you will quickly start to feel that it is all just too much.

The end result is usually that you manifest nothing.

4. Limiting Beliefs

One of the biggest obstacles why you can’t manifest multiple things at once lies in your beliefs.

If you place all your energy and attention on manifesting just one thing you can really start to chip away at limiting beliefs.

Trying to manifest a bucket list of stuff can be very confronting to your belief system.

Often times we want to manifest things that are well beyond our present circumstances.

If you try and manifest multiple things at once it can be hard to overcome all the beliefs at once. It takes work to challenge and change your limiting beliefs.

5. Your Environment Creates By Default

Your environment has a massive impact on the way you think and feel. Your environment refers to everything around you in your daily life.

This includes your family, your friends, colleges, and even the collective consciousness of the neighborhood you live in.

Our environments are incredibly powerful in the sense that there are a lot of ‘triggers’ that can cause us to think and feel in a certain way.

Consequently the content of your dominant thoughts and emotions is what manifests in your life.

If you do not consciously and deliberately change your dominant thoughts then the environment will create by default.

Can you manifest multiple things at once if you live in a challenging environment?

Probably not.

A Yogi on a maintain top rarely has any negativity from his environment coming at him.

Being in a challenging job, a challenging relationship of facing health challenges means you have to stand guard at the door of your mind.

You have to be much more vigilant which requires much more mental focus. Scattering your energy by trying to manifest a bucket list is not a good strategy.

How To Manifest Multiple Things All At Once

We can only really focus on a few things at once simply because your mind is designed to focus only on what is important to you.

At any given moment in time there are hundreds of things in your life that you could focus on but you simply do not have the mental capacity to do it.

The Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain helps you filter out what is unimportant – allowing you to focus only on what is important.

If you consciously decide what is important to you can start to direct your focus and consequently the flow of your energy.

Remember that:

  • Where your attention goes your energy flows
  • Where your energy flows is your point of attraction
  • What you resist persists

To manifest multiple things you need to learn how to truly harness the power of your mind. You also need to learn how to remove distractions, stay focussed and keep yourself in a high vibration – especially when things ‘go wrong’.

Here are 5 Key Tips to Help you Manifest Multiple Things At Once

Many of the ideas that work against you when trying manifest multiple things at once can also work for you if you approach it in the right way.

1. From Little Things Big Things Grow

Manifesting is a bit like learning a new skill. Over time you get better and better at it.

You do not go to the gym and lift the heaviest weights on day one. You will probably hurt yourself and never go back.

This is exactly what most people do when they first learn about manifesting. They decide to manifest a million dollars, their dream partner, a mansion and a sports car.

Its too much. Its too unbelievable.

Start by manifesting something small. Work your way ‘up’ and see for yourself how you can turn an idea into reality – even if its just the intention to manifest a cup of coffee.

Once you get good at manifesting you most certainly can start manifesting multiple things at once.

2. Stop Focusing On Things and Stuff

The hardest things to manifest are material objects – especially when they are objects that are way and beyond what you currently have.

Focusing on experiences and emotions are far easier to manifest.

Ultimately everything that you want to manifest, you only want to manifest because of how you think it will make you FEEL once you have it.

The strange and wonderful thing about the law of attraction and manifesting is that when you focus on the feeling, the things usually come much faster and much easier.

3. Not Everything Really Matters

Manifesting things that are truly important to you is so much easier than things that are mere wishes or things that would be nice to have or experience.

The things that are important to us get our attention.

It gets our energy without trying too hard.

You do not have to ‘force yourself’ to think about it, to visualize it or to imagine yourself having it.

Doing these ‘manifestation practices’ alone makes you feel good and part of the joy is in creating it through deliberate and sustained thinking.

4. Don’t Let It Matter Too Much

This may sound like a contradiction to my previous point but there is a subtle and very important difference.

When something becomes ‘too important’ to the point where you get desperate for it you actually inject a negative emotion into your manifestation.

This ends up being what manifests.

When something has too much emotional charge on the negative spectrum of emotions then creates a vibration that makes it impossible for you to manifest it.

The things that are the easiest to manifest are those things that you have a real desire to manifest but where you are indifferent to it manifesting on an emotional level.

5. The Power of Synergy?

Have you noticed that when your life starts to flow a lot of good things tend to come all at once?

This is not luck or coincidence.

Often when one thing starts to manifest it inspires you and causes your thoughts to shift away from negative vibrations.

When you live at a high vibration you can have a hundred things on your manifestation list and they will all manifest – seemingly at once.

This state of mind that is often called ‘flow’ is when you shrug all negative emotions and beliefs and become so engrossed in what is good, what is working and what is going well that you can no longer be dragged down by what appears to be missing or wrong in your life.

There is a synergy when things start to manifest.

The evidence – however slight, of one thing manifesting can provide feedback and your life can quickly start to spiral upwards.

You can manifest multiple things at once by using the synergy that is created from manifesting just one thing or even just one small thing.


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