What Crystals Are Good for Manifesting?

What crystals are good for manifesting? Rose Quartz Black, Tourmaline, Amethyst and Citrine are some of the most effective and there are a number more that can be very effective in supporting what you want to manifest most in your life.

Crystals and manifestation have become very popular recently! Many people believe they can help realize their dreams by aligning their focus and energy with their intentions.

However, since every crystal is different and has a different purpose, knowing which one works is the key to a successful manifestation.

That being said, let’s learn which crystals you can use for manifestation and make your dreams come true! 

Why Do People Believe in Crystals?

Many people actually believe crystals carry the healing energies of the earth. However, you can only unlock those energies if you use crystals properly. Moreover, each crystal is different and has a different effect on the body and mind.

I personally love citrine because it’s pretty, rare, and helps with anxiety and depression. It’s also suitable for manifesting dreams (more on this below!). 

The usage of crystals dates back to the 4th millennium BC. The Ancient Sumerians used them in their magical formulas. Other ancient civilizations like the Chinese also used many different crystals and stones in their healing ceremonies 5,000 years ago, so they’re nothing new.

How Do Crystals Work?

Well, they actually gather energy from vibrations because of the unique way their molecules and atoms interact, and they affect people’s bodies, producing energy.

Your body is a very unique electromagnetic organism with mental, physical, and spiritual energies, and since crystals collect energy, they can influence and direct yours toward the proper manifestation.

Overall, crystals provide protection and healing. However, they can also remove mental and emotional blockages that slow down your manifestations.

10 Best Crystals for Manifesting

You hold more power in the universe than you think. With the help of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and deep beliefs, you can accomplish different things and make your dreams bloom into fruition.

Certain crystals can also help your manifestation. These ancient stones pack healing properties that can cleanse your chakras, increase your confidence, and sharpen your focus, all of which speed up your manifestation.

You can turn your deepest desires and dreams into reality with the following energizing and healing crystals for manifestations, so take a look and make a pick.

1.Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz crystal can help you attract love as well as increase self-love because it’s the stone of the heart. It’s one of the best crystals for manifesting happiness because it’s a happy and bright stone that will banish all the negative energy surrounding you.

Some of the properties of this stone include loving energy, compassion, and nurture. It’s also known as the heart chakra stone. You can wear it as a necklace close to your heart or near your bed to improve your relationship with your partner.

Moreover, the Rose Quartz is rich in feminine energy. It’s perfect for manifesting love and building trust with people.

2.Black Tourmaline

Also known as the root chakra stone, the Black Tourmaline can help you cleanse your aura. It’s a protective stone that will keep you grounded, alert, and free of negative vibrations.

It’s also great for grounding excess energy. You can use the powers of the Black Tourmaline when you’re tired of guesswork and want specific guidelines on how to accomplish certain goals.

This powerful stone will boost your awareness, improve your energy flow, and help you make difficult decisions.


Meet the stone of wisdom and connection. I absolutely love Amethyst because it’s very helpful with anxiety as well.

It’s a great stone for the soul that will increase your spirituality and fill you with serene energy. The Amethyst promotes balance, calmness, higher consciousness, and strong intuition.

It’s connected to the crown chakra, so it has the power to chase away all your anxious thoughts and doubts. Once they’re gone, you can focus on your dreams.

It’s also great for improving intuition which helps manifest your goals fast by pointing you in the right direction. You can either meditate with it or place it in your home, office, or car to get in tune with your emotions.


Here’s my absolute favorite! Citrine has a special beauty. However, it’s not only beautiful on the outside. The inside of this crystal hides healing properties that can awaken your creativity as well as generate new ideas that will ensure your financial stability.

It’s basically the stone of success but also depression and anxiety. With this stone, you can kiss all those negative thoughts goodbye and finally focus on your aspirations.

It’s also the stone of personal power and mental clarity that will encourage anyone to follow their gut. With Citrine, you will feel capable of accomplishing great things. It’s the perfect crystal for manifesting abundance and gaining clarity.

Connected with the solar plexus chakra, this stone will chase away any self-doubt that holds you back. It’s one of those stones capable of unlocking a person’s full potential, so definitely give it a try.

5.Green Aventurine

If you’re looking for something that will help you recognize money-making opportunities, look no further than Green Aventurine, the stone of money, wealth, and opportunity.

Furthermore, if you have specific financial goals or are looking for a new job, this stone can help you manifest all of that and more. It’s one of the best crystals for manifesting money.

It’s actually a money stone you can keep in your pocket wherever you go and watch success, prosperity, and wealth manifest before your eyes. It’s loaded with a lot of healing and positive energy that will not only help your financial state but also make you feel alive again.

It’s believed that Green Aventurine can help people tap into their personal power, heal from past trauma, and clear all the obstacles in their way to success.

6.Golden Topaz

The Golden Topaz can amplify your intentions and increase your motivation. Therefore, it’s one of the best crystals for manifesting money, success, love, and protection.

It’s the stone of faith and focus, so grab a Golden Topaz if you need a boost in those areas. You can wear this stone and manifest good fortune at all times.

It’s also great for increasing creativity and making changes. If you use this stone with a shiny and golden appearance for manifestation, you will notice visible results in record time. It’s like no other stone that helps manifest anything of a spiritual nature.


Malachite can help you let go of things that don’t suit your life and find people who will bring joy and happiness into your life. It’s a perfect stone for manifesting love and increasing intuition. Malachite also has the power to break negative patterns and heal your heart.

It’s also a stone that will help open your heart to new opportunities. You can either wear this stone close to your heart as a necklace or brooch.

It will help you regulate your breathing and relax so you can go after your dreams with a clear mind.


Garnet has a rich color and warming glow that will warm up your heart and make you feel loved and supported. It’s the stone of positive thinking, inner strength, and physical health.

If you want to heal mentally and emotionally, definitely get this stone because it has a lot of healing properties that will help you. Furthermore, Garnet will remind you of your self-worth and light a fire in your soul. It will make you fight for your dreams.

You can wear this stone as jewelry or place it around your living or working space. It will cleanse your chakras and help you find the courage to pursue your goals no matter how hard they might seem.


This white translucent stone will keep you safe from outside influences. It’s the stone of peace and protection. You can either keep it at home or carry it to your office.

It’s believed that Selenite has high vibrations and healing properties that will help restore and clean your aura and whole being. In simpler words, it will help restore your spiritual body and recharge your physical one.

Selenite can help raise awareness levels, sharpen intuition, clarify ideas (on conscious and subconscious levels), remove different types of energy blockages from the etheric and physical body, and aid sleep.

Together with Black Tourmaline, Selenite can create a shield that will keep you safe at all times and helps you manifest goals, among many other things. You can carry this crystal with you at all times but keep in mind that it dissolves in water.

10.Clear Quartz

I want to wrap up this list with Clear Quartz crystal because it’s one of my favorite crystals for manifestation.

The Clear Quartz is like a clear canvas that absorbs any intention you might have and turns it into reality. It’s a very powerful crystal that will intensify whatever energy you put into it. 

You should use this crystal when you feel good and strongly believe that your manifestations will soon come true. You can also meditate with your Clear Quartz or visualize your goals while holding it. 

People also use this stone for removing mental blockages and clarifying desires. Some people even place the stone on top of a picture of things they want to achieve, but you can use it however you like.

Live Less Out of Habit and More Out of Intent

Green Jade, Pyrite, Carnelian, Agate, Hematite, Black Obsidian, Tiger Eye, Red Jasper, Peridot, Apatite, Moonstone, and Amazonite also make excellent crystals for manifesting.

Whichever stone you pick, you won’t go wrong because they all have healing properties that can help you achieve what you want in different ways.

Just follow your intuition when choosing one for manifesting. Wear it as jewelry, meditate and visualize with it, and you will eventually see your dreams come true!

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your crystals cleansed and charged at all times for the best results. What’s your favorite manifestation crystal, and why? Leave a comment below!


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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