Crystals for Focus and Productivity

Healing Crystals for Focus and Productivity

Using crystals for focus and productivity can be a powerful way to relieve stress, increase your energy and help you get things done. Smoky Quartz, Citrine and Malachite are some popular crystals in work spaces but there are many more.

Are you feeling a little out of sorts lately? Like you just can’t focus and can’t get anything done. Then you may be out of balance and require a little assistance to return you to normal.

There are lots of spiritual ways to help you when this happens, from meditation to journaling, but have you thought about using the power of crystals for focus and productivity?

Crystals hold a myriad of different metaphysical properties, which can help with physical symptoms of the body, balancing our minds and syncing our energy centres. These powerful little rocks are grown within the earth over millions of years, and they have spent that time absorbing the energies of the earth.

They hold on to this energy, and when plucked from the ground, allow us to absorb and use that energy for our day-to-day needs.

They provide us with a great way to instantly balance out fluctuations in our energetic body and bring it back into alignment.

10 Powerful Crystals For Focus and Productivity

Our lives are so hectic and busy, no wonder we need a little extra help to keep us healthy and functioning at peak performance.

Just like our physical body needing nutrients, our energetic body requires positive energy to release things when it needs to and have a little boost when feeling depleted.

Let’s look at a few of the most powerful crystals for focus and productivity, that will help you boost those areas in your life and get back to smashing those goals.

1. Smoky Quartz

smoky Quartz crystal for focus

One of the few stones that you should have in your armoury, the mystical mood of smoky quartz will be sure to up your productivity levels.

Known as a crystal that diverts negative energies, having this crystal around will send anything that does not serve you, back out into the ether.

A reduction in productivity can be because we are distracted by things that we don’t need, so smoky quartz will address this imbalance and restore you to optimum output. This is one of my personal favourite crystals for focus and productivity and I keep it in my workspace at all times.

2. Citrine

Citrine crystals

A crystal of light and joy, this lovely gem will put you in a great mood. Our deadlines can be affected by low mood, so, sunny Citrine will boost your outlook and positively effect your day.

A great way to use this crystal is to keep it on your desk or around your workspace. When you are feeling the need, hold it in your hands, close your eyes and focus on the crystal.

Let its light and joy find the area in your body that you need it the most and watch your efficiency take a leap.

3. Malachite

malachite crystals

Are you in the ideas industry and feeling a little pressed for a fresh outlook? Well Malachite can be a great stone for inspiration.

Using this stone throughout the day, or even just having it around you will clear that foggy feeling and have you back to being the one with all the great ideas in no time!

4.Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye for focus

Arguably the most interesting to look at, Tigers Eye is a bringer of confidence and motivation like no other.

If you have a daunting presentation or just a huge list of things to get done, by letting your Malachite help, it will melt away your stress and anxiety surrounding your work and help you to be the confident and motivated employee that blows everyone away.

5. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal

Amethyst’s gorgeous formations provide a welcome upgrade to any interior. But aside from that it can help you with a myriad of work-based tasks too. Use the stone’s unusual formations as a focus point, pay attention to all its intricacies and amazing facets.

Taking this time to slow your mind and paying attention to something so simple, will give your mind the welcome break it needs to restart with renewed energy.

Amethyst is also a great healer. If you are losing precious work time due to intrusive thoughts or low self-esteem, amethyst can help with this too.

One of the Master Crystals, it is brilliant at healing any imbalance in your chakras and getting to the real root of the problem.

So, take a quick break, hold the amethyst in your hands and let it do its thing. Your next-level output will thank you.

6. Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine concentration crystal

Known as the money stone, if you are wanting Scrooge McDuck levels of money manifestation, then this is the crystal for you. Green Aventurine is the bringer of opportunity and what more do you need to boost your productivity than the opportunity to go and get what your heart desires.

Keep your mind open and listen to your intuition, opportunities will start to present themselves to you, all you need to do is grab them.
If money manifestation is what you want, then hold this crystal when meditating on your vision, it will add an extra boost to your universal intention.

7. Jasper

jasper crystal

If your focus is dwindling in the realms of your personal life, then Jasper is a great companion to have when thinking about your next life decision. If your current situation doesn’t inspire you, then it’s time to make some new goals and Jasper will assist you with that.

Have this stone near when you are thinking about what comes next for you. It will elicit feelings of joy and excitement in you and what more do you need when planning a new life journey?

8. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz for focus

Sometimes called the master crystal itself, clear quart is the bringer of balance, intuition, and clarity. It is considered the most powerful and versatile stone for a reason. Clear quartz is a great crystal to have in your collection and is generally one of the first to be purchased or received.

This incredible crystal is able to help you with pretty much anything, so turning its hand to focus and productivity will be a simple task. You can combine this stone with any other, as it is a lovely companion for any healing work.

Keep this crystal right at the centre of your eyeline, as it won’t just help you with focus, but it will idle away in the background and refresh your energetic field like no other.

9. Hematite

Hematite productivity crystal

This gorgeous silver crystal is a powerhouse of grounding force and serene calm. If you find yourself losing productivity because of overwhelm or just too much going on, this stone will help you find a place to start.

Take this stone and hold onto it, whilst you begin the mammoth task of prioritisation. Let it help to give you clarity and understanding of the tasks at hand.

Once you start itemizing everything in order of importance and deadlines, this little stone will continue to bring you down to earth enough to start to power through that list.

Every day, when you open up your inbox, pop this crystal in front of you and take ten minutes to prioritise and plan your day. You’ll find that this stone helps you to create worthwhile habits that will stick with you long after it has done its job and gets lost in the stationary drawer.

10. Blue Tigers Eye

Blue Tigers Eye crystal

The second Tigers Eye in the list and there’s a reason for that. Tigers Eye is a lovely stone, that brings with it tranquil energies. If you are finding that the pressure of your role is making you stressed, this crystal can tackle that problem directly.

A good suggestion is to wear a piece of jewellery around your neck, with Blue Tigers Eye set into it. This is because, much of our stress is bought about by not setting boundaries when we have too much on our plate.

This gem can help you to speak up and tell the boss that you have a lot of tasks and until you get through them, holding off on assigning you with more work, would be the best idea.

Let Blue Tigers Eye work its magic on your throat chakra, and you’ll be surprised at how positive and assertive your voice becomes.

Using Crystals To Help With Focus and Productivity

Crystals are a wonderful way to assist you in times of need. Make sure to treat them well and they will return this care 100-fold. Remember to cleanse and charge your crystals. Cleanse by submerging in water, smoke or the earth and charge by sunlight, moonlight or directly speaking to them.

Crystals are great travel companions too. Take them to the breakout room if you are afraid of distraction from talk around the coffee machine.

Take them to a presentation when you need a little extra courage. Even pop one inside your notebook for those one to ones, to give you clarity and calm.

Use these wonderful energetic crystals for focus and productivity and soon your to-do list will be utterly unrecognisable!


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