The 7 Side Effects Of Raising Your Vibration

side effects of raising your vibration

Some of the most powerful side effects of raising your vibration is that you start feeling happy, peaceful and more connected with The Universe. You will also start to manifest everything you desire deeply – not because you try hard but because you are in a receptive mode.

Most law of attraction books talk about raising your vibration if you want to attract what you desire.

The best analogy is that you can not listen to a radio station if you are not dialed into the right frequency. If you desire something bigger, something better or even just something you do not have then you have to ‘turn your own dial’.

If your habitual thoughts and emotions has you dialed into the frequency that represents what you DO you have then you need to understand that you will not attract anything different until and unless you change it.

Why Raise Your Vibration?

Most people who try to raise their vibration are doing so because they want to attract what they really want faster.

That’s okay.

In some ways this is trying to manipulate the law of attraction. So much is being said about raising your vibration that it has even ‘infiltrated’ everyday language.

When you do something ‘just’ because of what you will get out of it then you can argue that your intention is not pure.

At the back of your mind there is always that ‘root thought’ that knows you are doing it to get something back.

Raising your vibration IS an investment but the return on this investment is not necessarily that you will manifest your desires.

In fact, manifesting what you want is almost always the unexpected bonus when your intention is pure and when you raise your vibration because of how it makes you feel.

As Neville Goddard pointed out – the feeling IS the secret. When you feel good you automatically become a channel through which universal energy flows freely.

The Side Effects Of A Raised Vibration

So, how do you know that you have in fact been successful at raising your vibration? How do you ‘know’ that you are doing it right and that you are in fact in the receiving mode?

In very basic terms, when you feel good you are at a high vibration. There are of course many different levels to feeling good but you and only you can gauge how good you feel.

Below I’ve outlined 7 side effects of raising your vibration. These are telltale signs that can help you gauge your own vibration.

1. You Feel Happy For No Reason

We’ve all experienced this. You just ‘feel good’ and feel happy for no apparent reason. It’s usually a fleeting experience and comes and goes without us really paying attention as to why we feel this way.

This is one of the most obvious side effects of raising your vibration. When you raise your vibration you feel good.

This is not no much a good feeling you get because of something good that happens to you. It’s more of an inner sense of ‘just feeling good’ for no apparent reason.

There is a massive payoff for this as well.

The law of attraction dictates that when you feel good, your good feelings will summon events and circumstances that match up with those good feelings.

The result is that you attract more of the same and you attract people, events and circumstances that match up with your high vibration.

2. Inner Peace Overcomes You

Inner peace is not just something for monks high up on a mountain retreat. Inner peace is what your soul yearns for.

It is a state of being where you are completely detached from all your human needs and desires and where you can just BE.

This state of being is what you experience during deep meditation and often in certain phases of sleep.

One of the side effects of raising your vibration is that you become detached from things and stuff.

You feel good not because you got the BMW, or the house or won the lottery.

You feel good, whole, complete and life is meaningful simply because you are connected to your Higher Self.

You realize that there is no need to chase after things – things that you think ‘should’ make you happy.

You surrendered fully to something bigger than you and simply let go.

This release in and of itself will bring a sense of peace and calm into your consciousness.

3. Gratitude Becomes Automatic

Most of us grow up in a society where we learn to be thankful for what we get. It becomes a sort of conditional response.

You do something nice for me first and then I show my gratitude and thankfulness.

This works well in keeping polite society functioning.

True gratitude is not about an ‘exchange’ but a consciousness of the Divine Source.

When you start to tap into the abundance of the universe you start to realize just how much there is to be thankful for.

When you realize that at the highest level, everything that comes into your life is flowing from this endless stream of well-being.

Gratitude becomes a natural response.

It’s not a chore or some spiritual practice that you feel you have to do.

When you are tuned into the infinite you can not help but be grateful. Its like a vending machine that just keeps pouring out everything you need and more.

The side effect of raising your vibration is not so much that you become more grateful but rather that you start noticing more.

You start seeing beyond appearances and you start seeing the Divine hand in everything.

4. Compassion and Empathy

When I was a student at University we learned a lot about Abraham Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs.

One of the most important ideas I learned from that is that you can not ‘move’ to a higher level if you are stuck on a lower level.

An good example is with people who live in poverty. Their focus is only on their immediate needs and how to keep their body alive and functioning.

They can not move to higher levels to meet their spiritual needs or to reach self actualization.

When you raise your vibration, you actually ‘move up’ on Maslow’s hierarchy. With much of the insight I’ve gained over the last few years I have come to realize that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs actually also reflect our consciousness.

A higher consciousness equals a higher vibration.

You relinquish low vibration thoughts, ideas and emotions.

The result is that you move beyond the mere mundane physical needs. This is why you then start moving beyond your own needs.

Compassion and empathy become normal and natural. You start seeing your Self in other people and you realize that we are all One at the highest level.

The real irony is that once you reach this point, the fact that you do start helping, supporting and understanding others lead to you manifesting and attracting all those things you may have chased after in being for many years.

5. Increased Energy Level

Living at a low vibration drains you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One of the side effects of raising your vibration is that you have more energy.

Most people feel tired and drained all the time. They think they need more sleep or change their diet but that is rarely the problem.

When your thoughts are dominated by fear and worry you will feel drained. They are low vibration thoughts that suck the life out of you.

6. Your Sleep Dreams and Intuition Change

Your sleep and the content of your dreams can be a great indication of where you are energetically.

If you dominant vibration is low and based on fear, worry and apprehension then it will be reflected in your dreams and in the quality of your sleep.

The sleep state is really a magical time.

It is the only time when you put your body aside and shut your mind down. Your Higher consciousness has time to reconnect with you.

A powerful side effect of raising your vibration is that you start sleeping more peacefully. You have deeper sleep, you feel more rested and your dreams change.

Your dreams often start revealing things to you – and you start to actually remember your dreams more.

More synchronicity and a greater connectedness to your intuition goes hand in hand with this. Your intuition is one of your higher faculties and can not be heard or perceived when you live at a lower vibration.

7. You Manifest Your Desires Without Trying

There is a difference between raising your vibration because you want to manifest something and raising your vibration because you want to feel good.

Intention matters.

It’s the difference between being generous because it makes you feel goo and being generous out of duty or because of what you expect in return.

Your consciousness can not be tricked. It can not be fooled.

You can not be disingenuous to yourself because in the end some party of you always KNOWS.

Yes, one of the side effects of raising your vibration is that you will start to manifest your intentions and desires with ease.

Things will start showing up without you trying or having to do anything.

When you are living at a high vibration for an extended period of time you become aligned to the universe. You are in a receptive mode and you are ‘dialed into’ the frequency where you can receive what you’ve been asking for.

You may have had these intentions for a long time.

You may have tried very hard to make it happen (without much success).

You may even have given up on most of them (which is a great place to be).

Once you raise your vibration and stay there because of how good it feels, all those things that you tried for so hard and failed to manifest in the past, just start showing up with ease.

But seek ye first his kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – ‎Matthew 6:33

Make ‘Feeling Good’ Your Goal

There is a big difference between pleasure and joy. In our culture, most people confuse the two.

Everyone is chasing pleasure and wonder why they still feel unhappy.

Pleasure is what makes your mind and your body feel good.

Joy is what makes your soul feel good.

Pleasure rarely lasts for long while joy is more benevolent. Joy is when you connect with your soul’s desire and purpose.

When you raise your vibration you feel good. This good feeling is joy and not pleasure. There are many low vibration activities that can make you experience pleasure.

When you make joy and feeling good at the highest level of your being you ‘goal’ then you will get to experience the truly miraculous in your life.

It has to be the only goal though.

When you hope for or expect extras and additional benefits BECAUSE you raise your vibration then it clouds your intention and shifts your energy to a place that automatically lowers your energy.

The truly amazing side effect of raising your vibration is how it changes your consciousness.

Love, compassion, generosity and gratitude become part of who you are. They are not spiritual practices but attitudes that flow freely from within – from your new consciousness.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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