17 Signs Of Negative Energy In A House

signs of negative energy in a house

Some of the most common signs of negative energy in a house is that you instantly feel something is ‘off’. You may feel an unexplained fear, be quick to anger or even just feel down as soon as you enter that space.

There can also be many external factors that relate directly to the ‘health and wellbeing’ of the actual building.

Some houses can also still hold a lot of negative energy from traumatic past events and many refer to these houses ‘haunted’.

The negative energy in a house can affect you in many ways.

When we trace this back to the law of attraction we know that energy is everything and everything is energy.

You are energy and your own energy field is in a constant state of flux.

Entering a space with a very low energy can affect your own energy and if you are sensitive enough you will feel this almost immediately.

The Effects of The Energy in A Home

I first became very interested in this idea of energy in spaces when I visited Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam.

You could almost sense the energy when you walked into the space. I felt that same energy in many of the old churches in Europe and many of the sacred spaces had a certain ‘heaviness’ in the air that you can’t quite explain yet it had a profound emotional impact on me.

What was that energy or that presence that affects us when we go into these spaces that ‘saw’ a lot of grief, sadness, tragedy or even torture?

Could it be that some of that energy stays behind in the space long after the events and people that caused it?

Some energy certainly stays behind in a space. I don’t quite believe that ‘spirits’ occupy spaces in the physical realm although this has been well documented.

When I refer to negative energy in a house I am talking about external energy that somehow impacts your own personal energy.

The spaces we occupy have a profound effect on our physical, emotional and energetic well being.

The Chinese practice of feng shui has been around for thousands of years and recognizes the fact that there is an energy in a space that is created, affected and influenced by a myriad of factors.

Creating a peaceful, relaxing and supportive space where you feel good can affect your life and your own well being in some profound ways.

There are some very common signs of negative energy in a house. Identifying it is often enough to change it.

In some cases there is an energy in the home that you can’t change. One example is in homes where vicious crimes were committed. There tends to be a negative energy that lingers even if you do a complete makeover.

Here are the 17 signs of negative energy in a house, a work space or even an entire building.

The 17 Signs Of Negative Energy In A House

Negative energy in a house can be caused by a number of different things. Some of it is created by you and some of it is an energy that is already present in that space.

Negative energy that is created and ‘transferred’ to the space can easily be changed by changing your own energy.

Positive energy is infinitely more powerful than negative energy and change is often much easier than you think.

Identifying the cause of negative energy in a house is important because knowing the cause(s) is essential in creating a peaceful, loving, harmonious and inspiration living space.

1. Feeling Uncomfortable

We’ve all experienced this feeling of walking into a space and feeling uncomfortable. If you are more sensitive to energy then you probably feel this more often and are more aware of it.

We can’t always put our finger on it but some spaces just feel weird, gives you the creeps or just instantly makes you feel down.

This is usually a sign of negative energy – especially if your energy is at a higher vibration.

2. Unexplained/Uncommon Fear

I once spent the night in an old 7 bedroom house overlooking Liverpool Cathedral. That was one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life!

I felt real terror and fear like I’ve never felt before. I am not the kind of person who get afraid easily but that night will not be forgotten soon.

The next day the landlord told me that the house used to be part of the church grounds and that terrible things happened there in the 1900’s.

No wonder!

If you feel an unexplained fear in a house then it could be much more than just your imagination. It could well be because of the negative energy in the house.

3. Insomnia and Sleeplessness

There are many things that contribute to insomnia and sleeplessness. Most of the time it is mental and emotional issues but do not discount negative energy in a house as a potential reason.

Negative energy can affect you profoundly when it comes to sleep time – when you finally come to rest.

4. Friends and Family Feel ‘Unwelcome’

When people have a low energy we tend to want to avoid them. It does not feel good and being around them often drags us down.

This is also true for spaces and places. When there is negative energy in house others would want to avoid it.

They won’t feel welcome. They won’t feel good.

Friends and family often want to avoid coming over, staying over or even visiting. They probably don;t do this consciously either. Energetically they just feel compelled to avoid the space.

5. Relationship Problems

While negative energy can affect us personally, it can also affect our relationships. A home is so much more than just a building or a collection of living spaces.

It is the ‘stage’ where your life plays out on a daily basis.

When there is negative energy in those spaces it affects our behaviour significantly.

While negative energy won;’t directly cause relationship problems it can often contribute to it in a subtle way.

Conversely, when there are a lot of arguments, animosity and fighting creates a lot of negative energy in a home.

6. Financial Problems

Financial problems can cause a lot of stress and arguments in relationships and in the home. Financial problems are often an indirect cause of negative energy in a house.

Money is a life force and something that we all need to live life.

When money becomes the subject of arguments it can affect us energetically and lower our vibration quite quickly.

7. Feeling Fatigued

A house with a low energy can leave you feeling drained and fatigued. No amount of sleep can help with fatigue.

It is a mental and emotional lack of energy.

Our energy comes mostly from the way we think and feel. When you feel inspired, passionate and joyful you have boundless energy.

Fatigue is the opposite of that.

While fatigue is not directly a sign of negative energy in a house it can most certainly be a contributing factor.

If you constantly feel the need to leave the house and can’t stand spending any significant time at home because it leaves you feeling uninspired and drained then it could well be because of the negative energy.

8. Feeling Stressed

When you are very stressed you actually lower your own vibration. This is a low level energy that is filled with fear.

This energy can be transferred into a space and into a house or workplace.

Sometimes you walk into a workplace and you can almost feel the stress in the air. You can see it in people’s faces, in their movements and in their body language.

The energy of stress can permeate a space and affect everyone in that space.

9. Mood Swings

If you experience unexplained mood swings – especially if you’;ve never really had it then it could have something to do with the energy in your living spaces.

When you have dips in your own (high) vibration then the negative energy that may be present in the house can affect you and cause fluctuations in your own mood.

10. Lack of Concentration and Focus

Are you finding it really hatred to concentrate and focus? One of the telltale signs of negative energy in a house is the inability to focus and concentrate.

You feel discomfort for no real reason. You feel uneasy and there is always something that seems to distract you.

Spaces that are poorly ventilated, has poor light or that are cluttered and small can affect us profoundly.

11.Restless Pets and/or Kids

As adults we learn to “be in this world” and in doing that we lose much of our intuition. We learn to suck it up and accept it.

Children and pets however are still very much in tune with their intuition.

They are often much more sensitive to negative energy. One of the signs of negative energy in a house is when you pets or your children are uncomfortable for no apparent reason.

Your kids might have trouble sleeping (out of the ordinary), they may be afraid (out of the ordinary) or your dog might be barking or edgy at ‘no one’ for no real reason.

12. Frequent Illness

A house can make you sick. On the one level it can make you sick emotionally if the spaces are dull, gloomy and poorly ventilated with natural light.

It can also make you sick physically. Houses can have mold, dust and toxins in the air that can make you sick physically.

We can’t always see these things but it has a very negative energy that will affect your health and well being.

13. Pests Infiltrate

When a home gets infiltrated by pests of any kind it can greatly affect the energy in that space. Rats, mice, fleas etc. seek out ‘unclean’ spaces.

Most pests pose a health risk to people and when pests are allowed to infiltrate a space it quickly becomes unfit for human use.

Any house that has pest problems will have a negative energy and getting rid of pests should be a priority.

14. Clutter Filled Spaces

Clutter is one of the most obvious signs of negative energy in a house. A cluttered house reflects a cluttered mind.

Clutter is often the inability to let go of things.

Not being able to let go of your past allows your mind to fill up with useless junk. Your thoughts become cluttered and you lack clarity and focus.

15. Stuffy and Gloomy

When you walk into a house that is stuffy and gloomy it feels unpleasant. Our minds and bodies need light and air.

It makes us feel comfort both physically and emotionally.

Very little light and air is one of the most obvious signs of negative energy in a house.

16. Sensing a Presence

We’ve all had the experience of sensing some sort of presence when we ‘know’ that there is nobody else in the house.

The presence of ‘spirits’ or beings from another realm has been the subject of many movies, documentaries and theories.

There certainly has been enough encounters and so-called sightings to provide evidence that there could at least be some presence in some places.

If you consistently sense a presence and it makes you feel uncomfortable then it can be a sign of negative energy in a house – possible negative energy that has some sort of major event connected to it.

17. Shadows Lurking

In a similar vein to sensing a presence you could be seeing shadows lurking in your peripheral vision from time to time.

If you are sensitive to seeing energy in other people you could very be able to see the energy in a home.

If you see dark shadows then it is usually signs of negative energy in a house. If you see radiant, rainbow-like bright colours it usually is a positive energy.

What Can You Do About Negative Energy In A House?

So, what can you do when you see any of these signs of negative energy in a house? Do you call an exorcist? Do you move? Do you demolish the house?

In most cases you do not have to go to such extreme measures.

While negative energy can affect you and your own energy field (or aura) you are ultimately always in control of your own energy.

The way you think and feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually will ultimately dictate your own energy. The collective energy of everyone in your home will dictate the collective energy in that home.

When you walk into a home where there is a lot of love and joy it hits you almost immediately.

If you’ve identified negative energy in your house based on the signs above then there are some simple steps you can take to change this negative energy to something more positive.

Here are some basic tips:

  • Remove the source of the negative energy if possible: things like poor ventilation, clutter or even pests can easily be dealt with.
  • Address issues that may lead to negative energy: arguments, financial issues or even marital strive should be dealt with as it creates an air of negative energy in the home
  • Remodelling and Refreshing: A lick of new paint, some new carpets and opening up some space can do wonders for how it feels inside a house.
  • Energy Cleansing: Many energy healers can help you cleanse the negative energy in your home.
  • Feng Shui: There are many Feng Shui consultants who can help you use these ancient principles for creating positive energy in your house.
  • Music: One of the oldest and most effective ways to lift our mood is through music. Having calm, relaxing or uplifting music play in the home as soft background music can lift the entire mood of the house.
  • Raise your own vibration: The most powerful way to bring more positive energy into your house is to raise your own vibration and to bring the positive energy yourself. It tends to rub off on everyone else and before you know it the entire vibe in your house is different.


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