15 Signs of Negative Energy Around You

signs of negative energy around you

The signs of negative energy around you can be very obvious in the people, events and circumstances that you attract into your life.

It can also be more subtle and be reflected in the dominant emotions and attitudes you have in life.

In James Allen’s powerful little book As a Man Thinketh he says that your circumstances in life do not make you but they reveal you.

When you look at your life , what you are, what you have it is without fail a reflection of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

We are energetic beings and our lives are not dictated by a Deity as many believed in ancient times.

Your life is decided and dictated by your energy.

As a human being you have the ultimate power and that is the power to control and direct your own energy.

What Is Negative Energy And How Does It Affect Us

Human beings are energetic beings. On a subatomic level you are made up of a mass of energy.

While you may appear to be a physical being, you are really a vibrational being made up of molecules at a very high rate of vibration.

While we can see and touch your physical form, you have an invisible body – an energy body that extends well beyond the boundaries of your physical body.

This energy body is often referred to as an aura and is an energy field that you emit through the energy centers (or chakras) in your body.

This energy field can be as big as 3 to 5 meters around you and while most people can not see it, we can all feel it – and more importantly we can all see its effects in our lives and also the lives of others.

The best analogy to help us understand energy fields and auras is that it is like the wind. You can not see the wind but you can see its effects.

You can see the leaves blowing, the trees moving and you can feel it in your hair and on your skin.

While you may not be able to see your own or any other person’s energy around them you can feel it, sense it and almost always see it through what materializes in yours or their life.

The energy you emit has a vibration and we commonly refer to this as ‘vibes’. You can easily sense someone’s vibe.

This vibration that you emit not only affects how others perceive you but it is the very energy that either attracts or repels things to you and your life.

Energy attracts like energy.

You will never attract anything that is not in harmony with your predominant vibration.

The signs of negative energy around you will not just be reflected in your negative vibe (that others can sense) but the negative energy will be reflected in every aspect of your outer world.

On a basic level, your thoughts and emotions dictate your vibration but your energy field is a complex mix of that that your mind, body, intellect and spirit is in at any given point in time.

I would highly recommend you look at the Radiant Human project by an artist who documents human energy fields. Her work is based on the ground-breaking Kirlian photography from the 1940’s

So, signs of negative energy around you? It can reveal itself in many different ways. It can be negative energy that you emit, that others emit or even negative energy in certain environments.

Negative energy vibrates at low frequencies.

In basic terms, low frequency energy feels bad. It also attracts more negativity which usually comes in the form of bad experiences manifesting in your life.

Learning to identify signs of negative energy around you is one of the most important steps because without an awareness you can not change.

Becoming aware of negative energy in yourself, your environment and the people around you can help you make the shift.

The 15 Signs of Having Negative Energy Around You

When you have negative energy around you it is almost always the result of the way you think and feel.

The challenge is that most of what we think and feel is habitual.

We are not even consciously aware that we are the real cause of what many deem to be misfortunes, bad luck or coincidence.

Whether it is you, the people in your life or your environment, negative energy simply can not attract anything positive into your life.

Here are 15 signs of negative energy around you. Use it to help you identify where the negativity lies in yourself or others and use the awareness to initiate change.

1. You Constantly Attract ‘Bad Luck’ and Misfortunes

If you always have bad luck, if misfortunes keep following you and things always go wrong to you then it is not some randomness.

It happens to you by law.

Your vibration is emitting a frequency that is in harmony with these bad things happening to you. People who believe they have ‘bad luck’ always have bad luck because that is the thought vibration they emit.

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

People who believe that they are fortunate, that life is serving and supporting them and that life is happening for them always seem to have ‘good luck’.

If you always have ‘bad luck’ it is a clear sign of negative energy around you. Your beliefs (ingrained thoughts) emit a frequency that attracts what you don’t want on a conscious level.

2. People Avoid You

One of the telltale signs of negative energy around you is the fact that people deliberately avoid you.

In modern culture we call these people ‘energy vampires’ because they suck the energy right out of you.

People who complain a lot, offload all their many problems on to you at the first opportunity and people who do not have a good words to say about others all fall into this category.

Most people are naturally drawn to people who have great energy. Being around someone with great energy FEELS GOOD.

When people don’t feel good around you they simply would not want your company.

3. Kids and Animals Avoid You

Children and animals are acutely aware of vibrations in people. As human beings we learn how to behave and respond as we get older.

Children however are still very instinctive.

If someone enters the room with a good energy kids will have no problem running up to them and being around them.

If someone enters the room with a negative energy, kids will avoid them. Animals are very much the same since they too pick up on vibrations much more easily than a ‘trained’ adult.

I can easily see the signs of negative energy around someone by the way my kids respond to them.

4. You Attract Negative and Destructive People

When you keep attracting negative and destructive people into your life it is usually a sign of negative energy around you.

Like energy attracts like energy.

Negative people in your life often leads you down a spiral of negativity. Because they bring more negativity into your environment and your thoughts it creates more of that negative energy within you.

One of the best ways to get rid of negative people in your life is not to kick them out or to avoid them.

Focus on yourself and your own energy. Your new positive vibration will ‘kick them out’ in a positive and non destructive way.

5. You Are Angry and/or Frustrated

One of the most prominent ways in which negative energy in a person reveals itself is through anger.

Angry people are not angry because of the events and circumstances in their lives. They are not angry because of their personality either (although it often becomes that).

Anger causes an angry vibration.

Can’t you just sense when someone is angry? You don’t even have to talk to them. You can just sense it because anger has such a strong negative vibration.

6. You Are Fearful of Many Things and Worry A Lot

People who are chronic worriers and who live with anxiety live at a very low vibration. Fear and worry vibrate at very low frequencies.

You can just tell when you are around someone who worries a lot or someone who is fearful of everything.

They tend to be ‘on edge’ and their nervousness and anxiety makes you feel those same emotions.

We all have fears and worries.

The problem is when you start to indulge and overindulge in fear and worry that it takes over your vibration.

This will manifest as a negative energy around you.

7. You Are Sad and Depressed

Sadness and depression is very similar to fear and anxiety but tend to be an even lower vibration.

If joy is one of the highest vibrations that emit a very positive energy then sadness and depression is the exact opposite.

Sadness and depression can be caused by many things – some more debilitating than others.

Sadness and depression is a very clear sign of negative energy around you and it is often reflected in the fact that people generally avoid sad and depressed people because being in their company does not feel good.

This is by no means a reason to avoid people who are sad or depressed. They are the very people who need your good energy the most.

8. You Feel Guilty and/or Blame Yourself

We all make mistakes in life. Some mistakes have greater consequences than others.

Guilt can really eat you up inside.

I’ve made some bad business decisions earlier in my life and seeing the pain it caused my family made me feel just horrible.

Nothing drags your vibration down more than guilt. Blaming yourself or even blaming someone else creates a negative energy around you and it can be very destructive.

The sooner you can embrace the energy of forgiveness the sooner you can release guilt and blame.

9. You Always Feel You Have To Be Right

The go can be a very dominant force in your life and in your personality. The ego is basically the idea that you have of yourself.

The ego always wants to be right. It always wants to be better than, faster than, smarter than and more successful than anyone else.

The ego wants to dominate others (and even your Higher Self).

A strong ego is usually a sign of negative energy around you because the ego lives only for itself. It has no interest in giving, gratitude or in peace.

10. You Constantly Judge and Criticize Others

Gossip can be fun and is often an innocent way for people to bond and build rapport.

When you are constantly judging and criticizing others though then it is a sign of negative energy around you.

Your judgements and criticism of others does not define them. It reflects you and your own thoughts and energy.

11. Events and Circumstances Push Your Buttons

We’ve all seen people who just go off at the smallest things. Some people go crazy when the barista forgot the sugar in their coffee.

When you have a lot of negative energy it is like an open wound.

Just a little tickle and you feel it – it is very sensitive.

If your buttons are easily pushed – if you are quick to get angry or to react then it is most likely a sign of negative energy around you.

12. You Have a Lot Of Bad Dreams and Nightmares

The content of our dreams reveal a lot about our own energy. While dreams don’t always reflect your energy, it does reveal a lot about your energy.

If you are content, at peace and loving your life your dreams look very different from when you are stressed, angry and depressed.

Examine your own dreams. If it is filled with nightmares and visions of doom and gloom then it is usually a sign of negative energy in your life.

13. You Take Pleasure In Humiliating Others

People who like to put others down and especially those who like to humiliate others for the sake of ‘humor’ usually do so to satisfy their own inadequacies.

These people have a low vibration because what they take delight in reflects their innermost feelings and desires.

Humiliating others and getting pleasure out of it is a sign of negative energy around you seeking expression.

14. You Constantly Reach for Things To Make You Feel Better

Addictions have taken over our modern life. If its not something destructive like mind-altering drugs then it is video games, TV and social media.

They all have the same premise which is that they act as a distraction to make you feel good in some way.

If you feel good within yourself then you won’t need something from outside to feel better.

If you constantly feel the need for something to make you feel better then it is usually a signs of negative energy around you.

Always remember that your Soul loves you. It wants you to live at the highest vibrations possible.

It is that part of you that is craving for ‘feeling good’ and being at a high vibration.

15. You Don’t Like Being By Yourself

This is a big one. Voltaire once said that all of humanity’s problems stem from people’s inability to sit quietly by themselves.

Once you are alone with your thoughts, with no other distractions you are forced to look within.

If you really like YOU then being by yourself will be blissful and something you crave.

People who always need others around them tend to need someone else’s energy to ‘feed off’. They are afraid to look in the mirror and to look within – fearing the negative energy they may see.

If you don’t like being by yourself then it might be a sign of negative energy around you.

Being by yourself does not refer to being lonely. It refers to having quit time for reflection and introspection.

Examining your own life, your Self and really contemplating your existence can be therapeutic and is vital to self care.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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