Be the Energy You Want to Attract – Meaning

be the energy you want to attract meaning

Be the energy you want to attract means that you have to align your thoughts, beliefs and emotions with what you want to attract into your life.

Your thoughts, your beliefs and ultimately your actions all combine to make up what is referred to as your ‘energy’.

We all have an energy body that radiates out around us beyond our physical bodies.

While we can not perceive it with the naked eye we can all feel it. We can measure bio-electromagnetic fields around a person using (Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices).

We can all feel the presence of someone else in the room or close to you.

Most people can also sense the ‘quality’ of someone’s energy. If someone gives you ‘the creeps’ it is usually their energy that is of a very low vibration.

To attract anything into your life, ultimately you have to BE the energy you want to attract. This is often easier said than done. It is quite a hard concept to fully grasp. It can be even harder to put into practice.

The real challenge that we all face is that our way of being is habitual. More than 90% of your daily life is driven by habit and your thoughts and actions are not conscious choices but a habitual pattern.

Your ‘way of being’ is mostly unconscious. It is a scary thought but if you sit down and really think about it you will see just how true it is.

To be the energy you want to attract you will obviously need to change your way of being. You can not be what you where and hope to attract something new.

To attract something new you will need to change the way you are. This means that you will need to change your thoughts. This will allow you to change the way you feel and ultimately the way you are.

Every thought you think has an energy. Every emotion you experience has an energy. We all have emotions that we are addicted to. Even the “bad” emotions can be an addiction because they are familiar.

You will most often choose a familiar past over an uncertain future even if the past is what you want to change. Familiarity is comfort and comfort is what the unconscious mind craves.

How Do You Change Your Energy?

To align your energy with what you wish to attract you need to realise the most important thing and that is this: Where you are today is the result of what you were thinking and feeling IN THE PAST.

Unless and until you change the way you are thinking and feeling, nothing will change.

There are 3 simple (but not easy) ways to change your energy to align with what you wish to attract.

1. Your Thoughts

What are you thinking about MOST of the time? Becoming aware of your thoughts is incredibly important. Which thoughts dominate your mind on a daily basis? Stop right now and give this some consideration. What is it that you think about most of the time?

Chances are that these thoughts are in direct contradiction with what you want to attract. It may not be obvious because you may be be thinking about wanting to attract your soulmate. Your thoughts may be on the fear of not attracting him or her? Or the fear of being alone forever or the fear of not being good enough for him or her.

Start by becoming aware of your thoughts. You need to start self regulating your thoughts. This is why visualization and affirmations are important. It helps to direct your thoughts.

2. Your Emotions

The real value of changing your thoughts is that it changes your emotions. Your emotional state will always be a reflection of your dominant thoughts.

The way you feel is everything.

Emotion is energy. To be the energy you want to attract you need to align your emotions with what you want in your life.

Want to attract money? Feel good about it. Feel excited about attracting money into your life. Feel happy for others who have a lot of money. Feel grateful for the money you already have in your life.

Look at whatever you want to manifest or attract into your life and start building positive and empowering emotions around it. It is impossible to attract anything into your life that you do not have a positive emotion about.

3. Your Physiology

Your body and your physical energy is vitally important – not just from a health point of view. The way you use your body not only affects your emotional state but it can create your energy.

Think of someone who is depressed: they walk, talk and act a certain way. Similarly, someone who is happy and energetic will have a vastly different physiology.

Breathing is something that almost all meditation practices use as a way to help change your energy. Its a simple thing that you can do anywhere and any time to help center yourself and bring your energy back into alignment.

Like Attracts Like

We’ve all heard this many times before but it actually goes beyond just the cliched saying. You will always attract more of what you are like.

Happy and successful people attract happy and successful people. Unhappy people attract unhappy people.

From an energy point of view this is also true. The concept of resonance dictates that if something that vibrating at a certain frequency it will align with other objects that vibrate at that frequency – and even amplify the vibration.

You are not a physical being. You are a mass of energy that is at a high rate of vibration. So is everything else in the universe.

Everything is energy.

Like attracts like.

What you are attracting into your life will always reveal to you the true nature of your being (your thoughts and feelings)

The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state… Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.

– James Allen

How to BE what you want to attract

We all want a lot of things in out life. The problem is that wants are weak. A want has not attractive force because it is an energy that is often weak and accompanied by an emotion of longing and lack.

So, how can you BE something that you are not (yet)? Realize that what you are is mostly a decision. No characteristic about yourself is fixed or given to you at birt. Things like being shy, or stupid or disorganized ec. are all just beliefs.

A belief is a thought that you keep thinking. If you think it often enough consciously, it become unconscious. That is how you become bound by beliefs.

To change your beliefs you have to start changing your thoughts.

When you change your thoughts you change your feelings. When your feelings change your energy changes and what you attract WILL change.

To BE the energy you want to attract you simply have to sit down and see it in your life. Feel how you would feel when it is in your life. If you can make this feeling real and vivid in your mind, the emotion will start to draw it into your life.

Energy attracts like energy.

In the beginning this can be incredibly hard because you might have to overcome a lot of habitual emotions. Stay with it because you will get better. Its about training your mind to think one way instead of another.

When your habitual thinking aligns with what you want to attract then things will come to you easily – not because you are trying hard but because your energy is aligned.

Don’t spend any time working on “becoming” anything. This is something that will keep you trapped in some unknown future.

BE IT. Create the feelings here and now. Be present and use your imagination to create your life.

The only things that can grow in your life is that which you give your energy and your attention to.


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