How to Tell if Your Third Eye Is Open

How to Tell if Your Third Eye Is Open

The easiest way to tell if your third eye is open is when your intuition starts to dominate in your life. You will have a new and different perception of life and the content of your thoughts, dreams and emotions will change dramatically.

Life is not about what we see. It is all about perception. It is what your mind and emotions make of what you see and how your inner elf interprets the information from the outside world.

Your third eye gives you a unique perspective on everything.

Have you been feeling any mysterious changes within yourself that you can’t logically explain? Maybe your gut feelings about certain events are getting stronger and more frequent, or you’re feeling a sort of pressure buildup in your head.

If that sounds like you, your third eye might be opening.

The third eye is an invisible ‘eye’ that allows us to see past ordinary everyday ‘sights’ and perceptions.

It is associated with the Ajna chakra, the sixth chakra located in the middle of the forehead.

The word “Ajna” means either “command” or “perceive” in Sanskrit, offering the meaning that the third eye lets us both sense different things and act on what we sense.

It’s considered a gateway for spiritual energy as it serves as a sensor for energies and vibrations that we may come across.

This chakra is associated with intuition, imagination, and wisdom; in short, the third eye is meant to give us the ability to see and focus on the big picture.

Some get anxious or even scared about their third eye opening because of the mystery that surrounds it.

While there are benefits to having an open third eye, there are also drawbacks that, since neither of them can be logically nor scientifically explained, are considered dangerous.

That being said, there’s no reason to panic if you start seeing the signs of yours being open. Many people on a spiritual journey can get freak out a bit when some of these songs start to happen to them.

Some people even open their third eye unconsciously through certain life events or even thought a spiritual Satori.

6 Ways To Tell If Your Third Eye Is Open

You will know when your third eye is open. Your unique insight into life and everyday situations will most likely be very different from most people around you.

A spiritual awareness and understanding of life is impossible if your third eye is open.

The metaphor that we see used in almost every spiritual text of your ‘eyes being opened’ and you now being able to ‘see’ for the first time are all references to the opening of the third eye.

There are many different ‘levels’ to having it open and the more open it is the more you get to peer into the true nature of life, this universe and God.

Here are six ways to tell if your third eye is open to help give you some guidance. Your best guide however is still your intuition which at this very moment is telling you whether your third eye is open of not..

1. Physical manifestations

One of the more obvious ways to tell if your third eye is open is a pulsing sensation in the center of your forehead, between the eyebrows, since this is the spot where it’s located.

If you’re feeling a slight pulse or a sense that something’s expanding there, it could be your third eye opening.

You’d imagine that having another eye would have an effect on vision, and that’s exactly what it could feel like as well. You can feel more sensitive to lights and see colors more brightly or vibrantly.

You could also have frequent headaches, ranging from slight twinges to more intense aches.

The third eye senses energies, so sensing a lot of it at once can be uncomfortable. It’s pain from an energy overload, the same way you’d get a headache from staring at bright lights for too long.

2. Frequent lucid and/or vivid dreams

Dreams can seem more real when your third eye is open. You may wake up wondering if you actually did what you did in those dreams in real life—that’s how real it felt. You could feel like you’re awake and aware that you’re dreaming even during the dream itself.

For unbalanced third eyes, this can manifest through vivid nightmares.

Either way, dreams become clearer, as if your physical body is connected to the dreams themselves.

It’s important to be open to finding out the meanings of dreams because they could be things that your intuition is trying to tell you.

Healing can also come from finding meaning in vivid dreams, especially if it teaches you something about yourself that you might not have unlocked in your waking state.

3. You feel things beyond the five senses

Having an open third eye means gaining a sixth sense; you’ll be able to experience things that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.

It’s one of the most commonly known effects of having an open third eye. When people think of the spiritual and mystical, they associate these with people who see and hear things that aren’t there, and in a way, they can be correct.

Like the senses of sight and hearing, the third eye processes the information that it receives through sensing it (which none of the other five senses can pick up). In the case of the third eye, unlike ordinary vision, it can perceive things like energies, intuition, and the like.

Have you ever walked into a room and then felt like something was off about the energies inside? Ever met a new person and then immediately felt like you associated them with a particular aura color?

The sixth sense lets you transcend the physical plane into a broader one by giving you the ability to feel things that others don’t.

It connects you to something else, higher energies that wouldn’t be perceivable by those with blocked or unopened third eyes.

4. Increased foresight and intuition

Another way you can tell that your third eye is open is by finding out whether you’ve developed an increased sense of foresight and intuition.

Foresight, or being able to get a feel of what will happen in the future, is a common association that people make with the third eye.

This is what fortune-tellers in movies supposedly do, and while it can seem silly and difficult to accept at first, it’s important to realize that it doesn’t have to be anything like pop culture makes it look.

For example, during a conversation with a friend, you could have an inkling of what they’re about to say next. You could also be planning to go to a particular place but feel like you shouldn’t (for some reason that you can’t logically explain).

In both cases, your intuition is at work. In some cases, it could even give you clairvoyance, or visions of the future.

These visions might not make sense at the time (maybe it involves people you don’t know or situations you’ve never been in), but have you ever experienced massive déjà vu when something happened to you because you distinctly remember having seen it before?

If you have, it might be your third eye using your intuition to show you what’ll happen in the future for reasons you may not be aware of yet.

What’s important to remember is that intuition gives you a peek into the future to give you a better handle on what to do next. Having an open third eye gives you a chance to trust your gut and let it guide you towards better life choices.

5. Gradual positive changes in your life

If your third eye is open, you might notice that you’ve gradually been making better choices for yourself. That’s because having this sixth sense of a broader, bigger picture lets you see things from a new perspective.

Clarity of thought is one way to tell if your third eye is open. It can help you solve problems that you found impossible to fix before – maybe because you found solutions that seem obvious now but didn’t seem to be available at the time.

Things will seem clearer and you’ll have a better handle of the grander scheme of the universe (compared to which your problems now suddenly seem incredibly solvable).

You’ll be able to filter out all the noise and be able to see life and your problems as what they are, not what they seemed to be in your head.

It’s not just an internal thing, too. If you’re noticing that your attitude towards people has improved as well, it could be your third eye inspiring change in your relationships.

You might be more patient, tolerant, and compassionate since your thoughts are clearer and more focused on the big picture now.

If people or situations that may have bothered you in the past suddenly seem insignificant to you, it’s a sign that you’re gaining a sense of what truly matters in life (without all of the noise).

All in all, an open third eye might be what’s guiding you to make healthier life choices.

6. A heightened sense of self

Lastly, in connection with seeing the bigger picture, you can tell your third eye is open if you are suddenly looking for a higher purpose and meaning to your life.

You may have a better connection with the universe now, which lets you see yourself as part of the grander scheme of it.

Maybe you’ve started having second thoughts about your career path or are considering a new passion that you think might be your life’s purpose.

In Closing

If you feel like you’ve been trying to seek your true calling recently, it might be a sign that you’re sensing a higher sense of self because of an open third eye.

If you’re experiencing a few or all of the above signs, it’s highly likely that your third eye has opened.

As we said, there’s no reason to panic, but the important part of having this increased intuition and new senses is to trust in them.

Your intuition won’t lead you into situations that’ll bring you harm. It does the opposite and guides you into making better choices for yourself and your future.

So, if you can tell that your third eye is open, don’t be afraid of it.

Listen to what it tells you and allow it to bring you into a brighter future ahead.


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