How to Manifest Something on Paper

how to manifest something on paper

Learning how to manifest something on paper is about using the scientifically proven strategy of writing, seeing and touching an idea put into physical form on a piece of paper.

When you think about it, the very act of writing an idea down on paper is a creation in itself.

The intangible thought becomes visible and tangible on paper.

This may not put the dollar bills in your pocket, the lover in your bed or the Ferrari in your driveway but it is still part of the creative process.

The Secret and many commercial interpretations of the law of attraction loosely translate the idea of manifesting and places all the focus on thoughts.

Thoughts become things, right?

While that is true it fails to address the fact that without sustained thoughts on a single idea you will never manifest the thought.

It explains why most people keep manifesting what they already have or what they fear the most because these thoughts make up their ‘sustained thoughts’.

When you start using writing as a tool for manifestation you can change that.

The Power of Writing Something on Paper

Putting pen to paper is a powerful process. It is a process that is backed up by a lot of scientific study. A 2011 study involved a number of Neurophysiologists who wanted to look at the differences between writing and typing.

The study revealed some fascinating facts and it underlines some of the ideas that many teachers and experts have known experientially.

When you write something down by hand, your brain receives feedback from the motor actions of writing and the sensations of touching pen and paper.

The process of learning (or unlearning) something involves ‘doing’ and actively engaging the brain allows for faster and more long term memory to come into play.

When you write something down the brain is actively engaged. This creates a focus that is simply not there when we passively observe something or passively allow our thoughts to drift.

During the above mentioned study, participants were taught an unfamiliar alphabet. Those who learned through writing performed better in every aspect of recollection.

The activity of writing something on paper, the motor action, the visual connection and the sensory perception of holding the pen, touching the paper and actively perceivoing the letters and words makes for a powerful potion in conditioning the mind.

So what does this all have to do with manifesting?

Learning how to manifest something on paper starts with understanding that the act of writing down ideas and thoughts is the start of manifestation.

Turning a thought or idea into words on paper through your own actions of writing is a manifestation in itself.

It gives reality to an idea and a thought that is undefined, unclear and often changing and mutating in your mind.

Once it’s written down it becomes defined.

It becomes real.

Why You Can Manifest Something Faster on Paper

Why is it important that you write down what you want to manifest? The idea of goal setting has been around for a long time.

Having thoughts and ideas of what you want in life tends to be fleeting. Thoughts can quickly evade your consciousness and we often have moments of clarity, purpose and inspiration.

The thoughts and ideas you have during these moments are incredibly important because they usually flow from your Higher Self.

Life can quickly get in the way. Life can quickly distract you and snap you back to ‘reality’.

However, when you write down these ideas, these desires and these inspirations you ‘lock them in’. It’s been said that ideas are like slippery fish. You have to use the sharp end of a pen to pin them down.

When it comes to manifesting, writing it down and putting your intentions, your desires and your goals down on paper is essential.

Not only does it help you manifest faster but it often makes the difference between manifesting your desires and simply daydreaming.

You may have an idea of what you want to be, do or have in life but if it’s not written down then it remains an idea.

There are 5 main reasons why manifesting works by writing it down on paper.

1. Helps You Create Clarity and Intention

When you write down your desires and you start thinking more deeply on what you want to manifest you start to really gain clarity.

When you get really clear on exactly what you want to manifest, it becomes so much easier.

Gaining clarity is a process though and it is a process that can not happen in your head alone. When you write it down, you speak it out loud, you see it on paper and you feel it while writing there is a dynamic that gets set into motion.

When you get very clear on exactly what you want you create an intention.

earning how to manifest something on paper starts with this process of creating an intention and understanding what it is that you really want to manifest.

2. An Indispensable Tool For Visualization

Words are incredibly powerful because they can create images in your mind. The idea of visualization is an important concept in manifesting.

Most people try to visualize what they want to manifest by closing their eyes and trying to imagine it.

That is really hard.

Some people try and visualize by using pictures from magazines and creating vision boards. That may help but the mind is smart – it knows that those pictures are not yours.

Using words is by far the easiest way to visualize.

When you read a good novel, the words come alive because you can build an image of the words in your mind.

You can do the same by using a pen and paper to create your own visualizations by simply writing down what you want in your life.

As you write, you really start thinkinging in terms of visual images.

You can make it very personal and very specific to you and your life. To manifest something on paper you quite literally have to create a story where you write the script.

3. Highly Effective Way To Reprogram The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is in control of most of your thinking. Consciously you might want to manifest more money or a better job.

Your habitual thoughts might be very different and the subconscious will always revert to these habitual thoughts.

Through repetition you can ‘reprogram’ these habitual thoughts. Repetition is the way we learn. It is also the way we unlearn.

When you repeat affirmations in your mind it certainly does work but when you write them out repeatedly you speed up the process of change.

There is another interesting fact that comes to play when you write down what you want to manifest or change in your life.

The subconscious mind recognizes your own handwriting as yours – as that which belongs to you.

4. Allows Your Mind To Focus Effortlessly

One of the biggest challenges that we all face with manifesting is that we are not able to sustain the focus on a specific idea for long enough.

Sustained focus on what you DO want is the simple yet complex truth of manifesting anything.

Before you know it your mind drifts and it usually drifts to your fears and the evidence of your current reality.

Learning how to manifest something on paper forces you to focus and to remove the distractions that causes resistant thoughts.

When you write out your intentions or affirmations and you are fully present it gently forces your mind to focus since you can not hold more than one thought at a time.

5. Creates a Commitment

When an idea or a desire exists only in your mind it remains that – an idea or even a dream.

The instant you put it down on paper you make it real.

Keeping ideas and desires in your mind is a cop-out in many ways.

When you write it down and you create an intention it becomes a commitment.

The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. Unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

– J.W. Goethe

Writing down your intentions and committing to them does not guarantee they will manifest but it is an essential step in starting to manifest something on paper.

4 Powerful Strategies To Manifest Something On Paper

There are many highly effective strategies on how to manifest something on paper. While the basic premise of using writing as a tool is the same, the focus between these strategies are slightly different.

The 4 most common strategies or methods are:

1. Repetitive Writing

I’ve written extensively about this idea of using repetitive writing as a manifestation tool.

I first discovered this strategy when I was a student. I started learning and studying by writing instead of just reading.

Within one semester my marks improved dramatically and at the end of my 5 years at uni I accumulated more than 40 distinctions out of 52 subjects.

I don;t mention this to boast about being smart. It simply highlights just how powerful this strategy of repetitive writing is in ‘getting information into your mind’.

Those who learn through writing not only learn 3 times faster but they retain the information for longer and in more detail.

Learning how to manifest something on paper through repetitive writing uses the same process but in a much more powerful way.

Like an affirmation, the repetitive nature of the process helps the mind to really focus on a single idea. When you repetitively write one affirmation or intention it eliminates all other thoughts in that moment.

When you focus and concentrate your thoughts in this way you quite literally participate in the act of creation – of turning an idea into reality through the workings of the law of attraction.

The most popular method is the 55×5 method but there are also variations on this idea with the 369 method, the 777 method and the 11×1 method.

The all use the same strategy and you can use and apply them all according to what works best for your life and your current circumstances.

2. Scripting

Scripting is a form of journaling but instead of journaling about events and circumstances that already happened, you journal about events and circumstance that you still want to happen.

You basically journal about your future as if it already happened.

This is a powerful strategy because the mind can not really tell the difference about something that has already happened or something that you imagine is happening.

One of the greatest law of attraction teachers, Neville Goddard said this:

You must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled until your assumption has all the sensory vividness of reality. You must imagine that you are already experiencing what you desire. That is, you must assume the feeling of the fulfillment of your desire until you are possessed by it and this feeling crowds all other ideas out of your consciousness

– Neville Goddard

There is no better way of following Neville Goddard’s instruction than using scripting.

To manifest something on paper with scripting you are like a script writer. You get to decide exactly how you want your life to unfold in every detail.

When you consciously take charge of your future and you start writing the script instead of allowing fears, your past or current events to dictate your future then you are actively creating your life.

3. Manifestation Lists

Creating and keeping a manifestation list is a powerful way to manifest something on paper.

This strategy is about creating and maintaining a list of everything you want to manifest in your life. It’s a bit of a bucket list but for everything you want to manifest.

The idea with manifestation lists is to not limit yourself in any way. When you see or think of something you want, put it on the list.

Over time this list will grow and become long.

That’s okay.

The idea is to put down everything you want and that includes the big things and small things.

The small things are important because they tend to manifest much easier (since you offer less resistance).

As soon as you manifest anything on the list you will put a line through it or matk it as ‘done’. When you start seeing how you can tick off manifestation on your list it creates confidence in your ability to manifest.

Keeping this list with you at all times is also important. You need to look at it daily. Read through it daily. Refresh your mind and make sure that the subconscious is well informed as to what you want to manifest.

A manifestation list can be incredibly powerful as it helps to direct your life and give your mind clear and definite thoughts to focus on.

Some people like to divide their manifestation list into categories like relationships, career, health and wealth.

This certainly can help you stay more organized but is not essential to the process. The act of deciding what you want, writing it down and putting a line in the sand is what is important.

4. Journaling

Journaling is all about documenting your life in an unfiltered way. While there are many therapeutic benefits in journaling I will focus more on the manifestation side of it.

Journaling is a powerful tool for manifesting.

By keeping a journal you can record your own thoughts and feelings and in doing so create a greater awareness of the true content of your thoughts and feelings.

It is our thoughts and feelings that manifest in our lives.

The challenge is that most people are not fully aware of the true nature of their dominant thoughts and feelings.

Consciously you may want one thing but subconsciously your thoughts and emotions are dominated by the opposite.

By keeping a journal you can become more conscious of your own vibrational state and in doing so you can change it and start avoiding certain triggers that lead to unwanted vibrations.

Using a journal to keep track of your own manifestations and intentions is also a very powerful strategy.

Documenting how your intention manifests, noticing it, recording it and watching it unfold can create a lot of momentum as you see your intentions unfold in real life and you experience first hand your own power to manifest – even if it’s only really ‘small things’.

To manifest something on paper with a journal is also a great way to have a focus in your daily routine and having everything together in one journal keeps you organized and focussed.


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