The Frequency For Attracting Money – How To ‘Tune In’

Frequency For Attracting Money

The frequency for attracting money is a state of being (thoughts and emotions) that emit the energy of abundance, generosity, gratitude, joy and compassion.

Many law of attraction books and teachers talk about this idea of the frequency for attracting money. To be honest, it took me a really long time to truly understand this.

It is a very loaded idea and calls into question a lot of scientific concepts that can easily fly over our heads.

It is very easy to overcomplicate the law of attraction and the process of manifesting abundance and prosperity. The real danger of overcomplicating things is that you end up giving up too soon.

Understanding frequency and energy on a very basic level can actually help you clear up some of your own skepticism and also give you some much-needed insight into why you are failing to attract what you really want.

If you’ve been studying teachers like Abraham (Ester Hicks) then the book Money and The Law of Attraction is a great resource for learning how the law of attraction relates directly to money.

Money is a very loaded subject. Almost everyone has deep emotional connections to money and most of these emotional connections do not serve you.

Before we go any further into the frequency for attracting money we need to clear something up. When you think about attracting money, what does that mean to you?

What Does Attracting Money Look Like?

Do you want to attract more money? Manifest abundance or have wealth and prosperity? These ideas are thrown around so often in law of attraction literature that we tend to become a bit numb to it.

We often get sucked into using language without really understanding what it means or having a clear sense of its implications in our own minds.

When you think of having an abundance, what does that look like to you? When you think of being wealthy what does that really mean?

When you say you want to attract money, what does that really mean? Do you want to wake up with a wallet full of cash? Or do you want to ee $xxx,xxx in your bank account?

Having a clear mental image of exactly what you want is really important if you want to involve the power of the law of attraction.

Vague ideas and fancy language won’t help attract anything you truly desire.

One of the big mistakes that most people make with the law of attraction is that they focus on shallow “means goals” that have nothing to do with what they really want.

YOu may think you want more money, but why? Ohh, so you can buy your dream home. But why? Ahh, so your kids can grow up in a safe environment with a good school and good friends. Now we are getting somewhere.

If your focus is on the end goal – on what it is that your really want then you can truly be open to the power of the law of attraction.

In 99.9% of cases, attracting money is only a means to an end. You think you want more money because it is a means to an end.

When you shift your focus and your energy and start focusing on what it is you really want, then the universe can get to work and use any of the thousands of avenues to bring it to you – instead of just the one that you know called money.

Wanting money in and of itself is not wrong either. You may just want a pile of cash to keep under your bed because that makes you feel good.

Nothing wrong with that.

As long as you know why you want a pile of cash. More importantly, if you define what attracting money looks like and represents in your life then you are halfway there.

The real problem is if you don’t know what attracting money looks like, why you want to attract it or what it represents in your life.

Thought, Vibration and Frequency Explained

One of the best ways to explain and understand this idea of thought and frequency is with a radio. When you turn a radio receiver to a certain frequency then it can receive the signal and you can hear what is being broadcast on that frequency.

There are hundreds of frequencies available all the time but the radio will only translate the one that it is tuned into – that is to say, the frequency that it is in harmony with.

Right now there are millions of invisible signals around you. Your radio, your mobile phone, your wifi – these all have signals floating and you can not see or perceive any of them.

Only when you tune in to them, can they be perceived.

This goes well beyond radio signals and wave energy. Everything in this universe is made up of energy. Energy vibrates at certain frequencies. Something that may appear to be solid, like a piece of concrete is actually not solid at all. It is just made up of a mass of energy at a very high speed of vibration.

It appears solid and tangible to you because of its energy – the rate and speed at which the energy vibrates (moves, oscillates).

Not only are all objects made up of energy, you are also a mass of energy.

What makes human being unique is that your energy and your vibration is not fixed like most innate objects. Your thoughts act as your daily that determines your vibration.

All thoughts lead to feelings and it is your feelings that dictate your vibration and consequently what you are tuned into.

The frequency you are on will determine what you attract into your life. Your money frequency will determine what money related experiences you attract into your life.

Your thoughts and feelings around money will determine what you attract into your financial life.

Your Money Frequency

The way you think and feel about money determines your money vibration. As we’ve already established, your money vibration will determine what you are tuned into and therefore what you will receive.

When your thoughts and feelings about money are tuned into worrying about not having enough then that is the only signal you can receive. You will experience more of worrying and not having enough money.

To change your money frequency you need to stop doing certain things and you need to also start doing certain things.

The only difference between you and someone who always has more than enough money is not their IQ, their gifts, their family name or their star sign.

It is the way they control and direct their minds when it comes to money.

To change the way you feel about something you need to change the way you look at it. You need to change your perception.

Money isn’t the means to a happy life. A happy life is the means to the money. The attraction of money has nothing to do with your ability to earn it. It has only to do with your wanting and believing of your worthiness to receive it

– Abraham (Ester Hicks)

Whether something is easy or difficult, good or bad, right or wrong all depends on your perception.

If you think money is bad, rich people are evil, making money is hard or that you have bad luck then that will dictate the money frequency that you are on. Remember, you can only receive something that you are tuned into vibrationally.

How To Change Your Frequency To Attracting Money

1. Feel Good

Have you ever been around someone who just had such great energy that you did not want to leave their presence? Almost everyone experiences this when they are in love.

The energy of the other person feels so good that we want to be around them all the time.

We often talk about someone having good or bad vibes. We can all feel it to some degree. You know when someone has a bad vibe and it feels bad. You don’t want to be around them.

If you have bad vibes about money, would money want to hang around you for long?

The idea of feeling good is very underrated. You don’t even have to feel good about money. Just raising your own vibration to feel good as much as you can will change your energy completely.

If you are moping around sad and depressed then you will emit certain energy and vibration which will attract similar energy back to you.

If you feel good, you do things that you love and that you enjoy; you spend time with people you love and you truly invite joy into your life then your vibration has to change.

2. Gratitude

Gratitude is on the frequency for attracting money because when you are grateful for what you have you experience no lack in that moment and the law of attraction corresponds to that feeling of abundance.

One of the fastest ways to change your vibration is with gratitude. I know you are probably numb to the idea because you get reminded about it so often.

I urge you to take another chance on gratitude. It is one of the highest vibration feelings you can have. It is impossible to feel grateful and feel a lack or limitation at the same time.

When you feel grateful you feel abundant. Your focus is on what you do have and the abundance you already have. If this is where your focus is then that will have to expand.

3. Beliefs

Beliefs are incredibly powerful. They are thoughts and feelings that you automatically think and feel. They are lodged deep in your subconscious mind and can overrule all your conscious efforts.

On a conscious level, we all want to attract more money, have a better body and be madly in love with our soulmate.

Your subconscious mind have other ideas though. What makes it worse is that these ideas are mostly inherited from a time in your life where you had no idea they where getting installed in your computer called your subconscious mind.

Understanding what your beliefs around are will go a long way towards helping you move past them. Most of your money beliefs come from when you were little.

Experts estimate that most of your money beliefs got formed and established before you were 7 years old.

What did you hear and see about money when you were that age?

Looking at it closely now you will see how it has no basis in truth. They are just beliefs and beliefs can be changed by choosing a new thought and thinking that new thought over and over again.

4. Generosity

Generosity has got a bad wrap from many religions and organizations that mistreated it. Generosity can be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to change your money frequency.

Apart from the philanthropic benefits, generosity is all about shifting your energy and your vibration.

When you are consumed with yourself and your own problems and woes you shrink your would and start festering in your own junk. Toxic thoughts and beliefs will attract more of the same and soon you find yourself stuck.

As soon as you do something generous, your energy and your focus move from your own problems and needs and on to that of another.

You can never truly help someone else without helping yourself. The law of reciprocity dictates that you always attract mack multiplied what you give out with an open heart.

By giving your time, money, skills, or even just your attention to someone who really needs it, your vibration shifts.

Generosity is an energy of abundance.

5. Visualisation

In the book The Secret, visualization was one of the big revelations that encouraged millions of people to start creating vision boards and practice visualization.

It is a simple process of using your imagination the right way. The important distinction that most people miss is the fact that we are all using visualization every day anyway.

Imagining the worse financial outcome possible and how you might lose your job, your car or your home because you got an unexpected bill in the mail uses the exact same process in your mind as you imagining yourself surrounded by wealth and prosperity.

There are a lot of techniques and exercises you can use to help you with your visualization practice.

A vision board, journaling, scripting and using a focus wheel are all ways to help you do this consistently. What it all boils down to is to fix a very clear and definite image of a specific outcome in your mind and then ingrain that image in your mind with as much detail as possible.

Frequency For Attracting Money – Conclusion

If you are struggling to make ends meet and you find it hard to stay positive when money is tight then you need to move your thoughts off and away from money.

If money as an object or an idea is causing your anxiety then it will continue to grow.

No point feeding a hungry monster, right?

Money is rarely attracted when it is the sole object of your desire. Money is almost always the result or consequence of being a certain way. People who make huge amounts of money almost never have money as their goal.

You need to go beyond the money.

There’s just too much emotion attached to it for you to overcome a lifetime of beliefs, fears and indoctrination.

The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary.

– Alexander Elder

Shift your thoughts, your energy, and your vibration beyond the money. Money is a means to an end. When your focus is on “the end” – on that which you want to ultimately have or experience than money will flow to you automatically.

The frequency for attracting money is one that is generous, grateful, loving, inspiring and joyous. Instead of waiting for the money to come before you experience these emotions, why not focus on experiencing these emotions first?

When you shift your thoughts and your feelings to these emotions and make that your mission while you forget about the money you will be blown away by how quickly money finds its way into your life.


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