Romantic Dreams About Coworkers ? Meaning & Symbolism

romantic dreams about coworkers

Having romantic dreams about coworkers rarely has a direct meaning that you ‘will’ or ‘should’ get together and live happily ever after. It usually means that there is some quality about them that intrigues you at some level of your consciousness.

Most of us spend a lot of time with our co-workers, sometimes more so than our own families. It is no wonder that they are often the subject of our dreams, as our brain tries to process the day and work out action plans.

These dreams would normally consist of weird and wonderful scenarios, but none that really make an impact on you when you wake.

So, what does it mean if you are having romantic dreams about coworkers? This is an entirely different scenario and one that calls in to question our feelings, emotions, and hidden desires.

It may not always mean that you want to have an intimate relationship with them though.
The meanings can run a lot deeper that just the romantic element.

Dreams and their Messages

Dreaming is a shared human experience. We all have them, regardless of if we remember them or not. We spend on average 2 hours a night watching our subconscious dreams, this would be a lot of time for our mind to spend on a pointless activity.

But dreams are most definitely not pointless. They are a series of images or stories brought into reality by our unconscious mind. Their reason is to help our mind and brain understand the experiences that it has had throughout the day.

They can elicit strong emotions, bring up experiences we don’t even remember we had, or they can be a way for our subconscious to bring unconscious thoughts to our attention.

In many ways, dreams are a window to the unconscious mind. Our dreams can tell us a huge amount about how we really feel and what we want from our life.

It is important to analyse them and understand things that our subconscious mind may be grappling with. Especially when romantic feelings are involved.

Let’s look at the meaning of not only having romantic dreams, but romantic dreams about co-workers.

Meanings of having romantic dreams about co-workers

Having a romantic dream about coworkers could be very welcome, or it could be alarming if you are in a relationship already.

They can also be dreams that relates to something completely differenmt and the dream is symbolic of some other aspect of your life.

These kinds of dreams may not necessarily mean that you want to have a romantic relationship with them or that you want to leave your current partner.

There are many reasons that you are dreaming these things, here are a few meanings behind this dream to help understand what might be going on here for you:

1.Dreams of Being on a Date with a Co-worker:

When you have romantic dreams about coworkers where you are going on a date means getting to know someone for the first time.

So, let’s remember that, and that dreams can be a reflection of our inner world and our own personalities too.

Have a think about the kind of conversations you’re having with your work mate on this date. Are you laughing a lot, are you pouring your heart out to them, or are you confessing inner secrets? Is the conversation flowing? Are you being heard or not?

Does something happen?

The context means a lot here, about the real meaning behind this interaction. Because this may not be about the obvious: that you want to go on a date with a co-worker. It may be more subtle than this and it may be about your subconscious feelings toward your workplace and the people in it.

Here’s some examples:

The date is going well, you are having a great time, but when you look at it closely, your date is not actually listening to you or is just talking and talking.

This would mean that in your professional life, you feel unheard, passed over and devalued.

Confessing your feelings toward this co-worker, could mean that you feel that you can trust them or your company with your inner thoughts and that you value your relationship with them.

If they laugh at you when you try to talk to them, this will mean the opposite, that you do not trust your colleagues and you may be in a toxic working environment.

Make sense?

Really try to understand what this interaction is trying to tell you.

As in this scenario, it may give you a clue about your true feelings toward your work life and you will then be able to identify the issue and make changes to deal with it.

2. Dreams of Kissing a Co-worker:

Kissing is an intimate act. One where we are vulnerable and in the moment with this person.

How do you feel with your colleague? Is this actually about an attraction to them? If it is, great. But if you don’t think that this is the case, then, again, there is a deeper meaning here.

The keyword is vulnerability.

Sometimes at work, we are putting ourselves on the line. Our time, our family life and even our finances. Having romantic dreams about coworkers where you are kissing can mean that you feel vulnerable in someway in your work life.

What have you invested in your work life that you might be anxious about? Is it money? Have you taken a job you weren’t sure about? Have you taken a step down to learn new skills?

Or is there talk of redundancies?

Whatever it may be, this could be a sign that you are feeling insecure about that decision or how this is going to pan out.

3. Dreams of Having Sex with a Co-worker:

We’ve all had this dream, and for a few days we are left with this sometimes-uncomfortable question of whether we really are attracted to them and do we want something more.

Dreaming about sex, still gives our body the same responses and releases hormones in reaction to the experience. So, the release of chemicals like oxytocin can leave us feeling like we really are very attracted to that person.

Also, importantly, if you have a monthly cycle, then you tend to find that these kinds of dreams pop up at peak times of the month and then a couple of weeks later, you are questioning your sanity about why in gods name did you have a sex dream, when you’ve never even considered this person as a prospective mate.

Your body did because that’s its job.

So, hormones aside, what your subconscious might have been trying to say, is that you value the relationship that you have with this person and wish it to be deeper. This is a normal response to any relationship, romantic or not.

But let’s face it, your dream could very well mean, that you do, in fact, find them very attractive and would like to explore this possibility with them.

Maybe you hadn’t thought about it before, but you sure will now!

A piece of advice though, just ensure that you leave it a while and work out whether hormones are responsible and just want you to procreate, or if you really are interested in that person.

Time can be a lifesaver in this scenario.

4. Dreams of Long Term Romance With a Coworker:

Did you have romantic dreams about coworkers where you are married, with kids, a dog, and a big happy home?

With great power, comes great responsibility….

This dream is about your ambition, long term goals, maturity, and responsibility.

Are you handling the life that your dreamt of?

If you are and it’s all perfection, it means that you are feeling ready to start making your way up the ladder, taking on a lot more responsibility and most importantly, that you value and believe in yourself enough to do so.

If your future life is in disarray, then this means that you do not feel confident in your abilities and of having more responsibility. Maybe you have a touch of imposter syndrome, we all feel this at times, but it can become overwhelming and that’s completely normal.

This just means that you feel like you need more support or that you need to brush up on your skills in preparation for a more responsible role.

Having romantic dreams about anyone can be really confusing. But having romantic dreams about co-workers can be so much worse because… professionalism!

But there really is something to be said for finding the deeper meaning with this one.

Dreams really reflect our deepest and most hidden thoughts.

So, if you are feeling insecure, vulnerable, or ready to take on the world, having a romantic dream about a co-worker can be a really good thing and tell you a lot about your secret professional feelings.

Use dreams like this as an intuitive guide, so that you can identify what is bugging you and fix it.

And if that gorgeous co-worker really is the thing that’s bugging you, just take a leap of faith, you may be very pleasantly surprised.


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