Dreaming About A Celebrity Romantically? Here’s What It Means…

dreaming about a celebrity romantically

If dreaming about a celebrity romantically then you are mostly likely living out some unfulfilled desire or fantasy through them in your dream.

It is rarely about ‘them’ but rather about qualities that your mind craves for or tries to experience in some shape or form.

When you have recurring dreams about a particular celebrity and when these dreams are romantic in nature then there is most likely some message for you in these dreams.

The message is most likely not to go and find this celebrity, smile at them and then get married to live happily ever after.

That in itself is a fantasy that many people daydream about.

Your real dreams however are when your mind enters into an altered state of consciousness. The dream state is utterly fascinating and can reveal some truly remarkable things about ourselves that we are often not consciously aware of.

Dreams about celebrities can also be much less ‘meaningful’. If you watch a movie before bedtime it is not uncommon to dream about aspects of that movie or people in it.

Why We Dream About Celebrities

Why is it that we so often dream about celebrities? It is some sort of revelation that you have a connection to these celebs? Or is there more to it?

The reality is that we live in a world that is obsessed with celebrities.

We just love to see and read about other people whose lives are either more messed up than our own or who live a lifestyle that we only dream about.

Seeing how rich, famous and successful people also ‘screw up’ gives us a strange sense of satisfaction and somehow puts us at ease with our own lot in life.

There are a few key reasons why we tend to dream about celebrities romantically.

  • We see them all the time. Celebs are all over the news, magazines and the internet. It commands our attention because of the content of many of these articles about them. Because they are constantly ‘around us’ and on our minds we tend to have them included in our dreams.
  • Their lives are glamourized. The glitz and glamour of celebrity life often acts as an outlet for us to live out our own fantasies. Fantasy is a big component of dreams.
  • We see them in fictional scenes. We tend to see movie stars in fictional scenes where expert writers crafted exact scenarios to appeal to our deepest emotions. This can be very benevolent and stay with us – especially when we enter that dream state every night.
  • Its easy for us to visualize a certain life by seeing them. Movies really do make it easy for us to visualize particular things. This often stays with us. The same is also true in how most celebrities now portray their lives on social media.

The Real Meaning of Dreams About Celebs

Many people believe that our dreams represent some sort of premonition – a foreboding of things to come.

Some get very excited about this idea – thinking that somehow they will end up with this dream celebrity in real life.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people, dreams are not premonitions.

Dreams can be very vivid though and they can come very close to feeling very real. That is because the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between reality and imagination.

When you are dreaming about a celebrity romantically you can learn some profound lessons.

Instead of wondering when this person will magically show up at your front door and sweep you off your feet, ask instead ‘what does this dream really mean?’

1. Satisfy Your Subconscious Curiosities

Dreams is a way for your mind to make sense of this life and this world you live in. Children often play out imaginary situations which helps them to understand things – without even having the need to do it physically.

As adults we lose outgrow this activity of imaginary role play but our dreams are still very active in this regard.

Dreaming about a celebrity romantically can be a way for your mind to play out a ‘scene’ that you are trying to experience or learn from at a deeper emotional level.

You may have seen a movie, read about it, seen this particular celebrity be or do something that piqued your interest at a deep subconscious level.

Dreaming about them is a way for your subconscious to try and make sense of it.

2. Living Out a Fantasy

Often when dreaming about a celebrity romantically it can be of a sexual nature. This is a way for your mind to live out a particular fantasy.

We all have fantasies. It’s one of the amazing mysteries of the mind. Have you ever wondered where your fantasies come from? Why do you have them and why do most people never live out their fantasies?

Sexual fantasies vary from the sublime to the weirdest. At some level the mind is trying to experience something.

Dreaming is a ‘safe’ way for you to have these experiences in the dream world where it is much more acceptable.

A particular cel;ebrity can often serve as the ‘ideal partner’ for a particular fantasy to be played out in the mind.

If you are already in a relationship and you are having romantic dreams about a celebrity then you are p[robably trying to live out some fantasy that is not expressed in your current relationship.

This is often the case where couples have stagnant romantic lives or where they don;t freely live out their sexual fantasies or their true sexual desires.

3. Romantic Particulars

The reason why you are attracted to certain celebrities is also the reason why you tend to dream about them.

They most likely embody certain characteristics or qualities that you long for in your ideal partner.

This can be their looks but most of the time it goes well beyond that.

The great lesson here is to really understand why you are dreaming about them and look at the content of the dream.

What particular qualities did the dream revolve around? If its a recurring dream or a recurring theme in the dreams then it gives you even more clues.

Understanding these qualities will help you understand what your mind is craving and what you may really want in your life romantically.

4. Qualities You Desire or Admire

Movies can be very powerful and skilled writers can really make us love or hate certain characters. They do this by manipulating our emotions (in a good way – its fiction after all).

We tend to fall in love with certain characters in movies. We often attach these characters to specific celebrities that play those characters but in reality you fall in love with the character.

There are universal qualities that we all admire – some more than others but qualities like heroism, honesty, self sacrifice etc. are regularly exploited in movies.

More than anything in movies, it is romance and the romantic person that we tend to fall in love with.

Your mind is thinkinging, ‘I want those experiences in my life’ and you associate it to the celebrity who plays that character.

If you are dreaming about a celebrity romantically then sit down and think about when or from what film you really ‘fell in love with them’.

Understanding what qualities they portrayed as that character will help you understand what qualities you admire in love.

For some it’s humor. For some it’s bravery and for others it is romance. This will help you learn some great lessons from your dream.

5. Being Overly Interested

It’s easy to get really ‘hooked’ on a particular celebrity. A particular celebrity may embody everything that you think you want in your ideal life partner.

These feelings are often based on a particular role or movie that they where involved in. When you saw it they triggered certain deep-seeded love needs within you.

There’s hardly a person alive who has not experienced this to some extent.

When you become too keenly attached to this particular celebrity, when you obsess over them and when you daydream about actually dating them then you can be leading your mind on to dream about them.

Our dreams are often extensions of our imagination.


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