Manifesting Without Attachment – The 3 Secrets To Releasing Resistance

manifesting without attachment

Manifesting without attachment is when you release the stress and demands that you ‘have to’ manifest what you want. It is when you stop trying to control the universe and allow what you want to come to you effortlessly.

It is the effort that is usually the problem.

We tend to feel like we have to do something or make something happen.

While it is important to take action and work with the law of attraction, trying to be the instigator usually results in micromanaging every aspect of what you want to manifest.

That is not how the creative process works.

The law of attraction will bring to you everything you need to manifest your desires. It can not bring it into your life if you have resistance.

Attachment is a form of resistance that is dominated by fear. This fear lowers your vibration and causes you to be a mismatch with what it is that you ultimately want to manifest.

Ultimately what detachment means is that you WANT it but you don’t NEED it.

There is a big difference between wanting something and needing it. What you need tends to control you. It is akin to an addiction where your very survival depends on it.

Needing something always lowers your vibration. Wanting (but not longing for) something on the other hand always lifts your vibration because it projects you into the joy of already having it.

What Is Attachment And Why Does It Affect Manifestation

Attachment is when you fall in love with your own ideas of what, when, where and how your manifestation ‘should’ show up in your life.

You have a desire for something in your life. You have an intention to manifest it and almost immediately your giant frontal lobe (aka your brain) kicks in and starts making plans.

This is not a criticism of the brain but rather a fact of how the mind works. Your conscious (reasoning) mind is always looking for solutions.

The problem with you trying to figure out how your intentions ‘should’ manifest is that it immediately limits creative intelligence.

It puts shackles on the law of attraction and instead of allowing all and any avenue for your manifestation to come about, you limit it to one or two avenues.

Slip into the gap, have the desire, detach from the outcome, and let the universe take care of the details.

– Deepak Chopra

We can see how this imposed limitation is a major issue in limiting the millions of potential ways for something to come into your life.

From personal experience (and that of many others), what you manifest will always come to you in a way you would never ever have imagined.

Creative intelligence works in miraculous ways – but it can not do its work if you are interfering.

When you are attached to a specific path or avenue you are effectively focusing on the MEANS to the end. The methods and the avenue through which it comes to you becomes the most important part of your focus.

Manifesting without attachment is all about learning to let go and to let God.

It comes down to trust and an inner knowing that it MUST come to you through the workings of the universal law of attraction.

When you have doubt you have attachment.

You worry that it may not come. Your mind starts wandering and questions whether it actually ‘works’ and what will happen if it does not manifest.

Whenever there is fear related to your intentions, the fear usually gains the upper hand and eventually becomes what you manifest.

Why Is It Important To Detach From The Outcome

Manifesting without attachment is the path of least resistance. Any thought of attachment creates resistance.

You can think of resistance as a security guard at the door to your subconscious mind. Every resistant thought prevents that which you truly want from coming into your life.

When you detach from the outcome you do 3 important things that makes manifesting much easier.

1. You remove resistance…

When you detach from the outcome you take down the walls or the barriers that prevent your desires from coming into your life.

Attachment creates a dependency. You feel like you ‘have to’ have it and you also tend to connect your happiness and even your sanity to it.

The consequences of your desires not showing up becomes intense and you feel like it simply must show up or else…

These consequences become a source of major stress – often to the point where the mere thought of what you want to manifest induces the stress response in your body.

Instead of visualizing the joy of having your wish fulfilled, you are consumed by the fear of it not showing up and all the ramifications of that.

2. You trust…

When you trust, you simply KNOW. There is no doubt and along with that there is no fear. You know that it is on its way and that it will come to you at the perfect time and in the most joyous and harmonious way.

Most of the time this is not according to your time or your plans – and that is okay, but it can only be okay if you have trust.

When you put your car key into the ignition you trust that your car will start. The hundreds of electrical and chemical processes that goes into starting the engine is none of your concern.

You trust that it will work. You trust in the laws and you know that it ‘works’.

This level of trust is what is required if you want to manifest without attachment.

3. You relax…

Most people become so tense and intense about their manifestations that it is no wonder nothing can come into their lives.

When you are stressed and tense it places you in a very low vibration. When you are relaxed, happy and at peace you are in a high vibration.

One of the catchphrases of the law of attraction is that like attracts like or like energy attracts like energy.

What this means is that you can not attract what you want to manifest if you are in a low vibration that does not match the vibration of your higher ideals.

Remember that detachment is wanting it but not needing it. When you need something it means that your survival is somehow connected to it. This usually results in stress and anxiety. You feel that you simply have to have it.

Wanting it instead of needing it allows you to revel in the joy of having it in your life – not because your survival depends on it but because it makes you thrive.

How To ‘Desire’ Something Without Being Attached

The apparent contradiction in manifesting without attachment that most people struggle with is this: how can you want something without wanting it?

How do you have a desire without letting the desire control or consume you?

This idea is tricky business and it is important to develop some clarity for yourself as the confusion tends to muddle up your own clarity with regards to what you want to manifest.

Letting go and detaching from the outcome does not mean you stop caring about what you want to manifest.

You can still care very deeply for what you want without being attached.

Dr. Joseph Murphy called it ‘Divine detachment’ – you let go of the controls and allow something bigger than yourself to take over.

You are still in charge of the ultimate direction or end result but you let go of the nitty gritty details that you could not possibly control anyway.

You stop interfering and trying to micromanage everything the universe is doing. You know what the end result is that you want to manifest and you do not concern yourself with HOW it all comes about.

To truly manifest without attachment you need to be in a state where you stop caring – not out of resignation or giving up but rather due to the fact that there is nothing to be worried about.

You know that tomorrow morning the sun is going to come up. You do not lie awake tossing and turning worried about whether the sun will come up tomorrow.

This the level of resignation that is required when you detach from the outcome.

Instead of being concerned if it will happen, you instead become excited about it happening because you KNOW that there is nothing to be concerned about.

The 3 Keys To Manifesting Without Attachment

Letting go of your attachments can be hard if you can not see them or are not aware of them. We hear it a lot – ‘just let go of your attachments’ but it is rarely explained with a ‘how to’.

I’ve laid out the 3 keys to manifesting without attachment below. It is the secret to letting go and truly allowing what you want to manifest to come to you – without the struggle and trying too hard.

In fact, trying to manifest something in itself is a form of resistance.

Always keep in mind that your role in the manifestation process is simply to know exactly what you want. You need to know exactly what the END RESULT is and to create and sustain the feeling of already having it.

That is all you have to do.

Resistance creeps in though when we want to take matters into our own hands and try to ‘make it happen’.

Use these 3 ‘secrets’ to help you detach from the outcome.

1. Let Go Of The Means

One of the main reasons why most people are attached to the outcome is simply because they become attached to the means through which they think their manifestation should show up.

How it comes to you is not your business.

Your role in the creative process is to focus on what you want. Not on how you want it.

It is so easy to get caught up in this though. Most people develop attachments without really being aware of it.

You have to let go of the means and focus all your energy and attention ONLY on the end result that you want to manifest.

If you want a million dollars, stop spending all your energy on trying to visualize a lottery win. There are countless ways you can attract a million dollars into your life.

The odds of a lottery makes it incredibly hard for the law of attraction to manifest your million dollars. When you are focussed only on the end result all your energy and attention is only on the end result.

You are not wasting one bit of energy focusing on the who, the what, the where and the how.

When you make this shift, manifesting without attachment becomes easy and automatic.

2. Trust

We all trust in the law of thermodynamics, the law of electromagnetism and the law of gravity. Not because we know these laws technically or understand the scientific intricacies.

In fact, most people have no idea of the extent to which these laws are part of our everyday lives.

You are happy to flip the light switch, drive your car or take a jet plane halfway around the world.

You have so much trust in these modern conveniences that there is not even an inkling of a doubt that somehow the law of gravity will fail you mid flight and propel you into outer space.

This is the level of trust you must have in the law of attraction to be manifesting without attachment.

The problem is that you tend to have less experience with the evidence of the law of attraction as opposed to your experience with the law of gravity.

It really helps to keep a manifestation journal and to really examine your life and your past to see how you have manifested your thoughts in the past.

It helps to build trust. It also helps to read and watch the testimonial of others.

If it works for thousands of other people to manifest anything from a soulmate to a million dollars to a successful movie career then why would it not work for you?

3. Manage Your Vibration

Abraham (Ester Hicks) has a great analogy for anything you want to manifest. They explain any desire you have as having a stick with two ends.

The one end represents you having it while the other end represents you not having it. The one end represents the joy of having it manifested while the other end represents the fear of it not manifesting.

We are constantly confronted by these two ends of the stick. The fear drags you down into doubt and lowers your vibration.

It causes attachment.

It reinforces your NEED for what you must manifest in order to be happy, healthy and prosperous. The consequences of it not manifesting becomes dire and fear consumes you.

This low vibration simply can not manifest something at a higher vibration.

To manifest without attachment you must be in a high vibration. When your energy and your attention is on the end of the stick that focuses on you already having the outcome you desire you are filled with joy.

We’re much more successful when we allow inspiration to flow in on God’s terms than when we’re impatient and demanding.

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

You are in a high vibration and you are a vibrational match to that which you want to manifest.

When your focus is on always being in a high vibration and matching yourself vibrationally to what you desire, you are automatically detached.

When you feel like you already have what you want you no longer feel attached because you already have it.

That is when you are manifesting without attachment and it is what Neville Godard meant when he said that ‘the feeling is the secret’.


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