How to Attract Miracles Using the Law of Attraction

How to Attract Miracles Using the Law of Attraction, attracting miracles

If you want to how to attract miracles using the law of attraction you need a child-like attitude to life where you truly believe that anything and everything is possible FOR YOU.

What do you consider to be a miracle? We all have different ideas of exactly what a miracle is in our own lives but for the most part it is something “unbelievable”.

When it comes to manifesting miracles it is often our very definition of the word that holds us back.

When you start talking about miracles people instantly start conjuring up images of the sick getting healed, the blind seeing or some other healing that defies logic or scientific explanation.

The truth is that miracles are manifesting every day. On the one side there are hundreds of thousands of confirmed healings where people with terminal illnesses make a full recovery.

On the other side is the millions of miracles that happen in everyday lives – things that some people may not deem to be a miracle.

Manifesting miracles to me is manifesting something that you think is impossible. Therein lies the problem as well because if it seems impossible, then how can you possibly manifest it?

The idea of miracles has been present in religions since the beginning of time. The idea of defying natural laws, logic and reason fascinates people.

What religions classify as miracles vary greatly from one religion to another. Some of the definitions boarder on the absurd.

Manifesting Miracles: The Basics

According to the Law of Attraction, the reality that we experience is the direct result of our most prominent and persistent thoughts. Our thoughts, whether we are aware of them or not, create energy.

This energy vibrates at the same frequency as whatever the thought is about, be it a thing or an experience.

Stated plainly, “like attracts like.”

Therefore, whatever manifests in your reality was drawn to your matching energy, which was produced by your thoughts.

So good thoughts manifest goodness and bad thoughts manifest bad stuff. Seems pretty straightforward, right? The good news is, you really do have the power to live the life you want.

The bad news is, there is so much mixed information today about the Law of Attraction that you have probably had lackluster results, and lost faith in your ability to manifest wonderful things.

Plus, it can be easy to fall back into old patterns of thought without even realizing it.

Why You’re Manifesting What You Don’t Want

Manifesting is a straightforward process. Complications arise because we are trained to think certain ways and believe certain things. It is hard to retrain your mind to produce high-level thoughts if your low-level thoughts have become habitual, but it is absolutely possible.

You just have to turn your attention inward and realize when you are falling into a negative mindset.

After a period of persistent correction, you will internalize positive thought patterns to draw what you want into your reality.

Here are some examples of common problems people encounter that cause them to manifest what they don’t want:

1. Thinking You Need Something to Feel Good

Many people have internalized the faulty thought process that having what they want will make them feel good. In fact, the Law of Attraction states that the exact opposite is true. You have to feel good first in order to attract the things you want.

Feeling good right now makes your energy vibrate at the same frequency of all good things. Feelings are your ultimate testimony to your belief that you have the things you want right now.

This is why people who have ‘everything’ often tend to be miserable.

They continue to seek things to make them happy, but none of it ever works. You must feel happy now to attract more happiness into your life.

2. Sending Mixed Signals

We are constantly sending signals with our thoughts. If you don’t monitor your thoughts and get clear about what you want your reality to look like, you will only manifest a reality that is confusing, making life a constant struggle.

Maybe you desire to have a wonderful relationship with your spouse and enjoy your family, but you also spend a lot of time lusting after someone else.

The result will often be an unhappy marriage and a miserable longing for someone else. Instead of getting what you want in either area, you end up getting what you don’t want in both.

Realign your focus and clarify exactly what you want your life experience to look like.

3. Thinking About What You Don’t Want

A lot of us put most of our thought power into worrying about what we don’t want.

“I hope there isn’t traffic so I’m not late.” “It would be awful if I got sick on my vacation.” “I’ll never make enough money to buy my dream house.”

Thoughts like this only attract more like thoughts and more experiences of not having enough, of getting sick, and being perpetually late.

You attract more of exactly what you think about. Thinking about what you don’t want will only produce more experiences that you don’t want.

Change your thoughts to positive’s. “I’m always healthy.” “I’m always on time.” “I can easily make the money I need to have what I want.”

4. Worrying About the “How”

You can’t force what you want. Doing this will only attract more experiences where you feel like you have to figure out how to make something happen. Worrying about “how” negates your belief that what you want is on its’ way to you.

As you try to scheme to make things happen, you will only become more doubtful that they will happen at all.

Your job is to think good thoughts that produce high-level energy, so you can feel good right now. Let the Universe figure out how to manifest your desires.

5. Limiting Beliefs

The idea of a miracle in itself is a limiting belief for many. We all have unhealthy beliefs that were likely ingrained in us at an early age.

Maybe spending money always makes you anxious, and you feel like you always have to save because you never have enough.

Maybe you think you aren’t worthy of having the things you truly desire. Perhaps you think that there is not enough abundance in this world to go around.

Again, negative thoughts like these only attract more experiences of not having enough, feeling unworthy, and feeling guilty. The poverty and lack of self-worth this world experiences is a reflection of the mass consciousness.

If everyone shifted their beliefs to thoughts of abundance, that everyone deserves it and there is enough for everyone, poverty would disappear.

6. Commiserating With Low-Energy Mindsets

I worked in an office next to a woman who had a habit of talking about doom and gloom.

It was easier to get along with her when I joined in, agreeing with her that patients were always late, today was going to be hard, our kids always get sick, the weather is never nice on our days off, etc.

Before I knew it, I was living her gloomy reality. Don’t let others influence your thoughts for a minute. You have the power to be positive, and to influence the people around you to be positive.

Try to spend time around inspiring people. If you are stuck with someone with a low-energy mindset, resist the temptation to commiserate with them. This will only thwart your work and manifest the unpleasant things you talk with them about.

How to Attract Miracles Using The Law of Attraction: 4 Simple Steps

Like I said before, manifesting is a straightforward process. It is simple but not easy. Follow these steps to start seeing the reality you want.

Step 1: Ask for Help

The best way to banish your bad habits and limiting beliefs is to become aware of them. Acknowledging your troubles with manifesting, without feeding into them any further, can be done by asking the Universe for help.

Start your day in a state of prayer, asking for guidance and freedom from whatever is holding you back. Think about the contradictory thoughts you have and rewrite them to align with your desires.

Watch out for the help that the Universe sends you. It may come in the form of a teacher, a book, a breakup, getting fired, or suddenly having to move.

Find the teachings in every experience, good or bad, and know that your true purpose is constantly revealing itself to you so that you can live a happy life.

You have Divine guidance available to you at all times. You simply have to tune in to receive this guidance.

Step 2: Clarify What Your Miracle Is

It almost seems redundant to say it but you can not attract miracles using the law of attraction if you do not know what it is.

What miracle do you want to manifest?

If the idea of your miracle seems completely out of this world and “impossible” then this will be the first hurdle to overcome. Know that you can attract and create anything in your life – no matter how big or small it may seem.

Spend some time writing down exactly what you want your life to look like. Be as detailed as possible. When you become very clear about what you want, you will be less likely to send out mixed signals.

Revisit your vision for the life you want every single day so that you keep your thoughts inline with your desires.

Step 3: Believe in It

Feel the feelings of living the life you want right now. When you read the vision you have for your life, imagine yourself doing, having, and experiencing all of those good things as if they were really happening.

You have to feel good first to attract good things. It doesn’t work the other way around.

Feeling good sends a strong signal to the Universe that you believe the things that make you feel good are yours right now. The Universe will instantly shift to bring these things into your reality.

Step 4: Let It Come to You

If you are consistent with recognizing and replacing negative thoughts and habits with positive ones, being crystal clear about what you want, and believing that The Universe is working to bring you what you want, all you have to do is wait.

The Universe will surprise you in so many ways, and your life’s vision will unfold before you.

The way your miracle manifests will most certainly surprise you.

Do not send mixed signals by being impatient and trying to make things happen yourself.

If something doesn’t seem to be working out, it could be because something even better is on its’ way to you. Trust the process and demonstrate your faith by letting the Universe figure out how to manifest your dreams for you.

Miracles come to the expectant mind, the relaxed mind and the disciplined mind.

Overcome The Biggest Hurdle To Manifesting Miracles

We have to all snap out of this idea that miracles are something that occurred only in Biblical times.

We also have to snap out of the idea that miracles are “performed” by “Godly men” who have some special power.

Lastly, we have to snap out of the idea that miracles only happen every now and again to a few lucky people.

Miracles happen every day to people from all walks of life. You can pray and wait and hope that you get lucky – and your energy may align, but if you truly want to attract miracles you can use the law of attraction.

When people believe that touching a statue, bathing in holy water or being blessed by a ‘holy man’ causes miracles then it is the belief itself and not the thing believed in that causes the miracle.

Learning how to attract miracles using the law of attraction is first and foremost about having your eyes wide open and seeing the miracles that already exist and unfold in your life.

Expect a miracle!

– Bob Proctor

People whose lives are filled with miracles are those who expect it. If a miracle is having something (or things) happen in your life that defies logic then you will soon see how common this really is.

When synchronicities start showing up in your life you will start seeing the magic and you will start believing.

The more you believe the more you will see. As Dr. Wayne Dyer pointed out many times, you will see it when you believe it.


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