Manifest Your Destiny – 9 Spiritual Principles To Get What You Want

Manifest Your Destiny by Dr. Wayne Dyer summary

Manifest Your Destiny by Dr. Wayne Dyer is a roadmap for getting everything you want without the usual ‘grind’ or selling yourself out to something you don’t believe in.

How do you manifest your destiny? What is your destiny and why is it that we have these ideas and dreams only to struggle so much to bring them into reality and live a happy and fulfilling life?

Firstly you need to realize that your destiny is NOT what society has taught you. It is not some predetermined path that you are doomed (or blessed) to follow. This is the real problem why most people can not manifest or realize a life that they truly love.

The belief that your life is somehow controlled and dictated by someone or something outside of you is FALSE. It is a belief that you need to relinquish as soon as possible if you want to manifest your destiny – that is your TRUE destiny off course.

Your true destiny is whatever you decide it to be. What is it that you really want in your life? Without knowing this you will most certainly bounce around and never really create a life you love.

Taking the time (daily) to get really clear on what you do want and desire to manifest is the most important part of manifesting.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book titled Manifest Your Destiny and it contains 9 principles for spiritual manifesting. It focuses on spiritual ideas to help you use the true power of manifestation in your life.

“Within you is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that you need or desire.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer

These 9 principles are ideas that you have probably heard before but nonetheless, they are incredibly powerful and worth hearing over and over again.

Let’s briefly look at these 9 principles to manifest your destiny as outlined by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

wayne dyer manifest your destiny

1. Live from your highest self

The first and probably the most important part of spiritual manifesting is realise what you really are. You are NOT a body with a soul or spirit. You are a spirit with a body.

What you really are is not the flesh and bones that you see in the mirror. It is that part of you that never ages, that is always present and that is beyond the ego.

The ego is what keeps us from living from our highest self. It is your front to the world. It is the beliefs that you have built up in your life and it is what you consider to be “reality”. Your highest self is beyond that though.

It is unlimited, all powerful, loving, kind, generous and connected to everyone and everything.

When you start living from your higher self you relinquish your need to be right, your need to be important and your need to serve your ego. You move beyond that and realize that there is something much more to you than your physical being.

2. Trust in yourself

When you trust in yourself you trust in the wisdom that created you. We are all born with everything we need in life. The problem is that we learn that we are not smart enough, not good enough or that we can’t do X, Y or Z.

This leads us to start trusting in any and everything outside of ourselves. To manifest your destiny you need to let go of all of that.

You have divine guidance available to you at all times. You can only tune into it by being quiet and listening to this guidance. Any and everything is available to you but you have to trust in yourself and your own inner wisdom.

3. You are an ‘environorganism’

This is a strange thing to say but I think is actually encapsulates the idea very well. You are a part of your environment to the extent that you are intrinsically connected to your environment.

What do you surround yourself with? Who do you surround yourself with. You will rarely attract success by hanging out with negative losers all the time.

This concept extends even further to the books you read, the TV shows you watch, the food you eat ec.

Start by becoming sensitive to this and notice what you are surrounded by most of the time. Does it support what you wish to manifest into your life?

4. Attract to yourself what your desire

This is where the rubber meets the road. You need to understand this universal law and that is that you have the power to attract to yourself anything that you desire.

The law of attraction has become a bit “whatever” because we hear it so much but it is good to be reminded every now and again.

You have the innate power to attract anything that you desire.

You don’t need to read 100 books about it. Just say it to yourself over and over again. “I can attract anything into my life”.

If you think about a goal or desire that you wish to attract and manifest and your first thought is “no, you can’t have that”. STOP. Relax and say to yourself “I can attract ANYTHING into my life”.

Not because I am special or smart but because that is in my nature.

5. Honour your worthiness to receive

You will never attract something to you if you do not feel worthy of having it. This is very true for people who wish to attract their soulmate or someone special.

If you feel like you are not enough (in any way) then that actually blocks and prevents love from coming into your life.

This is also true for anything you want to manifest. If you have any beliefs that you have built up over your lifetime about being worthy of having it, work on overcoming that.

Know that you are as worthy and deserving as anyone in this world to have it.

6. Unconditional Love

You can connecting to the divine source with unconditional love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

Unconditional love is a love for all of creation. It is a love that has no conditions or strings attached.

Human love almost always has conditions attached. When someone we love does something we dislike then the love we have for them gets throttled.

Unconditional love is a much higher love. It opens your eyes to the beauty and unity of life and allows you to see that you are not just in the universe but the universe is in you.

You are connected to everything and because you are connected to everything you can attract and manifest anything.

7. Meditating to the sound of creation

Much has been written about meditation but this age old tradition is the basis of all spiritual manifestation techniques. God’s one and only voice is silence. When you quiet your mind and go within you tap into the power of the universe.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s manifestation meditation is quite simple and uses the sounds of “Ahh” and “Ohm”. These are known as the sounds of creation.

This meditation technique was taken from an ancient meditation practise called Japa – a Sanskrit word that means ‘the repetition of a mantra or a name’.

Its a very simple meditation that you can do in the morning and the evening and a very powerful way to manifest.

Manifest Your Destiny – Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Manifestation Meditation

8. Detach yourself from the outcome

This is a really hard concept because we tend to lock in and lock on to a goal and then work incredibly hard to “achieve” it.

This is not manifesting.

To manifest anything you need to get incredibly clear on what you want. Believe that you can have it. Believe that you deserve it. See yourself as having it and feel the emotions of having it.

Then…let go. Forget about it. Do not try and figure out how you can do it or what you need to do to attract it. That is not your job in the manifestation process.

Allow the universe to bring it to you. Allow God to do her job. Detach yourself from the outcome; from how, when and where it will come to you.

9. Gratitude and generosity

The energy of gratitude is one that expands. When you are grateful for what you already have, more of it will come to you. Be grateful for the abundance that you already have and more of it will come to you.

That is just the way it works.

Generosity is the way you illustrate your gratitude. Its not a chore but an outpouring of your gratitude. It is also not about “giving” money or things. It is a generosity of spirit.

Giving kindness, love, compassion. Giving your time, your energy and your consideration.

By spending 10 minutes every morning when you get out of bed to think about everything you are grateful for, you will start your day the right way.


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