How To Think Wealthy Thoughts

how to think wealthy thoughts

Learning how to think wealthy thoughts is not about trying to think in a different way. You need to change your mindset, your beliefs and your very consciousness because deliberately changing a few conscious thoughts simply won’t be enough to think truly wealthy thoughts.

We live in a society that is obsessed with money but that has lost sight of what wealth really is.

Having a lot of money does not make you wealthy. Most people with a lot of money lose it all or lead miserable lives because they are not wealthy.

Wealth is a mindset – a consciousness and most people who are wealthy end up with a lot of money because money is an outpicturing of your consciousness.

Most people start their journey to greater wealth by looking at what should you do to be wealthy. People get into all sorts of businesses and jobs just because they think that will make them wealthy.

So, how do you learn to think wealthy thoughts if you can’t really know how someone who is wealthy thinks?

There are certain mindsets, worldviews, daily practises, understandings and even teachings that make up the way wealthy people think.

Some people are born into families where this is the normal way of thinking. The wealthy mindset gets installed at an early age.

Some people ‘stumble’ on success and they have to quickly adapt their mindset to keep up with this success. The situation forces them to think in a new way.

Most middle class people grew up with very firm beliefs in limitation with a mindset that is firmly rooted in always having ‘just enough to get by’.

Learning how to think wealthy thoughts will help you lift yourself out of that mindset of limitation.

Why It Is So Hard To Just Think Wealthy Thoughts

The idea of thinking wealthy thoughts is mostly an abstract concept. When you ask most people to describe what wealth looks like to them, they will; describe a scene that is way outside of a reality they can see themselves in.

One of the untold secrets about The Secret and the law of attraction is that it is not good enough to simply visualize wealth and abundance.

You need to be able to visualize yourself IN that reality and also visualize yourself as already having that as your reality.

People tend to make up grand ideas of what they think wealth looks like and make that their image of wealth.

This tends to be abstract and not really something you can see yourself having or living.

Trying to think wealthy thoughts without having a good reference can be fruitless. OUr references tend to be based on weak outside references.

Things you see on TV, in magazines or the internet becomes your reference of what wealth means to you.

Wealthy thoughts are not just about seeing yourself having everything you want.

Wealthy people do not just think differently from poor or middle class people. They often think the opposite.

Thinking like a wealthy person if you are not wealthy or do not intimately know a wealthy person is not that easy.

We are all programmed from birth and our habitual thinking is a product of our upbringing.

Changing these thoughts often means you have to change your whole identity.

Albert Einstein once said that all he wants to know is how God thinks. Everything else are details.

If you know how wealthy people think then everything else will simply be details. It’s all in your thinking and in your consciousness.

Will Thinking Wealthy Thoughts Make You Wealthy?

One of the key ideas from the law of attraction that has permeated our culture is the idea that your thoughts become things.

From quantum physics we now know that this is a scientific fact and something that has been speculated about in metaphysics for thousands of years.

The idea that your thoughts create your life can be a tough concept to really understand especially when you are first confronted with the idea.

The law of attraction responds to your every thought. Every thought you think has an energy or a vibration and this vibration causes people, events and circumstances to be attracted to or repelled from your life.

In very basic terms, the law of attraction dictates that when you think wealthy thoughts you will attract wealth into your life.

There can be no other way.

When you look at the flipside it is actually more obvious. People with a poor or middle class mindset keep attracting more of what they already have.

We tend to remain bound in our circumstances not by external events and conditions but by our way of thinking.

To raise yourself out of your current circumstances you need to change your thinking.

It is the only way.

You can change any and everything but you will not create any lasting changes in your finances until you change your thinking.

How To Think Wealthy Thoughts (Without Trying)

When you do these things you will ‘automatically’ start to think wealthy thoughts.

Thinking wealthy thoughts can never rely on a conscious effort to do so. Your conscious mind simply does not have the capacity to do so.

When your consciousness shifts to abundance thinking you don’t have to constantly try or remind yourself to think wealthy thoughts.

It becomes automatic – because there’s been a shift in your perception, understanding and subconscious ‘wiring’.

Instead of trying to figure out what to think and trying to constantly force yourself to think wealthy thoughts you need to change your perception, understanding and beliefs about wealth.

Below are 10 powerful ideas that will help you to think like a wealthy person. By focusing on these ideas instead of trying to force yourself to think wealthy thoughts you shift your consciousness.

1. Understand What Money Really Is

There’s way too much emphasis on money these days. Realize that money is just a representation of wealth.

It is a form of life energy – just like oxygen. Coins, paper bills and digital currency are all just representations of money.

Money is not wealth and to think that wealth equals a big pile of cash is an erroneous way of thinking that represents a poor or middle class mindset.

Money represents different things to different people. What money means to you is a reflection of your money mindset.

Is it fear?

Be brutally honest with yourself and figure out what money means to you. It will help you understand where you are in your money consciousness.

2. Understand The Truth About Abundance

The absolute truth and fact is that we live in an abundant universe. There is more than enough of everything for everyone.

Any lack or scarcity that we experience in any area of life is only a lack or scarcity of consciousness.

When you look at the leaves on the trees, the oxygen we breathe, the water in the ocean and the unlimited rain in the clouds – everything is here in abundance.

Money is a resource that we need to live life and it too is available in abundance. Just like the universe is constantly expanding, so is the amount of money in the world.

There are billions and billions of dollars just floating about in mid air through digital transactions.

The availability of this abundance is never the issue. Making it part your life life and having that abundance flow to and through you is the only issue.

When you start to think wealthy thoughts you open your consciousness to allow this abundance to flow to and through you.

3. Learn To Love Money

Most of us grew up with well meaning parents telling us to never love money and that the love of money is the root of all evil.

This belief and false teaching that was touted by almost every religious institution has caused most of us to have a very bad relationship with money.

If money was your best friend, what would your relationship be like?

Loving money does not mean you worship money or make it your king. It simply means that you have a healthy loving relationship with it and appreciate everything it does for you.

You can not think wealthy thoughts without having the component of love attached to it. Thinking wealthy thoughts while resenting wealth will never allow it to be drawn into your life.

When you have a healthy love for money it changes your relationship to money and consequently the way you think about it.

4. You Are Worthy

The idea of not feeling worthy of having wealth and abundance is yet another product of our upbringing and most poor and middle class people grew uo in a home with limited resources.

This usually meant that you were taught both directly and indirectly that you are not worthy of having everything you want.

As soon as you wanted something expensive you were quickly brought back down to ‘the level’ and your childish brain quickly learned that you do not deserve what you really want.

The truth however is that you were born into abundance. Your true nature is abundance and prosperity.

That Divinity that is your life force that is expressing itself through you and your life IS abundance.

It is forever looking to express itself through you. It wants to experience abundance and you are not only worthy but you are entitled to it.

You are entitled not because of what you do or who you are but simply because you are alive.

5. Stop Seeing Money As A Limited Resource

To think wealthy thoughts you have to stop thinking in terms of lack and limitation. Money is NOT a limited resource.

There are trillions of dollars in this world. More is being made every day.

There are thousands of tons of gold and silver and millions of diamonds still available. Money, wealth and abundance is available all around you in abundance.

Start paying attention to all the abundance.

Just look at all the amazing houses around you. Look at all the amazing cars around you. Look at all the amazing clothing etc all around you.

Wealth and abundance is everywhere.

Start paying attention to it and stop limiting your thinking to what you think you can afford.

6. Stop Being Cheap

Being cheap is a habit and a mindset. It’s not really got anything to do with how much money you have.

Cheap people are always cheap whether they have money or not. Driving 10 miles to save $2 at a different store or spending 3 hours to make something that can save you $5 represents a poverty mindset.

When you are cheap, you are hoarding money. You close off to the flow of abundance.

When you allow money to flow freely through your life, you open up the channels for more to come to you.

7. Don’t Resent Paying Bills

Bills can send fear through some people unlike anything else. Ken Honda has this wonderful practise that he calls ‘Arigato Money’.

When you pay a bill, say ‘Arigato money out’ which is a Japanese saying that thanks the money as you send it out.

Become grateful for your bills because someone has trusted you to pay them. Be thankful for the service and pay it with joy.

Resenting bills and finding it difficult to part with money is a sign of attachment and that is not how wealthy people think.

8. Rejoice In Others Wealth

One of the main characteristics of the poor and middle class is that they resent ‘the rich’. Because they don’t understand that money is in consciousness, they think that rich people acquire wealth the way that they do.

The truth is that people with a lot of money (who gets to keep it long term) have a lot of money because they have a wealthy mindset.

Every time you resent someone else’s wealth or resent something that someone has that you don’t you basically ask the universe to not give it to you.

Always be happy for every other person’s success. Know that they HAD TO do something right in their thinking to be able to attract it into their lives.

Become curious of this fact instead of feeling jealous or resentful.

9.Raise Your Money IQ

If you have a lot of fear and stress around money then you often have a problem with your money IQ. Money IQ refers to your intellectual knowledge of money.

Learning money management and all the jargon around money, fees, taxes etc. can help you remove a lot of the stress that comes from not knowing it.

The fear of unknown fees, bills or taxes keeps many people from thinking wealthy thoughts because they always worried about running out of money.

You need to have a firm grasp on all your finances and know your financial position at all times. This removes a lot of fear.

10.Be Grateful

The fastest way to learn how to think wealthy thoughts is to start being grateful for what you have.

When you really open your eyes to what you already have you open the floodgates for more to come to you.

When you are unhappy with what you have and what seems to be missing from your life you close the doors to anything good from coming to you.


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