Mantras for Abundance and Prosperity

mantras for abundance and prosperity

These 10 mantras for abundance and prosperity have the power to change your financial life. Abundance encapsulated so much more than just ‘money’.

Having and abundance of anything in your life boils down to not feeling like you lack anything. Its a feeling that you have more than enough of everything you want.

It may sound like a bold statement that mantras can do that for you but the reality is that all wealth and abundance comes from the way you control your thoughts, your intentions and your actions.

Having the desire for more abundance is not enough. Almost everyone wants more money and more resources to live a rich and abundant life.

Taking control of your thinking and directing your own mind to think of prosperity instead of poverty may sound quite straightforward but it is not.

We all have habitual thoughts – thoughts that we have been thinking for a lifetime that keeps us thinking and doing things in a certain way.

Isn’t it true that wealthy people think in a certain way? Your thoughts about money is like a thermostat that will determine your level of financial success. It explains why people tend to average at about the same financial levels their whole life.

It also explains why so many people “become” financially what their parents were. It also explains why lottery winners often lose everything in a very short period of time to get back to their internal level of wealth and abundance.

Changing your outside world will rarely make a financial difference in your life. Until and unless you change your inner world – your thoughts and beliefs about money you will never see any lasting changes.

This is where positive money mantras come in.

What is a Mantra And How Can It Help You Manifest

The literal translation of the word mantra from its original Sanskrit means “instrument of thought”. The conscious mind is filled with incessant chatter. One thought gives birth to another and there is this constant buzz of thoughts.

If these thoughts were positive, uplifting and empowering then it would be fantastic, but most of the time it is not.

Ancient cultures already recognized this. Mantras come from the ancient spiritual practices of Hindu’s and their holy book the Rig-Veda. Mantras were drawn from the Rig-Veda directly but over time mantras became more general and inspired by other spiritual books and ideas.

The practice of reciting mantras is known as Japa and the direct translation means “muttering” or “whispering”. The belief is also that the sounds (not so much the words) themselves have an energy and a power.

Mantras have served many different uses in religious terms but its use in manifesting and spirituality is to quiet the habitual mind and to help you still your chattering mind and steer your consciousness towards the inner self.

While there are many mantras and different practices around the use of mantras for yoga we will focus on a more modern interpretation of mantras for abundance and prosperity and cultivating an abundant mindset.

What Is The Difference Between a Mantra and and Affirmation

Isn’t a mantra just an affirmation? What is the difference between a mantra and an affirmation? The idea of affirmations definitely developed from mantras and is a more “westernized” version of an essentially “eastern practice”.

Affirmations stripped the eastern religious connotations from mantras and made it more acceptable for people in the wstern world.

Mantras are also different in a few ways. Affirmations are usually statements about specific goals you want to achieve. It tends to be quite wordy and is focussed around the idea that it will help change your thinking about a certain topid\c or personal issue.

Mantras are not really designed to do anything specific. Mantras are designed to help you “”lose the thoughts”. The true purpose of a mantra is to lose the mantra.

An abundance mantra for instance is designed to help your mind focus on abundance and prosperity. The repetition of the mantra makes it impossible for other thoughts to enter your mind.

An idle mind that is allowed to drift tends to drift back into habitual thoughts. Because the mantra is usually a short phrase you can easily repeat it over and over again.

In theory the mantra can be anything because the words itself is not significant. It is where the words take you that matters. Using an abundance mantra however makes it easier to help your mind stay focussed on the idea of wealth.

Affirmations is all about the words and the ideas in the words. Affirmations help you to establish ideas and habits of thought.

Mantras help you transcend the mundane and go beyond mere thoughts. It aims to “transport” you to the inner self where all things are know and understood. Inside you is bottomless well of abundance and prosperity.

10 Powerful Money Mantras For Abundance and Prosperity

Here are 10 powerful mantras for abundance and prosperity. Use just one or use them all – whatever you feel you need in your life.

If you are struggling with persistent negative thoughts around money then these mantras can act as a ‘tool’ to help get you out of these negative thoughts.

1.Wealth. Success. Joy

This mantra is designed to help you link joy to wealth and success. So many people are twisted up inside about wealth and success being a struggle. It is not – and it should not.

2.I am financially free

This money mantra is designed to help you link freedom to having a lot of money. Financial abundance does bring freedom and that is what most people who pursue success really want.

3.I am a money magnet

This money mantra is designed to magnetize you to attract abundance to you. The law of attraction is always working and directing your consciousness to this powerful idea will magnetize you to attract money.

4.I see abundance everywhere

Are you focussed on abundance or are you focussed on scarcity? Most people are actually obsessed with everything that is ‘missing’ from their lives.

When you truly open your eyes and start seeing the abundance that is everywhere you actually open your heart and mind to grater abundance.

5.I am worthy of wealth

This abundance mantra is designed for those who feel unworthy of abundance and prosperity. You may have grown up believing that you don’t deserve it. You should ask yourself this one important question: Why not me? You are as worthy and deserving as anyone else on this planet.

6.I am connected to the infinite source of abundance

There is an infinite source of abundance and well being that is constantly available to you at all times. You are either connected to this flow of abundance or you are disconnected from it. This prosperity mantra will help you connect to this unlimited source of supply. I am connected to the universal supply of money

7.My income increases constantly

If you feel that you are stuck financially then this mantra can help you. If you think of your income as something that is always growing and expanding then it will. If you are stuck in your money mindset then it will be stagnant.

8.Money comes to me quickly and easily

Do you believe that money is hard to “make”? The reality is that once you are connected to the infinite stream of prosperity, money flows to you unimpeded.

When you hold on to the belief that it is hard then that will be your experience.

9.Money flows freely to me

If you believe that making money is “hard” or that you have to slave yourself to the bone to get rich – perish the thought! It is not true. With an abundance consciousness money flows to you freely and easily.

To open yourself to money flowing freely to you, use this mantra. If you find it hard to make ends meet, to find a way to make money or if you are struggling with anything financially related then this money mantra will help.

10.Money is good

Most of us grew up with the idea that money is “bad” and that rich people are dishonest and evil. This is just not true.

If you find that you just can not attract the abundance you desire not matter how hard you try then this will help. Inherently, we all want to be good. If you then believe that money is bad then it can not come to you.

How To Use These Money Mantras

With affirmations, it is recommended that you are fully present and connected to the actual words you are affirming.

Mantras are not like that. A mantra is simply a means to an end and is a phrase that you repeat to block out other thoughts from entering and “disturbing” your vibrational frequency.

Traditionally mantras were used in meditation and while you do not have to take up the practice of meditation (although I highly recommend it) you can still use the idea to get the maximum results from using mantras.

Pick just one money mantra. Relax, close your eyes and silently (or out loud) start repeating the mantra over and over again. The central idea in your mantra will help to transport your thoughts to that idea.

As you get still and keep repeating your mantra you will eventually reach a point where you are not really conscious of the mantra anymore. You will have shut out the outside world and made contact with your highest self.

Doing this for 15 minutes every day will transform your life. Adding some breathing techniques and being in a still place can also help a lot.

When you are driving and alone in your car, don’t be afraid to say your mantra out loud. When you are waiting in line somewhere, close your eyes and repeat it silently.


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