How to Manifest Money Fast

How to to Manifest Money Fast

Learning how to manifest money fast requires a very specific mindset that focuses completely on abundance and eliminates all thoughts of scarcity.

It seems like most people want a lot of money really fast without doing much. It is one of the main reasons why people become interested in the law of attraction and manifesting.

The honest truth is that this is not quite how it works.

I’ve written extensively on this idea that you do NOT get what you want. You get what you ARE.

Your financial situation right now is a perfect reflection of what you “are” financially. It is a mirror that shows in physical form the invisible thoughts and feelings you have about money and finances.

For most people there is a massive undertone of fear attached to money. The nature of fear is to close down, to contract and to protect.

Abundance however, is the opposite.

To manifest money and to manifest money fast you will have to change who you are. At first this might sound difficult because most people have been led to believe that what they are is fixed.

You are not fixed.

You are not a tree.

You can change. In fact, you can change anything and you can change it really fast. That is where the power of thought comes in.

When you change a single thought, you change the decisions you make. When you change the decisions you make you change the actions you take and when you change the actions you take you change your destination (or destiny).

I am not here to tell you that you can manifest money in 23 hours or manifest money overnight.

What I am here to tell you – to remind you is what Lao Tzu wrote more than 2000 years ago: when you correct your mind everything falls in place.

If you do not have the money you desire then there is only one reason and that is that your thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your vibration is preventing the natural flow of abundance in your life.

When you correct your thinking and align with abundance completely, you will be amazed how fast you start manifesting money.

Will you manifest a million dollars overnight? Probably not but even if you just manifest $1, you will start getting in the right vibration and that quickly starts to snowball your results.

How To Manifest Anything Fast

One of the big challenges with manifesting is that is this sense of it taking a long time. At a very deep level you are the one who decides how long it will take to manifest something.

People want to know how to make law of attraction work instantly. You can’t ‘make it’ work instantly because it already works instantly.

Just because you can’t see it working instantly does not mean it doesn’t.

We all have our own ideas of what is easy or what is hard to manifest and what will take a long time.

If you are broke then manifesting a million dollars might seem like a really big thing. If you are a billionaire on the other hand then manifesting a million dollars is not a big deal at all.

Can you see how this all just comes down to perception?

To manifest anything faster we need to change the way we look at what we want to manifest.

Do you make it big and impossible in your own mind? It may seem like you are a long way from your goal and what you want to manifest and this can easily pull you down.

Using your imagination and visualization is a really powerful tool to help you overcome this. When you focus on already having it and generate that feeling within yourself you eliminate this to a large extent.

The speed at which something manifests in your life depends only on you. If you want to grow an oak tree it will obviously take longer than if you are trying to grow a tomato plant.

The law of gestation is always at work and is a corollary to the law of attraction.

6 Secrets to Manifest Money Fast

Below I’ve listed 6 secrets to manifest money fast. Before you can really use any of them you need to remove any fear or anxiety you currently have around money.

If you are in a situation where you ‘have to’ get money fast then you will most likely be overcome by fear.

When you are in that vibration it is almost impossible to manifest anything good. Find a job, borrow money or do whatever it takes to remove that critical fear factor that haunts your every thought.

Once you can set that fear aside, manifesting becomes much easier. Ultimately you need to be able to let go and to allow and that can not be done when you have time limited demands on the universe.

1.Work On Gaining Clarity

When you set an intention, the universe immediately sets the wheels in motion to bring to you what you want to manifest. There is an instant attraction because of your thoughts.

A fleeting thought however has very little power. An emotionally charged thought that you think over and over again has real power.

Turning fleeting thoughts of desire into powerful thoughts that will manifest in your life requires a lot of clarity.

Do you know exactly what you want?
Do you know exactly what it will look like in every aspect of your life?

Building an idea in your mind and getting very clear on exactly how every aspect of your life will look like once it is manifested is the way you attract anything into your life super fast.

Most people who want to manifest money visualize a nice car or a beautiful home ec. That is all good but is very one dimensional.

You need to think way beyond a few material things.

What would your mindset be when you do manifest the money? What would your relationships be like? How would you contribute to society and to the world?

What would you feel like when you wake up in the morning? How would you change people’s lives? What would others say to you ? What would others say about you?

There are so many aspects that you could focus on when gaining clarity about what you REALLY want.

It is never the money that you really want. It is the feelings of abundance. When you are abundant, the material things can not help but come to you. If you focus only on the material things then it is very hard for true abundance to find a way into your life.

Keep digging in your own mind and thoughts to find your own “feeling place” of abundance. Try and go beyond the material things you want to manifest.

When you become truly abundant, the money will flow to you with no resistance.

2. Forget About HOW You Want It

Most people get tripped up on how they want things. The law of attraction will give you anything you want but if you limit it, you may wait a long time for it to manifest.

Abundance and even money can come to you in so many forms. If you set your intention in a way where you only want it to come in 1 specific way it is very hard for things to come to you quickly.

The universe will have to arrange so many different things to comply with your specific request for abundance to come to you in just your 1 way.

You want to manifest money fast and your mind immediately steps in and tells you that to get a lot of money quickly you need to win the lottery. You then set your focus on winning the lottery, visualize winning it and use affirmations.

Meanwhile, abundance could have come to you in so many other ways. If you completely eliminate the MEANS by which you want to manifest something then you truly open yourself up to the magic of the law of attraction.

Examine your own manifestation intentions and look for any specifics and limitations you’ve set. Eliminate them and you will free up the law of attraction to do its part.

3. Work on Yourself

One of the big criticisms of The Secret is that it created a sense of you having to only visualize and have an intention to attract anything into your life.

Not only does this create a sense of helplessness it also breeds “laziness”. It makes you feel like things are out of your hands.

While you should not try and “make things happen” you should do everything in your power to move forward. Working “on” your manifestation is not about trying to figure out how to make it happen but rather about working on yourself.

Work on improving yourself in any way possible. Take more time to meditate. Work on eliminating bad habits of thought. Work on becoming more positive and optimistic. Eliminate negativity from your life.

It is so easy to fall into the trap that you think you will do X, Y or Z once you’ve manifested the money. One of the most powerful quotes you can live by is from Arthur Ashe. He said:

Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can

– Arthur Ash

Taking the first step will set so many things in motion. You may not be able to start the business you need the money for, but what can you do? You may not be able to buy the house you need the money for but what can you do?

Even a small action that move you in the right direction will start to open things up for yo.

Do not wait around. Do not tie your hand behind your back thinking that it is all up to the universe.

If you truly want to manifest anything fast, work on your self. Do what you can right here, right now.

You won’t manifest money instantly, but you will manifest money faster than you ever thought possible.

4. Desire and Expectation

Your desires is what moves you towards the things you want to manifest. Your expectations is what moves it towards you.

Having both is what allows it to manifest faster. So many people have the desire but they lack the expectation.

Are you really expecting to manifest what you want?

When you live in a state of expectation there is a sense of reality to what you want. It is like placing an order online. You know it is coming and you expect in the mail. That feeling of expectation has real power to attract.

To succeed in life and achieve results, you must understand and master three forces – desire, belief and expectation.

– Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

You can not truly expect something if you can not see it in your life already. There is a big difference between wanting something and seeing yourself as already having it.

5. Gratitude

One of the best ways to open yourself up to abundance is through gratitude. When your mind is focussed on what you do not have, you are closed off to money and abundance flowing into you life.

When you are focussed on what you already have, you are grateful and when you are in a state of gratitude, your whole being opens up and allows money to flow to you.

It is so easy to get caught up in what you don’t have and what’s missing from your life – especially money.

When you experience a lack of money it can be incredibly emotional which only amplifies the fact that you are closed off to abundance.

Regardless of where you are financially, you always have things to be grateful for.

When you start noticing what you do have and feel grateful, you open yourself up to receive more.

The more you can live with an attitude of gratitude the faster money will manifest in your life.

6. Your Vibration

Your thoughts and your feelings work hand in hand to dictate the vibration you are in. The law of vibration is the primary law that dictates what you will or won’t attract into your life.

Understanding the vibration of money is the key to ‘be’ on the frequency of money.

Like a radio, you can not dial in to wealth if you are on the frequency of scarcity or poverty.


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