The 7 Laws of Attraction? and What are Universal Laws Anyway

7 Laws of Attraction

What are Universal Laws? What are the 7 laws of attraction and why should we even care? There are actually not 7 laws of attraction but there are 7 laws of the universe that are all corollaries to the law of attraction.

These laws will not only help you understand the law of attraction better but give you some additional insight on its workings.

The laws of gravity and the laws of electromagnetism are scientifically formulated laws that help us understand and explain the world we live in.

What is really important to understand about these laws is that you can not see any of them. While our sense can not perceive them directly, we can see and experience its effects.

You can not see gravity but you can see its effects and you can see its effects.

The true value of the law of gravity is not in seeing things fall but rather in the model that it creates to help us understand and explain certain phenomena.

More recently the laws of quantum physics has laid a paradigm that can help us understand and explain the world we live in and this mystery called life.

This is important so please keep this in mind as we start looking at some of the universal laws of life.

What are Universal Laws

You can think of the universal laws of life as unbreakable rules that govern our universe. It is the facts of life that no one or no thing can transcend. It is the way our universe works and they are the real facts of life.

One fact of life is that you were born and you most certainly will die. That is the law of life. When you drop a ball it will fall down to the floor. That is the law of gravity.

It works every time, for everyone – no exceptions.

It is universal.

We all know the law of gravity and many of us know the law of electromagnetism because we were taught that in school. The problem is that almost no one was taught about all the other laws of the universe.

A big reason for this is that they were contradictory to a certain religious doctrine that most people bought into. This is a doctrine that dictates that you are not the creator of your life and that you are merely a puppet playing out someone else’s wishes.

So, what are the universal laws and why should you care?

There are more than 20 universal laws but I will discuss the 7 most common and most useful. Understanding these laws will help you understand yourself and your life better. It will give you additional insight to help you become a better (co) creator of your world

The 7 Laws of Attraction?

People often mistake the universal laws as laws of attraction. This is not the case. The law of attraction is a loose “modern” term invented to simplify but one of the universal laws.

Although there are not really 7 laws of attraction, the 7 laws we will be discussing is closely related and will most certainly give you a better understanding of the law of attraction and where it comes from.

The 7 Universal Laws Of The Universe

1.The Law of Vibration

The law of vibration is commonly referred to as the law of attraction. The law of vibration states that nothing is static and that everything moves; everything is vibrating all the time.

Every object in the physical world – even a piece of steel is not really solid at all. It is made up from a mass of molecules that are vibrating and moving at a very high speed.

Your perception of the physical world might be that things are solid and static but they are not. These are not “new age” theories but scientific facts.

In fact, this is “old school” science. The latest understanding of quantum physics takes this even one step further by postulating that our observing of something actually changes what is observed.

This can get quite complicated but it need not be. Using the law of vibration in your life is quite simple. You are always in a state of vibration and your thoughts and your feelings create your vibrational state.

You will attract to you everything and everyone who matches your vibration.

It is as simple and as difficult as that. You can not attract something that you are not in vibrational harmony with. Think of a radio: you can not receive a channel that you are not dialed into. It does not mean you “can not” dial in. It simply means that your dial is not set to receive a specific frequency.

2.The Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect simply states that for every cause there is an effect. Simply put, for everything in this universe there is a cause. There can not be an effect without a cause.

Nothing happens until something moves. When something vibrates, the electrons of the universe resonate with it. Everything is connected.

– Albert Einstein

Like Einstein pointed out, everything is intricately connected. When you look at your life and you see “effects” like being broke, being overweight, being depressed etc. These are all effects.

The cause can always be traced back to your thinking and ultimately your emotions. Your thoughts are the cause and the events and circumstances of your life is the effect.

This might sound a bit depressing at first but its actually a really empowering fact. If your thoughts can cause it then your thoughts can change it!

Most people spend their lives trying to fix the “effects” of their life. Until and unless you change the cause, the effects can not change.

Your inner world always creates your outer world. Like James Allen pointed out, your circumstances does not make you but it reveals you – it reveals your innermost thoughts.

3. The Law of Relativity

The law of relativity states that nothing in the universe exists by itself. It is always relative to something else.

Your life is always relative to many other things in the world. You always exist relative to other people and other things and most people’s image of themselves is relative to other people.

Relationships is nothing but how you relate to other people and other things. You are not an island.

When you start seeing everything as something that relates to everything else then you start seeing what many mystics referred to as ‘unity consciousness’.

We all share this ONE energy called life and the life force in you is exactly the same as the life force in everyone else.

When you start seeing yourself in someone else you become more loving, more compassionate and ultimately more peaceful.

4. The Law of Polarity

The law of polarity states that everything in the universe has an opposite. Life cannot exist without death. Up can not exist without down. Happiness can not exist without sadness.

We tend to laude some of these opposites in our lives and when we are unhappy, broke or sad we feel helpless and that life is not how we want it.

When you are in these places in your life it is important to take note. It is actually not such a bad place to be because without knowing something’s opposite we can not know it at all.

If you were born into wealth and only know wealth you will have no concept of abundance and experiencing the true meaning of feeling abundant and prosperous.

However, if you’ve experienced hardship and have been through tough financial times then you know its opposite.

Stop cursing at the opposites in your life and simply recognize that you already know the opposite and you are already on track because you wanting the opposite experience is simply a different aspect of the same thing.

5.The Law of Gestation

The law of gestation states that everything in the universe has a gestation period to come into form. A tomato seed takes about 10 days to sprout. A human being takes about 270 days to develop from a cell to a baby.

Everything that you want to manifest in your life has a gestation period. The challenge is that with a lot of it we simply do not know how long it will take.

There are so many complicated factors at play that we simply can not figure it out. That is not the purpose of knowing this law.

The law of gestation teaches us to have patience. Its been said that infinite patience produces immediate results.

The immediate result is not that your manifestation shows up out of thin air but it means that you are immediately at peace and know that it is on its way and it will show up at the perfect time.

6.The Law of Transmutation

The law of transmutation states that when something moves from one form to another there is always a change in state.

What this boils down to is that when change happens in your life, it is often perceived as chaos. This change is almost always very uncomfortable because it is moving you into the unfamiliar.

It is ironic but people would much rather stay in the familiar even if that is what they consciously do not want.

The unfamiliar is “scary” because it is unknown and unpredictable yet we know by the law of transmutation that you can not create change without some level of feeling uncomfortable.

When “all hell is breaking loose” and it seems like everything is going wrong, maybe something else is going right? Maybe change is happening (and it almost always happens without your direct input).

Embrace it. Recognize it and welcome it into your life. Dance with it and allow it to take your life in a direction that you truly want to go in.

7.The Law of Rhythm

The law of rhythm states that there is a cyclical nature to life and that everything in life has a rhythm. We are all very familiar and tuned into the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In the galaxy there are many more cycles and in life there are many cycles that you are not consciously aware of. Your heartbeat, the digestion of your food – everything occurs in cycles.

Understanding that there is a rhythm to life helps us understand that your life will go through “winter” and through “summer”. Learning not to see one as “better” than the other means you embrace everything – the good and the bad.

Your life is never static. There is no end goal where you will have everything. Its an illusion. Every goal reached gives birth to another.

Don’t strive to live only for those fleeting moments when you will “have it all”. Be here and now and embrace the present moment. Right now is all you truly have.

The Universal Laws – Conclusion

Know what are the universal laws will give you some much deeper insight as to why things are the way they are. While we can change almost anything in our lives, the universal laws are fixed.

The way to change your life is not by trying to change any of these laws. That would be fruitless.

We change by changing our perceptions.

Remember what quantum physics teaches us: when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

These 7 laws are all corollaries to the law of attraction and ultimately everything works together in perfect harmony.


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