How To Be A Vibrational Match To Money

how to be a vibrational match to money

Learning how to be a vibrational match to money is about learning how to align your thoughts and your feelings to money in such a way that money and the mere thought of money makes you feel good.

As long as money has negative associations in your mind your thoughts around money will drift to negative and disempowering thoughts such as fear, worry and even resentment.

These thoughts lead to specific feelings and it is your thoughts and your feelings that dictate your vibration.

Money is ultimately what you think of it but what matters most are the thoughts and emotions that you offer in response to your thoughts about money.

Money is a broad subject. Most people’s money mindset infiltrates all areas of their finances. Most people think that not having enough money is the problem but it rarely is.

Not having enough money in your life is a symptom. The underlying cause is a much deeper and more fundamental problem.

As long as your thoughts around money are not aligned with what you truly want financially, your vibration will prevent what you want from being attracted into your life.

Working harder won’t make a difference. Praying harder, doing more affirmations and reading more law of attraction books won’t make a difference until you deal with the root cause which lies in your vibration.

Why You Can Not Be a Vibrational Match To Money

The idea of ‘vibrating to money’ has become a real catch phrase in contemporary law of attraction teachings. It’s getting thrown around with very little insight or explanation.

The challenge is with the ‘how’. Yes, I know – just ‘be a vibrational match to money’ and money will flow to you but my question is always the how. What is practical and doable?

How to be a vibrational match to money is actually not possible at all. That is because money in and of itself does not have a vibration.

What is really meant by the idea of being a vibrational match to money is being a vibrational match to an ABUNDANCE of money and prosperity.

We will discuss this in more detail but the idea of matching your vibration to something that you can not define vibrationally is impossible.

Most people really have a tough time with the ideas of vibration and matching vibrations because it is never really clear how you can do it practically.

A lot of this stems from a lack of understanding the two concepts involved.

There is the concept of money and the concept of vibration. Understanding both is the key to bring them together to ultimately manifest the kind of money you truly want in your life.

Understanding Money and Vibration

You are already a vibrational match to money. Everybody has a vibrational match to money because money is the currency of life. It will be very hard in this day and age to be completely divorced from money.

We all deal with money. We all need money and we all have a relationship to money.

You are currently in the perfect vibrational match with the amount of money that you have in your life.

Your vibration and your manifestations are always in perfect alignment.

You can never attract something that you are not in perfect harmony with and that is the essence of the law of attraction.

1. What is Money:

Money is not the piece of paper you put in your wallet. Money is not the dollar amount you see in your bank statement.

Those things may represent money but it is not money. Money is an idea and it is an idea that can be very hard to define.

Money can be seen as an energy or a currency of life because it is essential to our existence in this life.

When you think of money, what do you think of? Do you think of a pile of cash? Do you think of an extravagant house. Do you think of your depth? Do you think of how you don’t have enough to make it to the end of the month?

While we all have different ideas of what money is and what money means to us, one thing we all share is an emotional association to money.

This is mostly determined by how you think about money. Most of us got ‘taught’ how to think about money by our parents and their teachings were mostly indirect.

We learned how to think about money by indirectly observing HOW our parents thought about money and then we proceeded to model their thinking and make it our own.


2. What is Vibration

Vibration refers to a state of energy. Energy is always moving and this movement occurs through vibration.

Everything in this universe is energy – including you. Your energetic state is determined by your thoughts and emotions. When you think positive, empowering and loving thoughts you have a high energy.

This is referred to as having a high(er) vibration because these thoughts lead to empowering emotions that raise your energy.

We’ve all felt this when we are ‘on a high’ where you just feel good. You feel energized and like you can take on the whole world.

Conversely, we all experienced times when we feel sad, depressed, angry or even guilty. You feel like curling up into a corner. This energy contracts and leaves you in a very low vibrational state.

The law of vibration is one of the main corollaries to the law of attraction and states that your vibrational state will resonate with people, events and circumstances that match your vibration.

When two things resonate they are attracted to each other.

This is how the law of attraction causes you to attract that which you think and feel most of the time.

3. Money and Vibration:

The idea of money is far reaching in our lives. As a broad idea, money involves everything from paying bills, to your job to the stuff you can or can’t afford.

To understand your own vibration to money you need to become aware of the thoughts and emotions that different aspects of money creates within you.

This often requires a great sensitivity because most of our habitual thoughts and emotions feel so ‘natural’ that we don’t even notice them.

When you think of abundance, prosperity, wealth and success you want to feel good. You want to offer positive and empowering thoughts and feelings when you think of prosperity.

That is how to be a vibrational match to money and abundance. You create a high vibration around money.

When you think about money and your thoughts drift to lack, limitation, fear, worry or even greed then you place yourself in a low vibration.

That is how to be a vibrational match to the lack of money.

Being a Vibrational Match To What You Want

Let’s forget about money for a second and look only at the idea of being a vibrational match to something.

When you dance with someone there is a harmony and a rhythmic match between the two of you. If you dance in a group or sing with a group everybody matches each other to create harmony.

Physically matching your actions to someone else is an easy concept to understand and we can all do it with relative ease – to some extent at least.

Matching your thoughts and emotions is a bit harder though because it’s not always that obvious. Yes, when you really think about any emotions you want to feel you can.

We all have the magnificent ability to use our imagination to create any thought or feeling we want.

Do you know what joy looks like? Do you know what joy sounds like? Do you know what joy feels like? Even if you don’t know, you can make it!

Can you match yourself to that?

You know what it looks like, sounds like and feels like. It’s not that hard to match yourself to that emotional state.

The instant you match your thought to it, your emotions kick in and you vibrate in harmony with it. When your thoughts and your emotions are aligned with a specific state you vibrate in harmony with it.

This is how you match your vibration to something.

This is something you can do deliberately and consciously or it can be something that you do habitually or unconsciously.

Most people offer habitual and unconscious vibrations to money based on their beliefs and conditioned responses to how they think and feel about money.

How To Be A Vibrational Match To Money & Abundance

Now that you know how to match your vibration to ‘something’ we can more easily apply it to money. I find that the mere thought of money puts people off because we all have ingrained emotions around money.

And that is the very problem with money and vibration.

If your habitual thoughts and emotions around money is negative – that means that it creates thoughts of fear, anxiety, stress, worry, greed, guilt or any of these low frequency emotions then that is the vibration your attach to money.

Your vibrational match to money is whatever your dominant thought and emotions are around money and finances.


Take out a piece of paper and get ready to write. Start writing for the next 5 minutes and try not to stop or look up. Just let your instinctive reactions flow onto the page.

Here’s what you need to write. When you think of MONEY, what comes to mind instinctively? When you get a bill, log into your bank account or see your paycheck, what emotions and thoughts overwhelm you.

When you really dig deep and do this you will uncover your current vibrations towards money. It is often not that obvious because seeing our own mistakes are often not that easy.

The real question is not being a vibrational match to money but rather how to be a vibrational match to money in abundance and being a vibrational match to having more than enough money.

1. Learn About Money

Since money is such a taboo subject, we tend to never really learn much about it. Most people are completely ill equipped to deal with the complexities of money in our modern world.

A lack of money education and fully understanding your own money and your own money situation often leads to fear.

We tend to fear the unknown.

Taking the time to really learn about money will go a long way towards helping you remove many of your fears.

If you are in debt, there are ways to deal with it. If you do not have enough money, there are ways to earn more. If you are bad at managing money, there are tools and experts who can help.

Confronting your financial situation can be tough but it will liberate you from many of your financial concerns and the pestering thoughts and feelings that give you sleepless nights.

These fears and worries can lower your money vibration without you even being aware of it.

Don’t be afraid to get help. There are many experts who can help. This is a simple and very practical step that can have a huge effect on your day-to-day money vibration.

2. Stop Focussing on Money:

The idea of having a lot of money has consumed our society. Most people seem to want ‘a lot of money’ without really knowing why they want it.

What is ‘a lot of money’ anyway? Is it a big pile of cash? Is it a bank account with a lot of zeros?

Those are all just abstract concepts and making that your goal rarely results in a positive money vibration. Your mind has a hard time building positive and empowering images around abstract concepts that can not be visualized.

Always remember that money is only a means to an end.

Most people place all their energy on the money instead of what they REALLY want. Because of this they are trapped in very low vibrations because they can not see beyond the means.

Money has too many emotions and associations.

When you start shifting your focus to what you really want, you can start shifting your thoughts and raise your vibration to match with what you really want.

It is far easier to focus your thoughts and your energy on the end result instead of being blinded by what you think will get you what you really want which is usually money.

If you want more money, focus on getting your dream job that pays you really well instead of trying to focus on money.

If you want a big house or your dream car, focus on that instead of the money that you think you need to buy the house or the car.

3. Reject Lack and Limitation:

If you are experiencing any lack of money in your life then you are simply offering a vibration of lack and limitation.

If you really analyze your thoughts, your words and your conversations then you will see that you are intensely focussed on what you do not have and what is missing in your life.

This is probably because you are offering thought and feelings in response to what your current life reflects.

To change your vibration you need to go beyond the evidence of your current circumstances. Realize that it is only the result of your past thoughts and feelings that has brought you to your current circumstances.

The thoughts and feelings you offer now will lead you to something new – but only if you deliberately choose to ‘see’ abundance and prosperity.

You don’t even have to talk about prosperity, you just have to stop talking about lack!

– Abraham-Hicks

The reality is that there is no lack or limitation in this universe. There is more than enough for everything.

Money may come to you THROUGH your job but it does not come FROM your job. Money and abundance comes from an infinite source of supply and you have full access to this.

You only gain access to this infinite source of supply if you reject lack and limitation and you start doing that by stopping yourself from talking about your own lack and what’s missing in your life.

3. Guilt:

Guilt is a very disempowering emotion and if you have any guilt around money it will lower your vibration unlike any other emotion.

Never feel guilty for making money or for having more than someone else. In this perfectly orchestrated universe you can never take more than your share.

You having more money does not mean someone else will have less. There is more than enough for everyone.

If you make your money from activities that are dishonest or that is shrouded in lower vibrations then guilt is often attached to this money.

You may make a lot by doing it but money that has lower energy attached to it will eventually drag you down with it.

4. Resentment:

How do you feel about really, really rich people? How do you feel about your best friend who just got promoted to a $200k/year job? How do you feel about the gal who zips past you on the freeway in her pink Ferrari?

Is your instant reaction to criticize them, to break them down and to hate on them?

Most people have some sense of resentment around money. The reason is that nobody likes to be left behind.

When someone else gets something we want, the reaction is often jealousy. You need to eliminate that from your life as fast as possible.

Any form of resentment towards money and wealth will only lower your money vibration. Resenting something is like asking the universe not to give it to you.

Whenever you see something you really want in your life, say ‘Yes!’ I love that and I am really happy for that person who already attracted it into their life.

Do this instead of allowing resentment and jealousy to take over.

5. Stop Taking Score

If you have an intention to manifest greater abundance in your life, then you have laid the perfect foundation. Setting an intention is an important step to changing your vibration.

An intention moves you from scattered thoughts of fear and worry, to thoughts of having it and seeing the universe working with you and supporting you in all your desires.

The problem comes in when you start taking score. After 2 weeks of affirmations and meditation you look at your bank account and see no real change.

This often sets you spiralling down a path of destructive thoughts and emotions.

When you are focused on the desire for the money and taking score of the absence of the money, you are vibrationally defeating your own purpose.

– Abraham-Hicks

There is a saying that ‘infinite patience produces immediate results’. When you are infinitely patient, it shows trust and only when you fully trust in the universe will you truly tap into the power of the law of attraction.

How long will it take to manifest your abundance and prosperity? It will take as long as it needs to but if you trust and have infinite patience your consciousness shifts from hoping to knowing.

6. Never Argue About Money:

Never fight for it and never allow money to be a weapon in your life or relationships. If someone cheats you, let it go. That is their Karma.

Your karma is YOURS and the universe will always provide according to your vibration. When money is the constant subject or cause of arguments then you build a low vibration around money in your life.

You also don’t have to always get a bargain or cut a deal. This is a mindset that is based in scarcity thinking. Instead, rely on the universe to provide for you from an infinite supply.

Looking for bargains and cutting deals only harms you and lowers your vibration.

7. The Source of Abundance:

How does money come into your life? Most people have been taught that there is only one way for money to come to you and that is through a job.

Because of this most people have tied their job to their money in such a way that it creates a severe limitation.

Tying the two together limits the flow of money through just one avenue. Worse still – if you hate the job you are truly screwed because now your source of money is tainted by hate.

This is a really bad place to be. If you can not do what you love AND earn money then you HAVE TO love what you do to earn money.

When you decide that you are going to inject love into your job then the money you earn from that job changes energy. This change in energy almost always results in a greater abundance and a better flow of wealth.

Always remember that even though money may come THROUGH your job it ultimately does not come FROM your job.

Your money comes from an infinite source of supply. Do not concern yourself with the job and how much it pays. Place all your focus on the energy that you offer to that job.

That is how to be a vibrational match to money and abundance. No matter what your job is, if you do it with a pure heart and an energy of love it must expand and become more.

Also, don’t let your job be your limitation. There are hundreds of ways for money to come to you and a job is but one. Do not limit infinite intelligence to just one means of providing to you.


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