How to Manifest a Relationship With Someone

how to manifest a relationship with someone

Learning how to manifest a relationship with someone is about more than just some manifestation technique. Ultimately it is about believing that you deserve to be loved, that you are enough and that you are totally in love with yourself.

Most people are waiting to ‘be loved’ before they experience love.

That is actually the wrong way around. Learning to cultivate love is a beautiful example of the law of attraction in action.

We don’t attract what we want. We attract what we are.

What you are is the sum total of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attitudes. It’s a reflection of your consciousness.

What you look like, your social standing, your bank account…these are all very superficial things yet they hold most people back through their beliefs.

You can manifest a beautiful relationship with someone special no matter what your external conditions are. All you need is to work on your inner self – your innermost thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

The law of attraction will respond and bring to you what you hold in your heart.

The Main Reason Why You Are Having a Hard Time Manifesting a Relationship

If you want love, romance and a relationship and its just ‘not happening’ for you then there is one simple reason: you have subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.

At an even deeper level, the main reason why you are not manifesting the relationship you want is because your focus is outside yourself.

It’s quite a normal problem. We tend to think that we need to attract someone into our lives so we focus on other people.

The reality is that when you turn your attention inwards and you look within yourself, your own limiting beliefs and your own thoughts that hold you back then you truly open yourself up and allow a relationship to flow easily and effortlessly to you.

Logically this makes no sense, but metaphysically this is all that is really at work.

It is your own energy that will either attract or repel the kind of people you want to attract and have a relationship with.

How To Manifest A Relationship With Someone

To manifest a relationship with someone comes down to the simple basics of manifesting. Your dominant thoughts has to be on what you truly desire.

The challenge is that we all have a myriad of beliefs, unconscious thoughts and habitual thoughts that derail our true intentions.

What’s even more frustrating is that most of these resistant thoughts are hidden from our everyday awareness.

Our beliefs and habitual patterns run like software programs and we have little to no conscious awareness of them.

The most important step to manifest a relationship with someone is to make the unconscious conscious.

When you become aware of your true thoughts you can start to question them and as soon as you question them they lose their power and their hold on you.

Below I will cover 5 key ideas to help you uncover your own ‘hidden thought’ to help you overcome yourself.

1. Release Love

Most people who are desperate to attract and manifest love do so because they feel a need for love in their life.

Their attention and their focus is on the love that is ‘missing’ from their lives.

The law of attraction is very direct and very deliberate. When your attention is on the love that is missing then that is exactly what the law of attraction will mirror back to you.

You need to turn your attention inwards.

All the love you can or will every need is already within you. No person or no thing on this planet can give you love.

It is a feeling and an energy that you release within yourself – and it is a bottomless pit. You have an endless supply of love within you.

You may wait for a certain person or a certain relationship to ‘allow’ yourself to release that love within you and to truly feel it, but the reality is that it is and was always within you already.

When you start to release love in your life then it becomes a snowball.

The more you feel love, the more you give it away and the more you love yourself the more you will attract.

The real secret to finding and attracting love is to love yourself.

Loving yourself completely changes your energy and because the law of attraction mirrors your energy (not just your thoughts) this love you have for yourself will be attracted back to you through other people.

2. Get Crystal Clear

To manifest a relationship with someone, you need to get very clear in your own mind exactly what a relationship means to you.

Do you want love, romance, marriage, a family?

Just wanting ‘a relationship’ so that you don’t feel lonely anymore is a very weak idea. It is also a manifestation that is based on fear which inevitably attracts more of the same.

Why do you want a relationship?

When you get really clear not just on WHAT you want but on WHY you want it you often reveal many of your own limiting beliefs.

These are tough questions to ask yourself but its really worth doing it. Take some time right now and really think about it.

Get your journal out and start crafting your ideal relationship. Start building the image in your mind. Make a vision board, create affirmations, practice visualization.

When you do all these things together and you consistently direct your mind towards what you really want it MUST manifest.

Here are some ideas to help spark your imagination…

  • what does your ideal partner look like, sound like, smell like?
  • what would an ‘everyday’ morning look like when you are together?
  • what things will you do together?
  • what adventures and experiences will you share?
  • what would your friends say to you about your new partner?
  • what would it look like when you share xmas together? a birthday? Valentines day?

By building images of experiences you comell your imagination to build an image. Whenever you start feeling despondent and like your manifestation is not showing up, refer to any of these mental movies and redirect your focus and your energy.

3. Expose Your Own Lies

The renowned hypnotherapist Merisa Peer has a saying that ‘first you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you.’

Our beliefs can be incredibly powerful because they make up what we consider to be ‘truth’.

The reality is that all your beliefs are lies. Nothing is really true because everything is simply a belief.

Whether you believe you are ugly, smart, fat, short, stupid etc. are all just stories that you told yourself enough until you started believing it.

None of it is true when you really start analyzing it.

If you want to be in a relationship and you are not then you have one (or many) beliefs about yourself and about relationships that are holding you back.

All you have to do is to see the belief. By writing down your own beliefs, looking at them and really questioning them you automatically start breaking them down.

It is only when your beliefs go unnoticed that they have control over you.

Start writing down all the limiting beliefs you have about:


The beliefs about yourself are often beliefs about they way you look and thinking that you are not enough.

The beliefs about relationships often stem from past relationships or the relationships you saw and experienced when growing up.

Your fears can also be driver of your beliefs. Do you fear dying alone? Do you fear not being able to have kids and a family?

These fears are completely irrational but they can completely cloud your thoughts and your energy which makes you attract the very thing you don;t want which is to ‘be alone’.

4. The Universe Abhors a Vacuum

Aristotle postulated that the universe abhors a vacuum. In very basic terms, the entire universe will ‘fill’ a void with substance.

Does your life ‘make space’ for your ideal relationship to flow into it?

If your ‘single life’ is crammed and jammed full of one engagement after another and there is no space in your life for someone else then holding the idea of somehow manifesting a relationship with someone is highly unlikely.

When you ‘create space’ to allow the right person to come into your life then you create a vacuum.

  • Make space in your cupboard
  • Sleep on one side of the bed
  • Keep a second toothbrush
  • Keep your ring finger open

You get the idea. You have to really prepare your life and your environment as if your ideal partner is already in your life.

Don;t wait until they show up before you make your moves and arrange your life.

Start living your life as if your ideal relationship has already manifested. Do everything you would do when your partner is already in your life.

This is how you command the law of attraction to bring to you what you desire.

5. Live Your Best Life

When you think of ‘being attractive’ you probably think about good looks, right? The reality is that being attractive is much more than that.

In fact, good looks are very rarely a determining factor in whether someone is attractive or not.

When you start shifting your thoughts from being outerly attractive towards being inner attractive then you really start tapping into the law of attraction for love.

Consider the fact that beyond your physical body is your energy body. While it is invisible it is what ultimately attracts (or repels) things into your life.

When your heart is filled with love, joy, peace, compassion and gratitude then you WILL be incredibly attractive.

You won’t be able to stop all the good from coming to you.

I mentioned earlier that you don’t have to look outside yourself to attract and manifest a relationship with someone.

When you look inside and focus on your Self you become attractive energetically.

That is ALL you need.

Don’t wait for someone else to come and ‘save’ you. Don’t wait before you start living your life – your best life!

If you are holding off on doing certain things, on experiencing certain things or on being a certain person ‘when’ your ideal partner comes along, then stop!

Be all those things and the partner will come.

Don’t hold off!

You need to become that person FIRST and not wait for someone to come into your life before you allow yourself to be what you truly want to be.

Ultimately, a relationship is about experiencing yourself through someone else.

Become the best version of yourself and give that away as much as you can. Your energy will be so infectious, so beautiful and so attractive that you can not help but manifest your dream relationship


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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