How To Manifest A Job For Someone Else

how to manifest a job for someone else

Learning how to manifest a job for someone else is about aligning your intentions and working together to amplify your manifestation power.

You most certainly can manifest a job for someone else but there are some big ‘but’s’ that you have to overcome.

Trying to create and manifest in someone else’s reality can cause a lot of issues in your own life.

Even with the purest intentions, you do not have the right to attempt manifesting in someone else’ reality. This is an unwritten cosmic law and many sages have warned against this.

You may have a child or a spouse and you desperately want to help by manifesting a job for them to help them get their lives up and running.

While you can not be a manifester in someone else’s life from the side lines you can actually manifest for someone else by teaming up with them.

That is by far the most effective, the fastest and the most ethical way to go about doing this.

The issue is often that the person you want to manifest for does not buy into the law of attraction and manifesting.

No problem.

They don’t have to. What they have to buy into though is in the intention. They must want a job and they must be clear on exactly what they want.

When this is in place then you can align with that vision and use your intention to help them manifest.

The alignment of intentions can be incredibly powerful as we’ve seen with the Maharishi effect. When 2 or more people hold a clear intention that is 100% aligned then the sum is greater than the total.

There is a synergy and the ability to manifest becomes not only faster but there is more synchronicity, more energy and a greater sense of joy in the process – especially if you are both into the process and both understand the workings of the law of attraction.

Can I Manifest a Job For Someone Else?

The first and most important question is if you can actually manifest a job for someone else?

You certainly can manifest a job for someone else but not if it’s against their will and not if they are unaware of your efforts.

The answer is yes, you can.

You can but, only if this person desires the same thing. The Law of Attraction works when you are aligned in your intentions and desires.

I desperately wanted to manifest a job for my wife. She was super qualified, eager and would be a great asset to anyone who employed her.

At the time though, there were very few jobs available in her area of expertise. She bought into the belief that ‘there where no jobs available’.

She believed this with all her heart.

Could I still manifest a job for her if that was the case?


Simple as that. What I could do however was to help her see a new reality – to help her change her thoughts and feelings about the situation.

Once she changes her thoughts and feelings then everything changes. Now we can craft a new vision, both get aligned with it and work together at manifesting the absolute best job she can create in her imagination.

Today, she works 3 days a week, earns more than 90% of her peers (who work 5 days a week) and she gets 2 fully paid trips a year.

All of this because we manifested TOGETHER and held the same intention with our thoughts aligned to a singular intention.

How To Manifest A Job For Someone Else

Below I lay out 5 steps you can follow to manifest a job for someone else. It revolves around the idea of manifesting ‘with them’.

Many people attempt to manifest for others because they feel they have their best interests at heart.

This can be completely fruitless and trying to create in someone else’s reality violates the cosmic law of free will.

Step #1:

I’ve written about the idea of manifesting for someone else before. I believe that you can not manifest in someone else’s life because you can not assume their consciousness.

You can have a massive effect on what someone else manifests though. This can be through how you affect their vibration, how you affect their intention and how you support or fail to support their vision.

While you can not manifest something for someone else without their knowledge and consent, when you work together you can do amazing things.

When you have someone’s permission to manifest ‘for them’ and you both work together and you desire the same thing then you can manifest much faster and with much more power.

The first and most important step then to manifest a job for someone else is to talk to them about it and make it clear that you want to manifest it for them.

If they really don’t want it then you simply can not manifest it ‘for them’. If they have resistance then you can not create in their lives – even if you feel that you have a good intention for them.

Step #2:
Get Clear On What You Want to Manifest

Wanting to manifest ‘a job’ will get you nowhere fast. You need clarity and precision because that is what the universe responds to.

When you tune a radio dial, 94.1 FM will receive a different signal than 94.3 FM. It really is that subtle.

Most people never manifest what they truly want simply because they keep sending mixed signals to the universe. They want more or less the same thing consistently but the details become a moving target.

You both need to sit down and craft the ideal job that you want to manifest together. Get into the details.

How much they want to earn. Exactly what kind of work he or she wants to do. The work hours, the perks, the environment…

There are no limits and the universe will deliver whatever you create in your mind as long as it is clear and precise.

One caveat to this though is that you always create something that is somewhat believable. You probably won’t manifest the CEO role for someone if they do not have the necessary requirements.

Dream big but make sure that it can be believable. Yes, you can manifest a CEO role but this may take a lot more action and many more steps along the way to manifest that job.

Step #3:
Align Your Intentions

To manifest a job for someone else you need to align your intentions. You need to create a vision with great clarity and then you BOTH have to completely immerse yourself in that vision.

When you align your intentions you amplify your power to manifest.

It is a case where the sum is greater than the total. Even just two people ‘buying into’ a single focussed intention can be incredibly powerful.

I will discuss this idea in more detail later on but having a shared vision is the foundation of all major success. The synergy of two or more people coming together, vibrating on the same frequency and aligned on a single vision is incredibly powerful.

Step #4:
Ask The Universe

To manifest a job or to manifest anything you need to ask the universe for what you want.

You don’t necessarily have to ask with words. You ask with your intention, with your thoughts and with your emotions.

On a very basic level, the law of attraction dictates that we attract into our lives what we think about most of the time.

In reality it is your consciousness and the energy that your consciousness emits that causes the attraction.

What you think and feel emits a vibration and it is the vibration that causes the attraction.

When you think of this vibration as a way of ‘asking’ or putting out a request into the field of all possibilities then asking takes on a new understanding.

Asking is a very elementary term used in many law of attraction teachings.

It’s far more accurate to think of it as a request or an energy that you ‘release’ and this request gets reflected back through events, experiences and circumstances that align with it in your reality.

Asking implies that you ask once and then sit back and wait to receive.

This process of putting out a request through your energy is something you have to do consistently.

When you have a clear intention, then every time you think (and feel) about this intention you emit a frequency that creates the ‘request’.

Step #5:
Allow It To Come

The idea of ‘allowing’ when it comes to manifesting is all about getting out of your own way.

The truth is that when you create a clear intention, the law of attraction kicks in and starts aligning you with your intention.

The challenge is that we start overthinking things and we start trying to ‘make things happen’.

Our doubts and beliefs can also start playing tricks on our minds and cause us to get distracted.

The art of allowing that which you want to manifest to simply come to you has 3 important components.

  1. Stop trying to make it happen. Trust and allow the universe to bring everything you need to you with effortless ease.
  2. Focus only on the end result and forget about the mechanics of it – of the how, when and the where.
  3. Take action. You need to work towards what you want to manifest. Do what you can with what you’ve got. Don’t force anything though. When you feel inspired or feel an inner nudge then you should follow through.

To manifest a job for someone else you may not be in a position to take many of the actions necessary but if you are aligned to the same intention then you too will be inspired to ideas and actions.

Your job in helping someone else manifest a job is not to make them do anything or enforce anything on to them, but to be in a supportive role.

Your support comes from holding the same intention. Offering encouragement and helping them stay on a high vibration that is aligned with the common intention to manifest a dream job.


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