How to Get Rid of Doubt When Manifesting

how to get rid of doubt when manifesting

Learning how to get rid of doubt when manifesting is to recognize these resistant thoughts when they appear and then to redirect those thoughts before they get the opportunity to take root.

Doubt and fear is not only normal and natural but it is inevitable.

Even the most successful people experience this.

The real difference is not in whether you have thoughts of doubt but rather in how you deal with it.

There are no real secrets to manifesting. The only real secret is that you have to find a way within yourself to think more about what you DO want than what you DON’T want.

It’s as simple as that.

While it’s simple, it’s not easy and there are many nuances that influence and affect our thinking and therefore our ability to attract and manifest what we ultimately desire.

Doubt is not something you can get rid of but it certainly is something you can learn to suppress long enough to manifest your desires.

What Is Doubt Really?

Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty. It is a lack of belief and stems from the fact that everything in this world has its counterpart.

We live in a universe of relativity.

Everything is relative to something else and nothing exists in isolation.

We can know and experience hot because cold exists. We can know and experience happiness because sadness exists.

When you are conditioned to do certain things you tend to develop a level of certainty. Results become predictable and you start shedding the need to think about every step.

You develop certainty. You develop a belief that this means that or that these actions create those results.

When you attempt a change or something new, you tend to not have the benefit of past experience.

You lack certainty.

This creates a feeling we call doubt.

One of our 6 primal needs as human beings is the need for certainty. When we lack certainty, fear can take hold of us and once we allow the fear to get a foothold it can be hard to move forward and manifest what you ultimately desire.

The areas of life that matter most to us – our finances, our relationships and our bodies can have very emotional associations.

It can make us particularly susceptible to doubt and fear.

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. – William Shakespeare

Overcoming doubt and fear is about overcoming yourself. Many law of attraction teachers talk about this idea of ‘becoming’ that which you want to attract and manifest.

That is what it means.

It’s about overcoming that part of you that is fearful and doubtful. In many ways you ‘become’ someone new because you think in a new way.

Why Doubt Is Derailing Your Manifestation

When it comes to manifesting, doubt can cause all sorts of problems. In reality, doubt represents those thoughts that are focussed on the opposite of what you DO want to manifest.

From this point of view, doubt represents the resistance that prevents the free flow of everything that you desire.

You have a desire to attract and manifest more wealth and abundance. You can see yourself driving your dream car, live in your ideal home and have a lavish lifestyle.

It feels good.

Then, doubt starts creeping in. Your conscious mind starts feeding you all the reasons why you can’t have that.

It reminds you of ‘the reality’.

You look around and see that there is no evidence of what you ultimate;ly want. Your memories kick in and you realize that you don’t have any references to actually having this abundance.

Your doubts get stronger.

Learning how to get rid of doubt when manifesting is really the crux of being able to manifest anything you desire.

The more you can remove these resistant thoughts the more you will be aligned with the law of attraction and the vibration of that which you ultimately DO want to attract.

If we can use the analogy of the law of attraction as dialing into a specific frequency to receive what we want, then doubt represents the static.

It is that which interferes with the signal being loud, clear, direct and uninterrupted.

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Doubt When Manifesting

Your doubts and your intentions represent the two opposite ends of manifestation. As Abraham Hicks points out: ‘every subject is two subjects’.

Everything you want to manifest is like a stick with two ends. On the one end is that which you want and on the other end is that which you don;t want.

Your desire and your doubt.

These two are part of the same thing and you can never escape it.

The real question is not how to get rid of doubt when manifesting but rather how to maintain your focus on your desire instead of your doubt.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. – Albert Einstein

As I’ve been re-reading the works of Neville Goddard it has once again underlined the importance of using the imagination.

Using your imagination the right way is the key to overcoming doubt.

Seeing yourself already having what you want uses the same mental faculties as seeing yourself not having it – as continuing your life as it is without that which you truly desire.

Here are 5 powerful ideas to help you to get rid of doubt when manifesting.

Always keep in mind this central idea that there will always be two contradicting forces at play: that which you desire and that which you fear (which is your doubts).

1. Recognize feelings of doubt

As Shakeapeare pointed out – our doubts are our traitors and that they are the very reason why we fail to live the life we ultimately desire.

Recognizing your doubts when they surface is an incredibly important awareness to have.

Most people are trapped (or feel trapped) in a situation where they feel powerless. The reality is that they allow their fears and doubts to dominate their thoughts – often without ever really recognizing them for what they are.

Remember that the same mental process that is required to see yourself having what you want is also responsible for seeing what you don;t want.

The law of attraction is very subtle and noticing your own resistant thoughts is incredibly important.

Without awareness these thoughts go unchecked and you end up manifesting more of what you already have.

2. Let It Go ASAP

Learning how to get rid of doubt when manifesting is not about finding ways to eliminate doubt. I don;t think you will ever eliminate doubt completely.

Fortunately that is not necessary.

All you really have to do is to set aside your doubt for long enough until you can start seeing evidence of your desires manifesting.

For most of us ‘seeing is believing’ and once you start noticing the evidence of things starting to manifest it builds a belief, you gain confidence and the doubt starts to fade.

Thoughts of doubt are inevitable.

When they show up, notice them and let them go as soon as you possibly can.

When you allow these thoughts of doubt to fester, to grow and to take root in your consciousness they can become your dominant thoughts and then they become the very thoughts that manifest.

3. Stay firmly rooted in your intention

Saying that you simply have to let go of thoughts of doubt sounds easy. It is often easier said than done but the consequences are severe (or at least that is how I consider these thoughts).

The way to move past a negative or destructive thought is to always redirect your focus to what you DO want.

This is why you need to have a crystal clear image of what you do want. If the image is compelling you can simply move your focus from the one disempowering thought back on to the pleasant thought – the one that represents what you do want.

Having a vision board and or affirmations can be a powerful way to shift your attention.

When big jet planes fly from New York to London, they don’t fly in a straight line. The navigation works with a continual feedback system that allow the plane to continuously make small adjustments to its course.

You need to do the same.

To get rid of doubt when manifesting you need to constantly make these small ‘course corrections’ in your habitual and everyday thinking.

4. Get out ahead of your doubts

Have powerful positive routines is an important component in keeping your mind focussed, positive and directed towards what you DO want.

Having a morning routine where you wake up and start the day in a positive way where you take to to focus on what you do want you eliminate many of the ‘automatic thoughts’ that tend to drag you down.

Our everyday environment is filled with negativity.

We see it all over the TV, social media and in everyday conversations.

When you start buying into this everyday consciousness you will invariably be dominated by thoughts of fear and doubt.

Create a routine for yourself. Preferably one as soon as you wake up and one for bed time.

Dedicate time to really focus on what you do want.

5. Quite Your Mind

Meditation is a powerful technique to get rid of doubt when manifesting. It does not need to be anything fancy or complicated.

Just 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time where you withdraw from the sensory world and turn your attention inwards.

Inner peace is not just something for your mental health.

Stress breeds doubt. It creates a fertile ground for thoughts of fear.

When you are focussed and centered through meditation and time of quiet contemplation you are far less likely to get distracted by FEAR (false Evidence Appearing Real).

Closing Thoughts About Doubt and Manifesting

When you start to recognize doubt as those thoughts that quite literally steal your desires from you then you become much more conscious and deliberate in avoid them.

Don’t try and get rid of doubt when manifesting. That only creates a counter force and often strengthens the doubts.

Simply redirect the thought.

Use the doubt as fuel – as encouragement to redirect your focus to that which you ultimately want.

When you have a clear intention of what you want and you can really direct your attention towards that intention often enough then it must materialize in your physical experience.


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