How Many Things Can You Manifest At Once

how many things can you manifest at once

More than that tends to result in you losing your focus, starting to feel overwhelmed and eventually giving up.

In terms of what you COULD manifest, the amount is undless.

You can manifest as many things as you can at once. Read that again.

You can not manifest more than you can manifest. What I mean with this is that your ability to manifest one small thing or a million big things all lies within you.

How much can the universe deliver to you at once?

Anything and everything you could possibly want can come to you in a heartbeat. As The Source of everything there is nothing you can not ask from the universe.

The problem is not with what the universe can or will give you. The problem is all within yourself.

  • How much do you think you deserve?
  • What do your beliefs allow you to have or manifest?
  • How much resistance do you offer to your intentions?
  • How pure is your thoughts and emotions around what you want most?
  • What vibration do you live in most of the time?

I think we can all really start to expose ourselves when we look at these questions? James Allen’s wonderful observation that our circumstances do not make us but they reveal us is really powerful.

How Many Things Can You Manifest At Once?

To the question how many things can you manifest at once, I can best answer it with another question…

How many things can you believe you already have without actually having them?

I’ll believe it when I see it is the mindset that most of us get brought up with.

Unfortunately the law of attraction works in the opposite way only. You have to believe it first before it can show up – before you can see it.

This means that you have to be able to use your imagination to create everything you want and to make them yours long before they ever become real, tangible and part of your everyday life.

Most people don’t want to hear that.

Like 5 year olds, we want what we want and we want it now. It is the impatience that makes us try too hard, to force things into place or to take matters into our own hands.

The law of attractions however works with effortless ease.

Where Is Your Focus?

The real important thing is to always remember that you need to focus more on what you do want than on what you do NOT want.

One challenge is that sometimes when you focus on what you do want it actually reminds you of its absence in your life.

This leads you to thinking about (and often becoming) overwhelmed by what you don’t have.

This is the most counterproductive form of deliberate creation because you think you are focusing on what you want but in reality your energy and attention is on what you don’t (yet) have.

Becoming aware of this fact – becoming aware that it is happening and when it is happening is the key to stopping it.

Imagine that all the work you put into manifesting your desires are actually working against you – manifesting more of what you don’t want.

If you’ve been trying for some time to manifest something without much success then this is most likely the reason why.

The law of attraction is very deliberate.

It is very subtle and knows the true nature of your thoughts because it’s not really the thought that manifests but the energy behind the thought.

You can affirm that you want more money until you are blue in the face, if that thought is tainted with fear or guilt then that is the request you send out to the universe and that is the very answer that keeps coming back into your life.

7 Secrets To Manifesting Many Things At Once

1. Walk Before You Run

I often recommend to anyone who is new at the law of attraction to start by manifesting something small.

We do not learn through words but through experience.

When you experience a deliberate thought or idea manifesting then you move into a very different realm of understanding.

You can read all the books in the world. Try every manifestation technique there is, but until you experience it you don;t know.

Trying to manifest everything you ever wanted all at once is like trying to run before you can walk.

You can manifest many things at once when you start to master the law of attraction (and yourself). In the end it all comes down to you – not the universe.

Do you believe that you can have everything that you intend to manifest?

2. Don’t Try Too Hard

I read a really poignant statement in one of Richard Dotts’ books recently. It really hit home for me.

He said that no one has ever said that they just can’t manifest X, Y or Z because they tried too little.

Everyone always says that they tried SO hard. Too hard.

We rarely struggle with manifesting something because we try too little. Almost always we try too hard. We do too much and we put in way too much effort.

The universe works with effortless ease.

When you try to manifest many different things at once, in reality you are filling up your plate. It is like going to a buffet starving. You end up filling up your plate knowing you can not (and should not) eat it all.

Usually the more things you want to manifest at once the harder you will try to make it happen. The harder you try the more resistance you create and the more resistance you have the harder it is to manifest.

3. Remove All Guilt

Guilt can be a big manifestation block. The emotion of guilt has a very low vibration and is responsible for keeping a lot of people locked up in their current circumstances – even when they desperately want to attract and manifest something different.

How many things can you manifest at once when you feel guilty about having more than what you currently have.

Maybe you feel guilty for having more than someone else or maybe you have ingrained beliefs that having ‘too much’ makes you a bad person.

To get something that you don’t have you need to believe that you deserve it. You must first expect it of yourself and understand that when you become bigger, better or happier in any way then that is good.

No one has ever made the world a better place by being small.

4. Work Harder On Yourself Than On Your Job or Endeavour

In Rhonda Byrne’s latest book, The Greatest Secret a lot of the most common mistakes and misconceptions about manifesting are addressed very well.

I love this book.

It has exposed so many of my own mistakes when it comes to manifesting the things I want most in life.

One of them is the idea of hard work, effort and making things happen.

Manifestation is never the result of hard work. In fact, nio action is required if you have a pure belief system.

Yes, sometimes you need to take action but it is rarely an effort. Its effortless ease.

When you work really hard and when you put a lot of effort in with the purpose of getting something in return then you are really working backwards.

The energy that goes along with this effort and hard work is the problem.

The intention is wrong.

When you try to manifest many things at once you are most often burdening yourself with more work. Your ingrained belief is that you have to take action to make it happen so you keep adding on to your to-do-list.

When you turn your attention inwards and you start working on yourself, your beliefs, your sense of peace, your inner joy and your relationship to your Highest Self then you break down all the walls that

5. Avoid Overwhelm and Burnout

One of the biggest dangers in trying to manifest too many things at once is that we get overwhelmed. You have a long list of all your wants, desires and intentions.

Six months down the line you look at your list and all your affirmations and notice that none of it has shown up yet.

This can be demoralizing, defeating and often causes people to throw in the towel and proclaim that the law of attraction does not work.

What is really happening with having a laundry list of things you ‘have to’ manifest is that looking at your list or your affirmations often only triggers the accutane realization that you do not have it yet.

This is what the law of attraction REALLy responds to.

It is not your words, your affirmations or even your thoughts. It is the sum total of the way you think and feel that creates your energy and it is your energy that will allow or resist what you want into your life.

6. Better Is Better

A great saying that I first heard a few years ago really captures the issue that we all face at times with manifesting.

More is not better. Better is better.

Having a bucket list of things you want to manifest is usually filled with unnecessary things and stuff. Wanting more and more and more is almost never the answer.

It’s usually just a load of stuff that you think will make you happy.

When you hit on the one or two things that you REALLY want – that your soul desires then it will fill you with so much joy, love and energy that all those other things come automatically.

We see this all the time with super successful people. They don’t set out to be rich or famous but living life at a certain vibration means you automatically attract all the abundance you can possibly imagine – and more!

7. The One Thing

A explained the law of attraction to a teenager once. She ‘got it’ and you could see her come alive – seeing all the possibilities.

This is not uncommon for almost everyone who first learns of the law of attraction.

How many things can you manifest at once? She was keen to start ticking off all the loot she had on her list.

The reality is that this level of manifesting is grounded in fear and greed.

If you have a list of 20 things you want to attract then my question to you would be this:

What is the one thing on that list that really speaks to your soul?

The superficial things that we want in order to give our bodies a better experience of life usually brings very little joy and almost never leaves us fulfilled.

When you address the big things in your life and you focus on manifesting that then you start living at a higher vibration.

Ironically all those others things then start coming into your life. Not because you are trying to manifest them but because you now live your life at a higher frequency of joy, love, compassion and enthusiasm.


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